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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday dudi!

  2. Not the best of pics for seeing the fleck and detail, but take a look at the pic below of my Lexus. I had the wheels refurbed in bmw sparkling graphite. Well pleased! edit - just seen that you have had yours done, they look good! Either way the pic may help others :)
  3. First quick wash of my is220d, with my refurbed wheels to make it look a little different
  4. 98' Citroën Saxo VTR 01' Citroën Saxo VTS 89' Peugeot 205 GTi 99' Lexus IS200 sport 04' Saab 9-3 tid 08' Lexus IS220D
  5. Bratman - thank you, I did actually see the pdf downloads but couldn't see that particular button on the US models. Cheers
  6. Hi guys. I have recently bought a 2008 is220d that has no user manual and I need help on the usage of a particular button. The button is on the right hand side of the steering wheel and looks like a windscreen with a wiper and a squiggly line? If you press it an orange light illuminates but doesn't appear to do anything. Any help?
  7. Good morning all, just a quick hi as a returnig member. :) I originally joined this forum a few years ago when I was the owner of a nice is200 sport, well I couldn't stay away and have just purchased a nice Canterbury blue/ivory is220d (mainly for the other half.) I just love the build quality and body shape of the IS! My plan is to lower the car on rather the eibach or h&r kit and also have the wheels refurbed in anthracite. Which lowering kit is the better of the two as I don't want to completely ruin the ride quality as my 17 month old son is also a regular passenger lol All the best, Ryan
  8. Just returned to the forum after a few years away. I am 26 and have just got back into the lexus fold, previously had an is200 sport around 5 years ago & I have just purchased a 58 plate Canterbury blue is220d. :) So I guess I was 21 when I originally bought a lexus!
  9. Thanks alot, i'll check that out tonight after work this evening. :)
  10. Good day everybody. I'm interested to know what rack will fit my IS200 Sport (with lip spoiler.) I would like it to hold two adult bikes, and I don't want one that uses the towbar or covers my standard number plate, if possible! I did a quick search and nothing much came up. Thanks.
  11. Haha yeah. Your picture was misleading, I blame you Chris! ;) No.. thanks for any help.
  12. All sorted now. I got around to fitting them last week, aswell as debadging the rear, looks much cleaner now! Rye
  13. My worst was doing a 40 mile round journey in my old dears ford puma with no clutch. I was due to meet somebody to collect some wheels for my Saxo VTS, I didn't have his contact number and didn't want to miss out on them as they are very rare in the correct fitment!
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