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  1. Can someone please delete this topic? Few keyboard warriors slagging off a used car trader. I have dealt with this man a few times now and as far as im concerned, he is as honest and trustworthy as car trader can be. I would do business with him again. Members being ripped off on a daily bases in Lexus dealerships paying ££££ for a smile why don't you start topic about that instead? Mel
  2. I just sold my 2002 GS430 and bought slighly older LS400. MPG is slightly better on LS, but fuel costs are irrelevant in this segment. Both cars are very very quick 0-60 and beyond.. i don't think there's much difference between the two. Personally i find LS more relaxing to drive, but i miss roaring engine noise on GS. Reliability wise both good. On GS make sure ALL the electrics work and go for the model with satnav. Test drive GS on rough road at slow speeds and also open it up on motorway. Check for suspension noise, seized calipers, wheel whobble, wheel corrosion and stone chips front end. Service history most important.
  3. Hello all. I just bought LS400 off "lexuschap" for £1000. Gutted to find this thread here, but the car seems OK for the money. It's dark green colour with golden badges, private plates, 5 previous owners, mileage showing 135K backed with MOT history and service book. Only problem i found so far is water leak in the boot (which Adam "forgot" to mention) other than that car came with full MOT. As for seller, he seemed polite and straightforward. I would of knocked £200 off for "petrol money" if i knew about this thread before :D PS: I would not recommend anyone buying a blue GS430 sport X861 XCD I owned this car back in 2008-2009 sold it with 240K on the clock.
  4. I says get rid of them both.. get Yourself GS430 and You get the whole new meaning of the word "SPORT" :winky: btw nice wheels mate..
  5. Nice car mate B) Dissapointed to know such annoyn problems occur with 3 years old Lexus
  6. From GS to LS :winky: I've been more than happy with my GS so far.. its just.. i wanna know just excactly WHAT do You guy's mean when You say LS is more.. .. .. Also- Doing "homework" here i've noticed there's some improvements to LS430 from 2003??
  7. dreamon


    My first Lexus
  8. Years ago i had similar problem with Saab 9-5 (automatic). It was indeed scary:) However i noticed something intresting- it happened Very rarely- maybe 2 or 3 times the whole time i owned that car- but cruise control was ON every time. Not active but just switched on.
  9. Wasn't it the GS400 (mk1) that Lexus said that about? Still don't think it's true though as surely the M5 was faster........ But yes the GS430 is surprisingly quick, remember test driving a mk3 one and despite knowing it had a 5.9s 0-60 it was still mighty impressive how much power it had :D I believe Aristo TT will do the job for M5. At least on the straight road. I WANT TO BELIEVE
  10. Just wanted to let You all know about that all my collegauges think Lexus is an "old mans car" Im not bothered with this off course.. i will not feel old in my gs430 even when im 60 :winky: However one of them is driving Octavia RS and he really believes he can leave "old mans car" of mine in the dust.. as this statement wasnt amusing enough the other one really believes he's diesel mondeo has an "advantage" when accelerating. Im not gonna race them.. maybe i shoud but i find it silly, really :D These guys are qualified mechanics btw..
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