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  1. thanks, i car feel like it has 2 kick in points at 3k rpm and 5k rpm.
  2. Hi, can anyone recommend me where the best place to get a diagnostic around essex or london area? thanks andy
  3. I was told a white is200 or altezza was involved in a car accident around 10PM at the flyover where the Shell's petrol station is A13/Ilford. It looks pretty bad, I drove past there accident scene after 2AM on my way to a birthday's party and the police still has not left the accident scene. There was another car accident involving a bmw 7 series the E38 model just 5 miles down from the previous accident. I think it was a single car accident, only the bmw and 2 police cars. The car was totally wrecked, front tyres was gone, the front of the car was gone. Two accidents in one night.
  4. does the is200 and altezza use the same type of bulbs? thanks andy
  5. i found the genuine full kit on ebay click for £299 or best offer. Is a good price but i want to see what the full kit will look like on the car before i buy it. I've searched everywhere online but no luck. I've e-mailed the seller, he doesnt know what make it is. :(
  6. Hi, doesnt anyone know what lip this is? I search all over the web but can't tell what make it is, thanks andy
  7. you can, as you got the money = ) you can these part from or you can swap your current engine with a supra TT engine = ) andy
  8. sorry, didnt mean to be rude. I mostly get my parts from ebay. andy
  9. antran


    that's cheap, i want one too. what's the rough cost to stick a 1jz in? thanks andy
  10. I swear the standard shock only cost £25 on ebay. andy
  11. £255 for a 2nd hand oem exhaust = P he can have my exhaust for free. andy
  12. i got T1-R in the back right now, they're really good.
  13. stick 2 eagle f1s in the back. I cant even get my back end out, maybe i'm doing something wrong. I find my tezz handle very well in the corners , remind me of my DC5.
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