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  1. Alas its not in the cupboard. I have emailed every breaker on Ebay and app have says the cover has gone 😥
  2. Me again, anybody know where I can get a parcel shelf for 2nd gen RX. they are like rocking horse turds and expensive!
  3. me again in my glove box I have a cable that has three ends. aux, old iPhone and usb. anyone know how I get anything to play through these? there doesn't seem to be an option for external input. also under my seat by the dvd player there is an fm transmitter plugged into it so I can play the dvd through the radio. bonus
  4. Hi all, what are the air suspension levels meant to be used for? when should somebody be in low or high. I feel I should be in low all the time as only drive normal roads?
  5. hi all, my 05 rx300 has bluetooth and works but when I press phone book and ADD, it just says send your phonebook from your phone. how is this done?
  6. thanks mate. quick one about the sat nav screen. is there a screen saver setting? I don't want to look at maps or trip info all the time but also don't want black screen. a clock or Lexus symbol would be perfect
  7. thanks mate, what is the aux connection for in drivers seat? wired headphones? I doubt the car will come with wireless ones, are they easy to pick up?
  8. ok guys so in the morning I'm off to collect as 2005 rx300 se-l ice wood nav thing. 104k full lex service history, mint condition and warranty, never failed an mot. all for 2800 which I personally think is a bargain. what you think? couple of questions though, it's the SE-L with sir suspension. do these always go wrong or only a few? is there a way to turn it off and just run it at normal height? I don't need it to move. it has rear screens in the head tests. how do these work? where is the input and how do you hear it? are these cars hands free? I heard they ate non interference engines so if belt snaps there's no damage? anything else I should be aware of?
  9. Hi all, sho looks like im back again. something always keeps pulling me back to the lexus. So I've just wrote off my Mazda 6 and need a replacement asap. My family has grown and we like camping so im looking for an SUV. Unfortunately my budget is maximum 3.5k. it looks like I can get a 04/05 RX300 with around 100k on for this price. car looks smart and tidy, lots of gadgets but generally is this a safe buy? 16 year old motor with 100k on I'd usually laugh at but these seem to be built to last. and advise welcome.
  10. Well im sorry to say, you've put me off, gutted! the 250 is just too thirsty for my miles. I brought a MAzda 6 2.2 instead and so far after 300 miles im averaging at 55mpg. In terms of sat navs, i do agree phones are better, i just like the aesthetics of a built in one. My old vauxhall vectra had a awful looking sat nav in it, no post code entry so was bit crap on A roads but the traffic alerts were better than most phone apps ive tried. Each to their own i guess.
  11. Well you have definitely give me something to think about. I do about 500 miles a week and nearly all motorway and i drive quick so hopefully lots of issues i wont see. Am i right in thinking 90k on a IS200d should be ok with full service history? If its got that far surely its ok?
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