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  1. FuntimePhil

    Turning Circle

    Recently i was interested in a Nissan Murano and ive been to see a few, firstly i gotta say, amazing car and amazing spec for price, but 2 main things put me off, 1) lacks the prestige of the Lex badge and 2) 3.5 thirsty petrol guzzler! Anyway, whilst doing a comparison between the RX and the Murano, it says the RX turning circle is 6m and the Murano is 12m. Is that right? the Murano would be double?? If people are struggling to park an RX how on earth will they park a murano?
  2. Hi All, Finally going to view an RX on Saturday, what you think, is the below a good deal or should i hold out for better?
  3. Ok im getting confused and need help. I have 10k give or take. I originally wanted a hybrid, no particular reason, i just liked the idea but ive noticed i can get newer and lower miles if i stick to petrol. Either way i want a SE-L model. What are the main differences (apart from running costs) that separate the petrol over the hybrid. Which do you prefer Ultimately which is better?
  4. Evening all! Well its been a long time but im back, ive had 3 IS200's in the past and have always been in love with lexus and the LOC. I currently have around 10k to spend and i want a nice RX400h SE-L. Would everyone say this is the best option? I dont really want sky high tax and fuel costs. Also and this isnt important, back in the day i used to love messing around with the IS200, putting my own stamp on it so to speak, there were literally hundreds of tiny mods that could be done, all of which i found on here. Is the RX similar or is what you buy about the best its gonna get?
  5. FuntimePhil

    Grom Unit For A Is200

    just checked the site and it says now lexus from 99 onwards?
  6. FuntimePhil

    Grom Unit For A Is200

    heres a link to the thread on here for it
  7. FuntimePhil

    Grom Audio

    ok on ebay now, will remove from bidding for £80
  8. FuntimePhil

    Grom Unit For A Is200

    i have one for sale at the moment, literally listed on ebay 30 mins ago, according to grom, all issues with the older models have been fixed
  9. FuntimePhil

    Grom Audio

    come on fella's! bargain! £70??
  10. FuntimePhil

    Burning A Cd.

    my factory stereo im my is200 plays mp3. the trick though is to burn them at the slowest possible speed, if i burn at x4 or above they dont play. x2 always works
  11. FuntimePhil

    Stainless Dial Surrounds

    sold now chaps
  12. FuntimePhil

    Stainless Dial Surrounds

    you can see em a little on this pic
  13. FuntimePhil

    Grom Audio

    selling my grom audio ipod/iphone adapter, with the additional bluetooth handsfree kit. Awesome kit, controls and charges ipod/iphone through oem stereo, or stream music via bluetooth to oem stereo and use car speakers as handsfree. Looking for £80 for the lot and i'll also through in the mounting bracket i used for my iphone, (you might not want it) see pics below. Will help with install to if your unsure.
  14. FuntimePhil

    Stainless Dial Surrounds

    heres a couple of pics mate, sorry not got any with em on clocks, they push on and are very sturdy, once on they dont come off easy (which is good) Will sell em for £20 plus postage
  15. as if sold the lex i have a set of these stainless dial surrounds available which are very rare, and also the grom audio adapter with the bluetooth handsfree add on. any one interested before they go on flea bay?