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  1. Is there any RX450 owners who carry a full size spare wheel in the boot instead of the space saver - does it fit properly under the boot cover?
  2. I have had a Lexus RX400h since June 2005, it was one of the first batch of retail 400h's imported into the UK and am now in the process of buying a RX450h Premier (when the dealership reopens so I can collect it). Before my car arrived in the UK, I purchased Reg number RX54OOH, which I could transfer to my RX450, but it wouldn't have the same impact, so I am going to sell it. RX5 4OOH (just one naughty small space) must be one the very best personal plates to have on a RX400 and over the last 15 years It has created lots of interest and comments when I have had show plates on, but it's time to let someone else enjoy it. Obviously a genuine reason for sale so please message me if interested.
  3. This disconcerting intermittent (quite loud) noise may be very simple to solve!! Do you have a rear bumper protector fitted? If you do, check that it is stuck down properly, because if it lifting at one end, it will flap with the turbulance at higher speeds. It happened to me when towing our caravan in windy conditions and I checked and modified everything I could think of on the car and caravan with no success. I knew the bumper protector was loose at one end, but just ignored it, but one day I decided to remove it and replaced the double sided tape. The next time we had the caravan on the back -- no more noise and none since. Stupidly simple -- I just wouldn't have thought this strip of rubber could make that noise !! Hope this suggestion helps. Ken C.