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  1. There is a guy on here (or several) who work for Toyota / Lexus main dealers. One of them trades on Ebay as Lexusbirm or something similar.Timingbelt and Tensioner-_- ( + the waterpump previously quoted by your east bourne dealer at £111 makes just over the "200 quid mark for genuine toyota parts!!:o I noted that his parts (genuine) were quite reasonably priced so maybe its worth dropping him a message to see if he can offer competitively priced genuine parts at a more affordable price? I noticed some original spark plugs he was selling and nearly bought but firstly I contacted my man at Lexus dealership and he chipped price by few more quid! Top bloke btw and any Lexus dealership will be happy to post the parts to arrive next day if u pay by card over the phone. I know this is slightly but maybe it will help in the long run. Definitely phone around.
  2. I have a 2002 IS300 and the vin plate is on the bulk head at the rear of the engine more to the passenger side (uk car) There is also a VIN attached to the passenger side dash viewable through the windscreen. Hope this helps :winky:
  3. Headlights

    You would need to check that the USA version are correctly deflected in order to light up the side of the road that we drive on over here. ie: That they are designed for use on Left Hand side of the road. Also if they are normal with halogen lamps or the HID Xenon type which would require ballast packs and wiring too! I just had a look at mine (IS300) which are HID type and cant see any deflectors within the glass moulding, but the reflective dish surrounding the headlight lamp seems to be ribbed which may deflect the light. I do hope i have made you more aware and not confused the issue more. My advice is simply to check into what i have outlined first mate. Other than that, they will fit!
  4. What Engine Oil?

    Thanks a lot mate, very good and useful information... Hi all. I managed to buy 25 litres of Chevron 5-30 synthetic from Costco for under 50 quid! Handy if u have more than one change to do or keep for subsequent oil changes!:)
  5. How To Replace Trc Bulb?

    Excuse my ignorance karlp606 but what is the ipod groom adaptor? Cheers.
  6. How To Replace Trc Bulb?

    Wow. Is it me or is this pic well blurred???!
  7. Sat Nav

    Maybe try posting this in the IS 250 forum instead of this one possibly? Probaly get more answers
  8. Is300 Buying Advice

    My IS 300 has done over 140000 miles and i havnt serviced it in more than 2 yrs! At the mileage you are quoting, I would be more than happy to buy that car! Many people think that milage is a problem but i tend to disagree. Mileage is proof of distance covered and if looked after well, there is no reason why on this engine the car wont do 3 times as much! Its a well tried and tested engine which is used in many different variants of toyota and lexus. As for timing belt. Its worth a look by taking off the cover above the top pulley (4 hex bolts) and deciding the condition of the belt. There should be 2 or 3 mm of pulley visible at the front edge of the belt and the belt should be approx 1" thick. Ive NEVER heard of a belt just snapping and personally think that this kind of scaremongery is for the foolish. There are plenty of threads on here (with pics) to show what to look out for re timing belts. As for doing your own service work I for one would highly recommend to do so if u have some practical ability and a fair tool kit or find someone locally with some savvy :winky: The plugs are a bit of a mare on this 2JZGE engine as the throttle body and few bits need removing first unlike the TT version on the supra. So to sum up. You go for it mate. Buy the one with the mileage and the history and find a reliable service mechanic who knows what theyre doing. It is not necessary to pay Lexus in excess of £100 per hour labour charges trust me so Dont dither over this one. If you like it, then just buy it mate. :)
  9. Is300 Wing Mirror Help

    Well i have a 2002 IS 300 factory standard auto and mine has rear view mirror AND both door mirrors heated and auto dimming function! Maybe the leakage on the mirror glass is to do with the polarising material contained within the glass? Try ORMI he seems to know his stuff!
  10. After searching for ages on how to remove these and after much reading any post containing the word 'headlight' i found this IS 200/300 HEADLIGHT REMOVAL Apologies in advance if theres more on here somewhere already but this should be the title. Hope it helps someone.
  11. Greetings And Hello

    Hello all. I have an Is300 (same engine) for nearly 3 yrs now. Welcome to the club. I have found this forum and its contacts extremely useful.
  12. Is300 Transmission Problem?

    Thanks for this post! I know its old but ive had my IS300 for nearly 3 years and it does this clunking thing intermittently when slowing down and occurs from 2nd to 1st i thought! I will try this tomorrow and hopefuly it will behave!
  13. Is200 Owners Manual

    I recently bought an indepth repair manual for all IS 200/300/250d etc for £2.99 on cd from ebay. Very good very comprehensive if thats wot ur after. If its an owners manual pack and leather folder then u can find one on ebay for around also. Just type in is200 owners manual!
  14. Wind Deflectors

    I used these on my Graphite grey IS300. My link They are HEKO branded and fit inside the original window channel and are very easy to fit. Sadly the same seller is listing a 5 dr version (ie including the rears) but the rears do not fit!!! In my opinion these ones are pretty good looking if ur happy with just the fronts! Sorry no pics as yet but i will try. Its saying my pics are too big? 195kb?
  15. Ipod In Car

    Thanks for this interesting info HOPKINS. Just wondered if u have OE cd/tape/radio fitted or aftermarket one?