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  1. Thanks Ben, just ordered. CATMAN said its epidemic in London currently, just last week he had 44 orders
  2. I just discovered mine cat is stolen .... Low life out there .... Yes please recommendation
  3. Thanks Herbie for the follow up. I saw several of the parasitic drain test on youtube. The tests might be beyond my ability sadly... Only update so far is booked car back with Lexus next Wed to have the 12v battery inspected and hopefully fingers crossed replaced under warranty. Not sure if it is just me been conscientious and starting the car daily (short battery re-charge) or if the blocked sunroof resulting in soaking driver footwell is related to a short circuit and the parasitic drain. This week the car is bone dry, and so far goes into ready state with around 11.8-12v from the diagnostics screen and started every time / every day since I last posted. The first time the 12v battery was flat and re-charged, the driver footwell was still soaked and overnight the 12v battery was drained completely.
  4. I have 225 fitted to the rear on IS300 standard rims. So far ok, not rubbing, but I understand 225 can't be fitted to the front because it will rub fender, this I read from USA forum. The combo you mentioned is only for the sportcross not sedan
  5. Sorry for the late update, was away for the long weekend. Hope you all had a good one.2 12v battery full re-charged and reinstalled. When car is On running with Ready to drive. I get 14V and when first click of key. I get between 12v and 11.9v. Will check again tomorrow morning to see how much this dropped.
  6. Thanks Piers for reply, I did keep doors open for like 2 hours with both interior lights to wet/vac the driver side carpet and puling out the driver side plastic skirt to clear the mud/leaves blocking the drain. After this work, the remote alarm was back on to lock doors so I know there is enough power from the 12v battery at that point. Also the interior lights went off when I keyfob locked the car
  7. Purchase just purchased now thanks Herbs, hope the software don't come in CD format... 🙂 I will also purchase a new 12v battery to test. Any recommendation? The IS300 battery is just way too big to fit into RX to test for overnight drainage.
  8. thanks will do I will check tomorrow once battery is back to 12.7V in READY state. However if issue with inverter/converter should I not get a check engine light so I can scan with odb2 scanner? Current no check engine light, but I can run Torque pro scan next time when 12v battery is ready again.
  9. Thanks Piers for reply, door light not on. I have car camera plugged in 12v socket, but my understanding is power is cut to the 12v socket when car is off. 12v battery is charging again. I will try remove all accessories to re-test. Other mod is Grom audio connected to the stereo, assuming no short circuit from Grom?
  10. Hi everyone, hoping you can please advise, my RX400h has developed a problem where the 12v battery is drained overnight. Started a month ago the alarm drained the battery completely.. my fault, down to like 7v with the multimeter measurement. After trickle charge back to 12.7v battery was fine for a month. Last week after the rain, I discovered puddle of water on driver side floor. Probably sunroof blocked. I unblocked now, but at the same time discovered 12v battery is completely drained, measured at 5.3v. Again I trickle charged for 3 days back to 12.7v. After re-charge car goes to READY state and drives ok with no warning lights. Parked up overnight. Next day battery drained again down to 7v. Not even enough to power interior lights. The battery is only 1 year old and its a lexus/toyota battery from the dealer. Any help would be appreciated on direction to solve this.
  11. I have the Grom unit without DAB in RX400h. USB only, was working perfectly before Android Pie. Google stopped support of AoA2 in Pie release and since upgrade has stopped working via USB. So make sure get the bluetooth dongle if getting Grom unit.
  12. Search YouTube p0141 is300 and you will have a video on exactly what is needed
  13. Just to throw in the mix, I purchased the NEXEN N fera RU1 for £67.87 each excluding fitting 2 months ago. B rated for wet braking. So far been quieter than the Bridgestone oem wheels and no issue in the wet feels very planted
  14. I use autoglym super resin polish to fill the scratches then protect it with a wax. After several passes by hand, it does a really good job
  15. Uniroyal rainsport 3 is the way to go if budget is tight, I currently have it on my wife's car. As good as Goodyear AS2 in wet and braking. Otherwise I have Goodyear AS2 on mine, and they I can't recommend them enough