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  1. Happy Birthday japanese lowrider!

  2. Happy Birthday

    Cheers guys ive had a few beers nothing major save that for the weekend!!
  3. Toyota/lexus Aristo Vertex

    Im gonna put mine up for sale again at a realistic price this time.
  4. Plumbing ?

    Immersion wont turn off water it only heats up water in the cylinder. Look under the sink and see if you have any boilerfixes chrome looking things about inch and 1/2 long with a screw in the middle if so turn it one way and it will shut the water off
  5. Look at this trike!!!!

    Chips is still on Bravo everyday Steve
  6. Do You Think I Was Nasty?

    Chavvy :D
  7. Auto Performace Mods

    Only thing i would say Raz is with imports insurance is higher.
  8. Do You Think I Was Nasty?

    Here Steve to help you spot them in the future found a very funny site Chav scum
  9. Do You Think Cars Effect Attraction

    I like letting the girlfriend drive my Aristo and drop me off places and see the looks people give!! Especially when she nails it off up the road
  10. Do You Think I Was Nasty?

    Ere Steve mush wanna buy some lucky heather
  11. Famous Last Words

    "look, I know this place like the back of my hand"
  12. Ford Lightning By Name And Nature

    I love the lightning but prefer the Dodge ram with the viper engine in saw some loads of them in the states at car shows and they are massive!!!!
  13. Importing A Uk Car Into Europe

    I saw that does that seem very moody to anyone else or just me?
  14. Hiv/aids In Africa

  15. Worse still he is an illegal immigrant we will now have to pay to keep him here in prison for the 2 years by which time he will probably get citizenship.