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  1. Happy Birthday DaveEllen!

  2. A friend told me it could be the turbo seals on there way out depending on how old the tubbys are. He also told me that is normal for them to blow some oil past the seals on the turbo, but it usually happens when the turbos are getting worn out or almost in need of a rebuild. Oh well another thing to replace on the mota if they do give up
  3. Nice one cheers for the advice, im going to be getting a Greddy FMIC but wasnt sure what the difference between the Type M or V, does anyone know? type V is thicker
  4. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. I think my next little mod would have to be this, As above :) Cheers for all the comments :) thats a good one.............licence endangering though
  6. Looking good :D First mods are on there way :winky:
  7. Owen...sounds like you owe Rob an explanation IMHO. I've met you twice and it seems out of character for you. I've also met Rob a few times and am 100% sure he would not be making mischief.
  8. got me 10.5 rears on my Risto ...............
  9. thats bad luck............hope it gets sorted soon
  10. Nope...its the Club challenge so I dont have to do that. Have to use road tyres as well. Idea is to drive it there..............come last home
  11. I'll be there. If you are short of cars could bring 3 prolex flyers :winky:
  12. Nice to meet everyone.............back safely from Birkenhead............wheels still on car Left at 1.15 got back 4.50 which was quite good :D
  13. I'll be there from 6.30 (ish)
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