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  1. VERY cool plate Neil.... nice approach!!!... I have the RS200 badges here?...
  2. Induction - HKS Racing Suction kit Flywheel - TOMS ultra lightweight Gearbox - Factory Exhaust - HKS Super Header II and 5Zigen Border fireball Year - 2000 Rumble - No
  3. have a look down at the exhaust manifold Tony... follow it down and you will see the sensor
  4. Must admit i do LOVE the noise and noticable gains from the FGK!!!.. Quality item... very understated
  5. I take it you mean Gf-SXE10 and its a year 2000 or could be just stating the engine capacity although its a As Zee says mate... this is the 210BHP model altezza
  6. Scott is coming over here to me in Ireland for a weekend in June and hes bringing all the bits I have ordered! TOMS rear lip spoiler Blitz Nurspec exhaust SARD Side Skirts Legana Frint Bumper SARD Rear Arch Spoiler Legana Fog lights (Round) I think the wife might have to go on the roof rack? Not sure! I knew the Ski hole would come in handy one day! Only Joking about the missus Scott if your out there! :D ← sounds like thats where she is going Mate!!!...
  7. Neil, I can only appologise for your "ordeal". I have sinced changed supplier as this was the reason why the SILLY waiting time was incurred to which i can only agree with your upset and anger as i was and still am of the same angry over the situation. I offered to to give you a full refund with no questions asked several times, as i know this is what i would have wanted myself to which you declined and seemed happy to wait. I then offered to give you the eyebrows for free as another way of appologising to which i stated they would not be painted... ( In hindsight i should have got them painted when the bumper was painted but i can`t turn back time) and once again i can only say sorry. The only thing i can do in this case is to offer you a full refund and you can do with what you please with the goods... ie get them repainted etc etc... Neil, i accept that your experience is totally unacceptable and i accept my public flogging. Scott
  8. think there are some tickets for sale on ebay!!!..... very expensive!!!
  9. I would go with the Tezza route Mat... If your gonna be seriously drifting... ie getting good publicity i am sure someone could sponsor you and get you the parts for a GOOD price!!!.. :winky: :winky: BUT... if you decide to go for the GT4 ( which as you say is a little easier to tune regarding FI... i know who can sort you out a rather BIG intercooler!! :D I am sure you will make a gem of whichever option you choose mate...
  10. You sorted now then mate?... if not pm or email :D me!
  11. don`t think so mate?... email me on so we don`t use this topic
  12. looks like your turning into a J-tuner sales/distribution rep Oli...
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