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  1. Is nobody taking into account the difference between the driving experience of an automatic when compared to a manual? The IS was designed to be a car for the driving enthusiast. If you have an automatic IS you're only doing half the job. It's like having an automatic Ferrari. What's the point? Yes the IS300 is quite a bit faster than the 200, but if you can only get an auto version then I'd say you have to think of what you're sacrificing. If speed is all you crave then you're a speed freak, not a driving enthusiast.
  2. LOL, never thought of looking there. Thanks Stevie. Weird though, Fujitsu is a big computer manufacturer but never seen a car audio unit made by them.
  3. OK, maybe someone can clear this up for me. My friend, who used to work in the Toyota/Lexus parts warehouse told me that he had been told that the stereo unit in the IS200 was made by Nakamichi, yet I have also heard that it is actually a Pioneer unit. Does anyone know for sure?
  4. Just been on that site, and saw this: "Updates start from £109 plus Delivery ". Don't know how you got yours so cheap?
  5. You guys don't like orange?? I think the standard dash looks pretty cool.
  6. Stevie, what size rear plate did you have? I've been on to the Demon Plates site, and you can get a standard large rear plate, which seems a little too big for the IS200, or the custom plates listed, which are nearly as wide as the standard plates.
  7. Is there any particular size of number plate that fits an IS200?
  8. I think 400 quid is way over what I'm willing to pay. Don't interiors come with the roof lining?
  9. I'm only after a half leather black interior. Where do you suggest I look, because I've had no luck so far. Is there any instructions as to how to replace an interior? I wouldn't really consider reupholstering because it still leaves you with cream plastic, leather etc.
  10. OK, there's gotta be other peeps out there who are struggling with a cream interior. I'm sure it looked lovely when the car was new, but after a couple of owners, one of whom smoked, mine looks like crap. I would have liked a black interior, to match the outside of my car, but trying to locate one from either a breakers yard or ebay is a painful process, and fitting it is probably even more painful. Which leaves me with only one option. To make the cream look as good as I can get it. I've tried car upholstery cleaners with zero effect - since it's really the upholstery, ecsaine, which let
  11. Many thanks Stevie. I used the first part of the first set of instructions to program the new key to lock and unlock the doors, and the the set you supplied to program it to start the engine. It works!!!
  12. That doesn't sound right though, unless you have to remove and re-insert the key. The immobiliser should be disabled (i.e. the Security light goes off) when a correctly-programmed key is inserted. Yeah, that's how I know the programming hasn't worked. It goes off when the master is inserted, but even though the spare can lock and unlock the doors I know it is not correctly programmed because the security light still flashes when it is inserted. I aasume the last bit of the programming instructions is related to actually being able to start the car (the previous part concentrating on lock
  13. AFAIK you should still be able to reprogram your new key, even if the maximum keys have been programmed, and one of the older keys would be overwritten in the cars memory thats all, just hope ur current master key isn't the one thats overwritten, is your new key a 3-button? I have used the key programming method and it worked 100% Yes my new key is a three button one. It was the only used key being sold on ebay. I have yet to see a stub key for sale on there. The car locks and unlocks itself after the first part of the procedure (flicking on and off on the door switch) which is what it
  14. Has anyone tried programming an IS200 key using the instructions posted elsewhere on the forum? My car was only supplied with one key, luckily the master, and so I got hold of a blank key and a used key from ebay, put the inside of the used key into the blank key, got it cut and tried programming it to my car. I can get it to lock and unlock the doors but not to actually start the engine - it just turns over but doesn't catch. The bit that doesn't seem to work is the last bit where you hold the lock on unlock buttons down on the key and then hold another key down for a minimum of a second.
  15. Many thanks guys. Will take it in to get the wheels balanced and see if it solves the problem.
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