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  1. Happy Birthday T7RY B!

  2. Got some flaking around the valves and some kerbing. I like the style of the wheels but I also think deep dish rims suit the GS models.
  3. Just had a wash and polish. Needs new alloys or refurb originals. What are your thoughts? http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/gallery/album/1507#10
  4. T7RY B

    CLK 430 V8

    Mercedes V8
  5. T7RY B

    Ls 400 Alloys

    Have a look at this post. I like the mazda rx8 wheels on the LS400 Visit My Website
  6. Well I have enjoyed my 5 years on the LOC and my 5 years with the RX and some time with an LS400 but alas I have now bought a Mercedes CLK430 Avantgarde in black. Really enjoying the car and a bit different from the high up position of the RX but the power is amazing for such a big coupe. I will look in from time to time Regards to all the mates I've made on here. Many Thanks Terry P.S. My T7RY B plate will be going on the CLK so if you see it about give us a flash!!
  7. Try this guy Luke he is a member on here ....LINK mention Terry from LOC
  8. Nice to see more RX models on here. Welcome Terry
  9. Great music but in my eyes he was still a nonce. It was his money that found him not guilty. Grown men do not sleep with young boys and call that "normal" R.I.P. fARRAH fAWCETT