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  1. ECU is located under a black plastic cover here
  2. As far as I am aware, L-sportline no longer produces the roof spoiler for the IS. Stock is hard to find apparently.
  3. Ordered an L-sportline roof spoiler, shipped to Australia. Delays in receiving the product. Several weeks later it arrived.
  4. Low/main beams are HB4 type bulbs. HB3 for high. However, HB type will fit both high and low.
  5. Does not make sense Are you blowing the same brand of bulbs? Are they blowing on one side only? Have you touched the bulbs (glass section) during installation?
  6. Sounds like the problem I had with mine after a service. It was air pockets in the cooling system. The coolant was flushed during the service. I returned the car and they bled the system by having the front of the car on ramps. Problem fixed. A possible quick fix, try running the car for a while with the heater controls set to heat.
  7. The Altezza RS200 and IS200 have different mountings from the CV joint onto the diff housing. Altezza 6 bolts, Lexus 4 bolts. Info and photos can be found here
  8. I've installed these twin horns. Powered from the existing horn loom.
  9. Anyone have a C-One radiator cooling panel on their IS200? I'm interested in a photo. Thanks.
  10. Just like to know the colour of a raw unpainted Lsportline roof spoiler.
  11. Anyone here have an Lsportline roof spoiler on their IS?
  12. The rear is approx 2.5" lower than standard....and some body roll included when the shot was taken.
  13. Was deciding between black or silver when Lexus released 100 Yellows into Australia. A bit of attention is always good :P It all comes down to personally choice......but a yellow will look nicer with a bodykit . Be daring, go for it :D
  14. I would be concerned having any air in the cooling system as this may cause "hot-spots" around the engine block as the air circulates.