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  1. AutoExpress reckon that Lexus are launching a special offer of a free bodykit and metallic paint for anyone who buys the IS200SE on the Lexus PCP agreement - anyone heard the same? - if its true I hope its still on in September when I intend ordering one in Scarletti Red - got black at the moment but its murder to keep clean.
  2. Now onto my second IS (first one bought in 99) and both came with Bridgstone Potenzas - I need to replace shortly so does anyone recommend the Dunlops as the better choice?
  3. Whos right......them or the JD Power Survey? :D *LEE*
  4. I'm wondering, should Lexus compete with BMW in the softop stakes? *~ LEE ~*
  5. What discount would i get if i went gold? LEE
  6. Hmmmmmm, looks like i should. But, do Lexus Newcastle do gold? Or does every lexus dealer accept gold discounts? LEE
  7. Do you think it would be wise if i went gold? Are the discounts good? I'd like people opinion before i do, thnx. **~ LEE ~**
  8. What the best price has anyone had on changing tyres on there IS? Mine are due for replacement soon, :duh: , and i was wondering how much this may cost. I am probably going to replace with Bridgestone Potenza's, anyone know how much they cost, and how long they last? Thnx Lee
  9. The two door coupe looks nice! :) I'm not too sure on losing the fog-lights though, it looks a bit empty
  10. Actually i like the new Avensis! It's Really Big! It'll blow the Fords and VW's out the water! **~ L E E ~**
  11. The New-Spec IS200 has a brand new fitted CD player. I have had no problems with mine (new spec), but in my old spec IS200 we did have a problem! Even Lexus cudn't fix it...so there you go! :hocus-pokus:
  12. Your right! That is horrible! Lets hope Lexus don't make it like that
  13. Reckon they would corrode just like the origanal SE alloys?!?!? :megaangry: