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  1. Hi mate, i had the same issue when i had my lexus. I think i was told it was a common issue with these cars. something to do with the making of the gear box? I shouldnt worry too much at the moment. i changed my gearbox & diff oil and i found it was alot better
  2. Hi all, just noticed today and yesterday that my reverse gear sounds a little chafey/gritty? every other gear is fine and the reverse gear engages fine, when you pull off in reverse it sounds fine but then when you take your foot off the eccellarator and the gear is pulling itself it sounds almost gritty/griding noise. does this mean my gear box oil is low or needs changing? (ps it is due a service) or does it mean my reverse gear is f**ked? please can someone get back to me ASAP thanks!
  3. Hi all, i was rubbing the engine down today and wiped round the brake fluid resiviour bottle, it seemed quite loose compaired to normal, so i gave it a little easy pull to see if it could come off and it lifted at the front, and came out of its little hole were the fluid goes into the cylinder. however it wasnt anything major but just looked like the seal had gone or something, the fluid wasnt leakin or anything does anybody no if the resiviour screws in to the little holes or is it just an air tight seal? if so i can just buy a new seal or a new resi bottle?
  4. the standard nuts i took off feel nice and heavy and are really think and robust, they seem asthough the are actually apart of the wheel, but these other things are really light and quite thin, making them look like peanuts compared to the standard nuts! :o :o
  5. hi all ,i purchased a new set of alloys which were supplied with a full set of nuts. Each one are of the star shape locking wheel nut sort which are alot thinner & lighter than the original nuts that i removed off the standard alloys! This has been worrying me and im scared they might snap or break (causing me to crash :o), but i cant put my standard nuts back on because they are far too fat to fit in the alloy holes. what do you guys think? are they strong enough and has anyone used this sort of nut before?
  6. wow that all seems complicated steve lol:O with all the geometry marking and re-adjusting everything after its settle etc... thats kinda put me off
  7. As a second choice Silkolene is a good oil to use, but personally millers is the favourite.
  8. I always use Millers synthetic racing oil, i swear by it and its a brilliant quality oil! its used on alot of the high performance cars like the scoobys,evos,supras etc.. thats what i would recomend anyway :) it also lasts! not like these larger commercial names like shell & castrol that claim to be the best but honestly they spend that much money on marketing and brand awareness they claim to be amazing but there just the same as all the other oils. hope thats helps lol
  9. i just think if i do it myself i will probably wish i hadnt started lol as i have been told you can mess ur tyres up if they are set up incorrectly?
  10. ok mate, Also whats the best way to adjust them? i want to lower it about 35mm and dont want the ride too hard. theres two rings at the bottom, how far up or down do i take them?
  11. deffinatly sounds like the battery, if it smelt like battery acid i would sugest getting your alternator checked down at your local garage check that its not overcharging your battery, this happened to my focus a few years back, i went through about 4 batterys in 2 months, it was internally melting my battery. get the battery changed mate, see if that changes things and at the same time get the alternators charge checked.
  12. i do need to swap the top plates over from my standard suspension to the coilovers, am i still ok without clamps and more to the point will the plates fit?