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  1. Guys - are there any threads on removing/installing the armrest?
  2. Thanks Ormi - appreciate your input.. I've ordered one for £60.. Assuming this is a good price then?
  3. true.... i would prefer one in mine tbh.. but dont want to pay silly money for one. I see you have an OEM arm rest - how much did that set you back? im after one and have seen one at the local spare parts place and wondered what kind of price i should be paying for one thats in good nick. £50? £80? £100? cheers Kam. ps. i will PM you with regards to some of the parts on your lexus... pretty impressive.
  4. guys, as per the title - how much are you guys prepared to pay for a second hand decent condition Lexus is200 Armrest? thanks, Izzy
  5. too big that izzy, the others i have seen use one of these sony units,as they switch on and off with ignition. Was that meant to be a link for Sony head unit or a standard Sony sat nav? Showed a link to a standard sat nav??
  6. do you know if this would work? im not firmiliar with what the restrictions are on the lexus is200 thanks again
  7. thanks mate - was yours hard to fit ? any pics.. im looking to install one in mine.. but the problem i foresee is... it being too low... cheers mate
  8. lol ive been away for a while... plus no one bothered to reply :-(
  10. hi All, My IS200 doesnt have a SAT NAV as standard.. but ive seen one at the local garage.. is it possible to fit this into my car.. i noticed i dont have the cable that is connected to the back of the SAT NAV.. so assumed its not possible... i would GREATLY appreciate your input on this ASAP ... maybe i can go back to the garage and buy the sat nav.. if its possible!!! await your response guys.. (help Ormi!! lol) izzy
  11. thanks Ormi and Janey - appreciate the responses. sadly seems a lil too technical for me.. i just hope there was a kit that was availbale that we just had to plug in somewhere - wishful thinking. thanks again.
  12. hi all, with my previous BMW - I was able to close all windows when i remote central locked my car. its not the same with my lexus - does anyone know if this is possible??? do i need to tweak my current standard central locking system or do i need to buy something extra? Appreciate your thoughts guys.. cheers
  13. looks good. where did you get the chrome temp rings from? I like them.
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