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  1. Just about to buy a subwoofer for my IS. Thinking about sticking it behind the rear arm rest (saw a pic somewhere in this forum???) Would I still get the same kind of bass having it like this? I heard it needs to be facing backwards really? Any advice at all would be awesome! Or a link to a guide if there is 1 on the site anywhere?
  2. Random Crackling Noise When I Get Out Of My Car?

    oh weird! so all the IS200s do that then? cheers guys! was a bit worried about that!
  3. Can hear this weird crackling /clicking noise frm the driver side door when i get out? Lasts a couple minutes.. any1 had this or have any idea what it might be? Cheers guys.
  4. are those aftermarket smoked rear lights? or did you spray them yourself? love the look on your motor. looks pretty much how i wanna go with mine :)
  5. Loc Stickers ?

    had some ages ago but no idea where to get them now.
  6. Noobiness

    go to halfords and buy the autoglym kit. it comes with a step by step guide to washing your car (with pics) and includes everything you could need to know. autoglym is a very good all rounder. fairly inexpensive but great results.
  7. This Picture Is Fake I Think.. But Still Cool :)

    yeah i did see a few bad remarks about other areas. not been into a dealer yet (had no reason to!) :)
  8. Alarm 4 The Is200 ?

    clifford are the best mate. go with them.
  9. Turtlewax Black Box Detailing Kit

    let us know if its any good?
  10. Been looking into sound deadening the boot and doors etc of my IS. Ive upgraded the speakers and have a small sub running in the boot. I always see good things about sound proofing on sites etc but dont know anybody thats actually used any of them? What sort of difference does it make? I dont mind spending more money as long as it makes a decent improvement? Also, theres stuff on ebay called SoundX which is really cheap. any1 used this at all? Still 50/50 as to wether im gonna bother with i. just thought id see what kind of feedback i got.
  11. Newbie In Need Of Some Help

    my engine management light comes on for like 10 mins a day. really random! took it to lexus and they cudnt tell me the problem! no noticable problems tho as far as i can tell!
  12. Favourite Music

    1. Sean Kingston - Replay 2. Wombats - Kill The Director 3. Ellie Goulding - Starry eyed (Jakwob Remix) 4. Dizzie Rascal - Bonkers 5. Braintax - Eschuchame Good mix of RNB, Dubstep, Electro, UK Hiphop, Garage, and Indie/Rock :)
  13. This Picture Is Fake I Think.. But Still Cool :)

    cheers mate. recently switched from the dtmpower bmw forum after my recent sexy purchase of an IS. Never goin bk! lol
  14. Clean Or Dirrrrrrrrrrty

    i had 6 points. then recieved a 12 month ban. recently got an is200 2000 reg for £5000 and insurance is £1300 (not too bad, im 22)
  15. Scratches On Dashboard

    exactly what mikey sed. theres no other way to sort that out to be honest.