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  1. ere fella to get that set up to fit exactly what did you need to do how much work on the arches ect and any details of who carried out the work
  2. iv only just sold my ninja to buy a car im waiting till im re posted to london or id ave this straight away free bump dude bikes are hard to sell these days dnt know why good luck with your sale
  3. there is cash waiting for the right wheels
  4. right need some nicer rims for the altezza some thing with atleast 8.5-9 j rim a good offset and preferably dished 17s or 18s need good quality tyres no nexen death tyres and a good amount of tread cash waiting for the right wheels maybe part ex with my wheels is possible too there kei 17 i think had the car a week and aint even seen it yet lol
  5. well the coilys should be quite stiff compared to lowering springs so you can go lower i normally drop till is about 10 mm arch to tyre gap but then it all depends on if it rubs on the inner arch an that set it at -45mm drive it then drop more say 10 mm at a time till you get the stance you want then go have the geometry set up so all your camber ect is correct as lowering its going to adjust all the geometry quite alot get it done by a proper company though some one whos well recommended
  6. them racing hart wheels are the s*x i want :D
  7. haha no worries fella
  8. if your pushing more air through then if its a charger or a turbo dont matter you are still altering the afr so i would map it and even for a small power increase bigger pump and fpr just to keep the fuel pumpin in no one likes det an leaving it unmapped is a sure way to det your engine trust me iv had it a few times it seriously fuks the engine a water injection kit really helps but nothing beats it being mapped properly
  9. its al down to turbo spec i should imagine a gt28r off a s15 would be perfect can easy push 350-380 bhp on one you will need the turbo manifold for the turbo down pipe decat/sportscat straight through pipe turbo elbow intercooler hard pipe kit fpr boost controller 255lph pump bigger injectors intercooler remap if its possible on these ecus or a piggy back atleast i would recomend better coilpacks from splitfire and a cooler grade of plugs i would change the clutch plate aswell for something abit tougher as for the rest of the car with that power id go for atleast uprated discs and pads and slightly stiffer suspension lowered abit atleast but thats just me
  10. fair enough mate, each to their own. worth remembering though that rota wheels are always an inferior copy of a genuine japanese wheel... ahh rotas aint actually that bad had em on a few cars iv owned good quality no match for work emotions though ;) i happen to be looking for some in bronze or te37s in bronze or gramlights 57s in bronze in as wide as possible to fit my altezza :) lovin the white on white mate looks classy are you just up the road from catterick?
  11. at 400 im in if this is still going
  12. id say the super dragger was best and a nicer sound but tbh id go for a blitz nurspec r if you can get one sounded sexual on the skyline and when i get round to it if they do one thats what il be going for on the altezza
  13. now imagine these on your car makes you smile dont it :D
  14. tbh i think both them designs look a bit well gay te37's in bronze mental offset an i think ya there fella maybe with a bit of strech too but thats just imo