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  1. Probably a few reasons: it's 4 years old I hardly drive my car (Maybe once a week 20 min journey) I need to drive my baby more often.
  2. Hahaha! That's what I was thinking all this week. It's not even April fools yet People were asking me, what are you doing? Saved me £300 to smash my car window, and to replace it.
  3. I followed what you did, and that worked. Literally in seconds the car alarm started going off, allowing me to open the car doors. I purchased a battery from Euro parts online, and the terminals were in the wrong position. I managed to buy another one at Halfords tonight. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to attempt to place the lightbulb back. (I destroyed the plastic mould holding the wires) Thanks Clifton94 and Tigerfish! :)
  4. I hope this is right, I've been charging for the last 30 minutes
  5. I just opened the boot, and I assume you are referring to the small little lightbulb with a plastic cage around it?
  6. Thank you guys. I will check it out this weekday night. Otherwise it might be a next weekends task :) I need to order a car battery charger too. Autoglass gave me a quote over £300 to replace my side window!!!! :O
  7. I don't remember if I had a light inside the boot, I will need to check this out! Car battery charger? Any recommendation from amazon?
  8. The key still opens the boot, but not the drivers door. :)
  9. That's possibly an idea, but would I be able to open the door from inside? Because I'm imagining if I smash the drivers window I will need to lean over the door, to release the bonnet lever.
  10. Hey guys, Is there a way to open the bonnet in order to change the car battery? The battery is dead and I can't open the passenger door manaully. A few years ago my car keys got stolen, and I changed the passenger door but the lock barrel is from another lexus. Otherwise, I will have to smash and replace the sidescreen :( Thanks
  11. Hi there I am having trouble looking for a passenger wing mirror that will matches the part number for my Lexus is200. The part I brought was a E4 012119 which was the completly wrong part. ie it was a screw on housing instead of clip on housing, plugs were different etc. And now I'm having difficulty looking for the correct part number E4 012175. Could someone tell me which year would the new style wing mirrors be found. Is it from 2002 onwards? Any help would do. Cheers
  12. Sorry for the late reply :). I have finally sorted out the problem. The problem was due to a dry joint within the window/mirror switch :) cost be £10 to resolder the joint. I know what a rip off lol. The guy said it was a common problem....hmmmm :S
  13. I might have a look at that when the weather permits. I have had a quick check at the fuses, it doesn't seem to be a problem. It's just strange that the door locks don't work and none of the windows work. I will report back when I have found the problem.
  14. Hi Lexus drivers, I just got a problem today while driving home from work. I can't seem to pull any of the windows down (passenger windows etc) Can't lock the doors from inside. The funny thing is when I start my car, open and close the door, I get a "door locking" sound not once but twice, but the doors aren't locked. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks for your help
  15. Stevlee Have a look at my posts, I had a similar situation. I went to the scrap yards and brought a driver door lock barrel and swapped it. Next thing I did, I went to lexus and asked them to delete my spare key (which was stolen) and reprogramme my old and new master key.