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  1. Smart entry system

    Hi Simon Have a look at the top of your drivers door handle , you will see a oblong depression , when the car is unlocked you just touch this depression with your thumb or finger and the car will lock touch it again quickly and car will double lock . Regards Steve
  2. Cheers guys Got the code number , thanks for the info , my old car came with two master keys so i thought one was missing Cheers Steve .
  3. Hi all Just checked my locking wheel nut case in the glove box , there is only one master key ? But the preform insert has space for two . Do Lexus only supply one or have i got one missing. Cheers Steve
  4. Front Parking Sensors?

    Hi Mark Glad the info helped , my front ones are speed controlled , active when stopped or below 5mph , they turn off (light on switch goes out ) automaticaly above this speed. The switch only turns them off briefly , like if you start the car and your detecting another parked car you can turn them off manually , but they become active again when the car moves off . To be honest i have only just worked out how they work , didnt take much notice until your posts about them.They must be canbus controlled to work like this 😁😁 Cheers Steve
  5. Front Parking Sensors?

    Hi Mark , hope these help can take more if you like Steve
  6. Front Parking Sensors?

    Will try and get a pic in the morning for you . the sensors are on all the time but can be turn off briefly if needed they also appear to be connected to the foot parking brake which shuts the front ones up when you engage it.
  7. Front Parking Sensors?

    The position on the pic is about the same on the inner sensors , but the outer ones are at the top point of the black plastic insert on just a slightly lower level than the inner ones unlike your pic , the edge of the intake lip does partialy obscure the line of sight of the sensor though. They are a nice flush fit tho , and if they ever pack up i would just leave them i think.When i purchased the car the sales mans first line was " The Advance does not come with front or rear parking sensors, but we fitted them at the customers request!. It sounds like you are finding a reluctance to fit them rather than its impossible to do so . I wish you all the best in your search Steve
  8. Front Parking Sensors?

    Hi ,Hope this helps, ive got a 17my Advance with aftermarket front and rear parking sensors , fitted by Bristol Lexus from new . the front sensors are fitted in the space between the point of the tick! of the daylight running lights and the pinched waist of the spindle grill. The other two are about 2 inches away from the plastic inserts in the air scoops towards the outside corner, therefore still mainly front facing,but can pick up bollards and cyclist no bother four in total , seem to work ok but must be aftermarket as the switch is a cheap round looking thing mounted on a blanking plate .They also look ok in the above positions. hope that makes sense Steve
  9. New member, new to Lexus.

    Thats good news on the fuel consumption front , three weeks in and im 22mpg up on the Accord without trying to hard 😁
  10. New member, new to Lexus.

    Thanks for the welcome , Farqui , i cant remember the torque figures but the Honda certainly had some grunt when you stood on the go pedal, bullet proof engine , and only 1 headlight bulb and battery in 66000 miles and 10 years ownership .Hope the lexus is as reliable .
  11. Hi all I have been the proud owner of a IS300 H for two weeks now ,and i am very pleased with it . Having owned a Honda Accord 2.4 auto for ten years i was a little concerned about changing to a hybrid .After reading all the negative reviews of the Lexus by the motoring press,i ignored it and did my research on this site , reading real life owners real world findings. So here i am , and very pleased with the car so far, double the fuel consumption of the Honda , and quick enough when needed.The dealership experience was amazing , very helpful and polite. My main reasons for buying a Lexus where; Reliability [very important to me ] Hybrid technology Looks . not everyone and their dog own one [getting lots of nice comments already] So here's to a happy Lexus experience ,and keep up the good work on this fantastic site. Best Regards Steve.