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  1. I think removing the offside wheel gives access to the filter - it's a bit of a pig to remove though.
  2. Yes, the gradual coming back thing is perplexing. I really hope we can get to the bottom of this.
  3. I think your list is spot on. I’ve changed; Shocks (on third set) top mount lower ball joint i also removed LCA and inspected the large bush on it, looked fine. I’ve also had garages pull it all about, including the guy at WIM, they couldn’t find anything wrong. After 3 sets of different makes of shocks on it I can’t see that they are the problem(unless they all share the same design flaw - but why then is the clunking noise always on the right(drivers) side? I currently suspect the upper ball joint.
  4. Oh yes! I so agree. It almost makes me want to jack up the car to relax the suspension on a weekly basis just for it to go away for a short while.
  5. catnap, look forward to the results of your investigations. I'd love to get rid of the knock on mine
  6. I personally would get timing belt kit, water pump and ancillary belts from Lexus. I know its dearer but peace of mind is worth a lot. I've bought ancillary belts from eBay in the past and had to change them due to quality issues.
  7. 137,000 and still drives like new. And looks (almost) like new, now that I've had the wheels refurbed by Lepsons. That diamond cut has never looked better.
  8. Any suggestions as to where such a rig could be found? I'm in Essex, catnap is in Sussex.
  9. I'm not surprised, that's the same result as me. Ho hum, onwards and upwards...
  10. I'd go for the upper ball joint too, plus the upper control arm. I've had the lower control arm off on mine, the bush looked fine.
  11. Catnap I agree that it's almost certainly not the shocks. I've had 3 sets on mine, including adjustables and exactly the same noise has persisted. I did look at the top balljoint but didn't change it. I think the only way to get rid would be to change all bushes and balljoints. My worry is that may not do it...
  12. Please let us know if he finds anything
  13. It does sound like my noise. I've changed the shocks (twice), changed the top mount, and the noise has not gone away. I've also changed the lower balljoint. I've had a number of techs look at it and no one can find it. I've also pulled my hair out over this, having had more than a few attemps at curing it.
  14. Recommendations for touch screen stereo ?

    Bump on this one as I'm thinking the same. Anyone put an android unit in an IS200/300, and if so what are they like?
  15. :-) I'm following this thread because I've always had the 'knock' on the o/s front. I largely ignore it now but I'd still love to get rid of it
  16. Rich I'm replying so you know we care :-). That said, I've no idea what could be making those marks. I can't think of anything that is in close enough proximity - especially that one on the lower part of the damper. Anyone else?
  17. Post your duggets :D

    Just my initial thoughts... I'm 59, have an IS200 and looking at the video I don't really see much of an issue. There are no other cars in sight and the speeds are relatively low. If it had gone awry, it would have been a low speed knock into the kerb. I have, in my younger days, thrown the rear out at roundabouts when conditions permit. I once had a Carlton GSI 3000 24V and that chucked it's rear end out with the barest whisper of too much throttle. With this in mind, it was a good idea to get to know what to do when that happened :-)
  18. Personally, I think the stock speakers sound really good - and that's coming from a hi fi buff. I've had my IS200 for 11 years now and still enjoy the stock audio setup.
  19. Does anyone know where I can get one (see attached file (platinum colour)). Apart from the dealers that is. Cheers all, Paul
  20. That sounds like the drop link. They are not expensive to replace, I had both of mine done. The 'knock' is still there though. 😕
  21. You will - I've enjoyed mine for eleven years, even with the knock.
  22. Give it a day or two - my knock goes away when it's been up in the air with the suspension relaxed, then it comes back.
  23. Mine's all the time when I go over bumps. Like a 'clunk'
  24. I'm going to revive this thread. I've had my IS200 for 10 years, with the knocking all that time on the front o/s. I've had shocks, upper shock mount, lower ball joint and drop links changed. I've also fitted new guide pins to the calipers and put new discs and pads on. The car has been inspected by a number of people who cannot find anything wrong. Still the same knocking noise. It goes away for a day or so if I raise the front of the car and let all the suspension relax, then it comes back. Any further ideas people? Paul
  25. Warped Hubs?

    The tiniest of rust bumps can cause excessive run out.