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  1. After a lot of elfin about........ Remember this all started after having 2 new rear ABS sensors and both rear hub bearings replaced, Lexus Toulouse decided to change one of the new hubs for another new hub and replace one of the new ABS sensor with another new sensor. Problem did not go away! They then wanted to do the same the other side and i refused. So they then came up with a scheme to take the magnetic part of the hub from the one they swapped and fit another new sensor. €1463 later I set off home and half way home the VSC light kit up again and so has the ABS. At least the speedo, the cruise control and odometer works as is the fuel gauge that is now stable. As for the OBD reader I purchased... WASTE OF MONEY!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE OBD READER TALKED OF ABOVE. Thankfully having spent €1463 I have somewhere to go back to. But keep in mind that this is a 10 year old car with 190,000 miles on the clock. Right now other than this problem the car runs absolutely fine and still looks good for its age. I cannot afford to change the car so I am having to bite the bullet and keep on paying. But!!! If the dealer had their way, they would rebuild the mechanics out of new spare parts till it was like new. Comments like, "it feels sloppy and loose, not like a new one" sits in the memory. i do wonder what these people expect?
  2. Off to the local Lexus dealer Monday. See what they make of it. Everyone else seems baffled.
  3. Car reports. ABS fault. P/S Power steering, Brake Warning, VSC with red warning triangle and the OBD Reader reports: 'There is no codes in the vehicle'.
  4. Hi everyone. I bought the the exact same OBD scanner as recommended above. Connected to car, turned on the ignition, exactly as there manual states: and the readers states NO CODES found. Anyone with any ideas?
  5. Well. Out of the blue the window has started to work. Don't know how or why but thanks for responding.
  6. Just to compound the problems, When holding down the unlock button on the remote to open ALL windows, now the drivers window refuses to open even though all others do.
  7. I have already tried a OBD reader made by AEG but consistently get "error scanning".
  8. Hi everyone. It's not Xmas but might as well be. I had a problem with a worn rear wheel bearing. The car had been used to tow around an exhibition trailer in its early life and at 175,000 miles started to complain. I'm not complaining as 175K miles is still good value. To look at car is immaculate inside and out. Still gives 40MPG and I am still in love with car after 7 years of ownership. Changing the bearing I managed to damage the ABS sensor: and when trying to remove the broken sensor, I damaged the sensor ring. To make matters worse, thinking I could repair the ring, I removed the sensor ring. Duh! What was I thinking. The friend, whose garage I was using to do the work, suddenly needed his garage and so I had to move. I drove the car home and parked up. On the way home. No Speedo. P/S Red light on even though power steering feels okay. ABS light on. Engine light on. VSC complaining. So now I have a replacement hub, with ring, new ABS sensor fitted and all on the car. But all the lights still on. I have tried removing the battery over night. All lights still on except Engine light. Any one with any thoughts before I troll off to my Lexus dealer who will want more money than they value the car at to plug in their OBD reader.
  9. Headlight Conversion?

    No. The post was from off this forum under a similar topic heading.
  10. Headlight Conversion?

    Sorry to be argumentative but my first posting on this subject came about because I found a response from a Lexus Customer Care agent communicating with a RX 350 owner. So clearly Lexus agents do read these posts and respond.
  11. Headlight Conversion?

    Hmmm. Once again I find myself asking if a Lexus agent can comment please.
  12. Headlight Conversion?

    Hi and thank you. Perhaps we can get someone from Lexus to comment just as I attached a Lexus Customer Service comment in the original post.
  13. Hi. I have moved to France with work. Do I need to change my HID headlights? This I found on one post........ But then this guy is driving a RX 350. Is it the same for my 220d? See below for answer from Lexus UK. There is no need to do anything. Thank you for your further email. I can confirm that the HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps on the RX 350 do not need to be converted for travel on the continent. The set up of the headlamp is such that the light shines in a horizontal flat beam which has no kick up and as such is not dazzling to drivers of oncoming cars. As you have suggested, we would recommend that the Intelligent Adaptive Front-lighting System (I-AFS) is switched off when travelling on the continent. Yours sincerely Claire Newman Customer Relations Executive
  14. Hi. Has anyone got a pair of LHD headlamps they want rid of? i have emigrated to France and whilst I use the lights with the beam deflectors I am conscious of damaging the plastic lenses.
  15. Since writing the original submission, my dealer has contacted me and basically stated that they are prepared to tear up the rule book and manage my account within my budget, not theirs. They accepted that they lost my business and I had gone elsewhere because of a 'corporate' pricing policy I could no longer afford. They now state they would sooner have the income I can afford, than see it go elsewhere. They have made it clear they will adopt a flexible pricing structure so long as they make money. They are content to accept me supplying 3rd party approved parts to fit on my vehicle and, they have agreed to reduce the labour rate. For my part I understand the consequences that they are not responsible for guaranteeing the parts and that if there's a problem I am responsible for the additional labour costs to replace faulty parts supplied by me. That's my risk. I get to make the decision. I want to say well done. I'm not naming names, you guys who look after me know who you are and I publicly say, thank you. I am please to be back in the family. And rest assured that as I regain my financial stability, I will be back for a new Lexus (or maybe a newer used one in the interim).