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  1. Some interesting points Malcolm. Went to the bank this morning and a claim raised with Halifax. Their team will consider the evidence given and I'll learn more in 7-10 days. Not quite the instant refund a la DD Guarantee. Not sure how things differ with credit card payments over £100. In other news, no word from Euro Car Parts, still...
  2. Wasn't a credit card but a debit. Still Visa but not sure how I go about doing that. Any ideas?
  3. I won't be doing anything until I get at least get a refund from them. I was trying to take advantage of one of their many sales and the filter was just over £7 I believe. Not a lot to lose in the grand scheme of things but it's the principal now!
  4. Oh, I've called, emailed, Tweeted, the lot. Most of the time with no response. I spoke to a very very rude agent via online chat who eventually agreed to send me a new part (I refused to send back the incorrect part after the farce of getting through to someone) and I got the exact same incorrect part. They're flipping useless!
  5. Thanks both. Euro keep sending me two filters for a Renault!! F*cking useless!
  6. Hi guys, long time no post. I'm having problems with Euro Car Parts. Does anyone know the part number for the 430's cabin air filter. I have a MKII if that is relevant. Thanks in advance.
  7. willskoda

    LS430 AUX, possible?

    Did this work for you in the end?
  8. willskoda

    Ls 430 Air Con

    Nice find - do you have any experience of these?
  9. willskoda

    Ls 430 Air Con

    Two of what?
  10. willskoda

    Engine Stalling After A Run

    Anyone with this probelm - I wrote a guide on how to clean the throttle body - I hope that helps
  11. willskoda

    Ls 430 Air Con

    I almost guarantee the break is in the pipe as it weaves its way up behind the rear wheel on the passenger side. The good news - you have to buy two pipes to fix it! Oh and pay upwards of £700 to get it fixed. Enjoy...
  12. Hi Shiner, Been a long time since I posted on here but I thought I'd give this thread a read. When I bought me 430 the steering wheel did not reach out to me. So I pulled it towards me as I pulled the control stick towards me and it's worked perfectly ever since. Might be worth a go! As it happens my air con pipes are broken - haven't got round to forking our the £700 to get them repaired and my driver side mirror does not dim. Still, I prefer it to my MkIII - just - and love the extra toys (except when my friends decided it's hilarious to change the radio station from the back!!)