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  1. :D Many Thanks for the Welcome Messages :) Just completed my first task and have created a spare Master Key for a lot less than Lexus asked. My car only came with 1 master key and the "Wallet" Key. :( Purchased a blank master with remote buttons off eBay.usa ($28), sent it to another eBay member for laser cutting ($32) and programmed the Transponder (Using Brake/Accelerator tap dance etc.) and also programmed the Remote functions (Using Door Lock/Unlock proceedure). Now have a spare master key that opens/unlocks everything (Even remotely opens moonroof/windows) and of course still switches off immobilizer and starts car. Well pleased as cost less than 45 UK pounds!
  2. Hi Guys, my first post :) Purchased my 2000 LS400 last month and it came with 2 Keys :( a "Master" key with the remote buttons and a half key that matches in a wallet with key code. (No buttons). Following advice from locksmith I checked that the Security light goes out immediatly when I put the master in the ignition, this is supposed to confirm it's a master? Not wishing to risk losing this only key I have ordered a new blank key with remote buttons and am having it cut (eBay). I have researched on here how I will program the new key using my original "master" but my question is..... If my current only working key is number 4 in the computer (the other 3 may have been lost be previous owners?) do I risk "bumping" it out of memory by trying to program another new key? Sorry to be so long winded, but looking back on "My Lexus" the car has already had to have one new and expensive Keys/ECU due to lost keys. Thank You in anticipation.
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    2000 LS400, at last!
  4. Hi Guys (and Gals?), Just sharing the news of my long awaited purchase of a 2000 LS400. :) Have always desired one but way TOO expensive back in the early 90's. I'm now retired here in Oregon, USA and these cars are all over the place and very well looked after (One is currently aiming at 1,000,000 miles!) Got mine for less than 5K, it's a 1 owner, lots of service history, LS400 (Sep 99) in awesome condition (Less than 5K miles a year). Already have it in for a full 90K Service (Water Pump, Timing Belt etc.) not because of the 72K mileage, but 15 years is a long time and I want "Piece of mind", this now MY baby..... Besides all the usual Lexus "Goodies", it has the additional SatNav, Moonroof, Chrome Alloys, Memory heated seats, 6 Stack CD Player with Dolby etc. which were not standard over here. I am already building a kit to allow .mp3 play through the audio and adding a reversing camera, guess I will have to remove the wired analogue phone in the centre console! lol Looking forward to using all the great advice and tips I've already found on here, cheers. PS: I do get back to the West Midlands quite often, but I guess NOT with the Lexus :)
  5. Hi, Found you via numerous links on the many US Lexus Forums and Clubs. I'm actually a "Brit" who has lived over here now for almost 6 years, always wanted an LS400 but TOO expensive in the UK back in the day :) Just picked up a 1 Owner, 2000 LS400 in immaculate condition for less than 5K (pounds). Only 72K on the clock and full dealer history, I'm in love!
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