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  1. deelcee

    drivers seat wanted

    thanks Phil
  2. deelcee

    drivers seat wanted

    Who is Paul Frost?
  3. deelcee

    drivers seat wanted

    light grey drivers seat wanted for a 2001 ls430
  4. deelcee

    LS430 coilovers

    Has anybody used these or know anything about the company
  5. thanks clunkfish...just ordered some
  6. i am fed up with cleaning the headlights every couple of weeks when they go cloudy again any ideas what will last more than a couple of weeks
  7. i am about to fit a used theft ecu and master key can anyone tell me the procedure for calibrating the new key?
  8. deelcee

    not so smart ls430

  9. deelcee

    not so smart ls430

    a year ago now on opening my 430 remotely the alarm sounded for no reason! I managed to turn it off but the smart system never worked again! I could open the doors remotely but not the boot! 6 months later even that didn't work and I was left opening and closing the doors manually with the key! so off to Lexus derby ... to cut a long story...they had the car for 3 days and couldn't sort it! I have now purchased a used 'theft ecu' with matching master key! will this be plug n play or will it need programming? also will the new key need programming to the main ecu? any help or advice would be great as I don't mind using the key as in the old days but the alarm and immobiliser is inactive!!
  10. went to replace the above in my 2001 ls430 today! according to the diagrams and other posts it is behind the glove box near the sat nav so outcomes the ecu! another forum said it was behind the clock...guess ecu!! can anyone enlighten me as to where this little blighter might be?? eBay item no.201726138292
  11. thanks beejay I don't know if its the same thing but it was the vvc oil control valve! running sweet as a nut and the vsc light has gone happy days!!
  12. codes show that left bank of cylinders have a slight misfire! got my mechanic on it! would this cause the vsc light to come on??
  13. fitted the fuel cap gasket today...lights still on so back to the drawing board