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  1. Brand New Red Is200/300 Car Mats.

    Ill have them please. Can make payment at the end of the month? Thanks
  2. Fuel Pump Problem *help*

    Wicked cheers mate, I'll try to find out if that's what it is then ill pm ya if that's ok?
  3. Fuel Pump Problem *help*

    Hi thanks for your reply mate, I'm not sure if its running or at what pressure it's running? How could I check that? Also the brake down guy didn't check that? He seemed to think it was definitely the pump lol?
  4. Hi everyone, hope everyone's enjoying this lovely weather? Well as the title says I'm having fuel pump problems, now my baby broke down on me last night and I had to get a fellow is200 member ( lexusbingo ) to come out and tow me home lol, so this morning I run my diagnostics machine and found no faults?????? Strange anyways I then rung my brake down cover up and had them see if they could start it, he got it to start by spraying some carb spay into the carb and she fired up but as soon as he stopped so did she, so I've got a fuel problem with it getting to the carb so he thinks its the fuel pump, and I also think he right as I've been having problems with it for a while now. So my question is do you think the same and if so how easy is it to change the fuel pump? I've looked online and seen a few second hand ones for about £50 but don't yet no how much for a new one so if anyone knows the price for a new one? Thanks for any help Lewis
  5. As the title says, I'm trying to find the fuse for the cigarette lighter as I'm getting no power to that point? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Lewed
  6. Sticky Caliper?

    Try you slide pins 1st mate, I thought my calliper was sticking so I replaced the callipers with no affect, I the changed both the discs and pads with no affect again. I then went and changed my slide pins at a cost of £70 from lexus and happy days they work like a dream.
  7. Caliper Slide Pin Overhaul - Plus All Models (i Think?)

    What's the torque setting for the bolts for the calliper mount? Cheers
  8. Japfest 2013

    Me and lexus bingo will be at this one, with OJC tho. :)
  9. Alpine Type R Component Door Speakers

    No worrys mate. :)
  10. Alpine Type R Component Door Speakers

    I'm interested in them mate, maby I could collect them if your coming to japfest?
  11. Just Got Some 18" Wheels

    Here you go mate. As some of you will notice I've got my standard front bumper on, we'll the baby went into the mechanics shop this weekend for some work on my exhaust and the w##### drove it straght into the ramp, NOT HAPPY but they are obviously going to be getting it fixed but still, so I took my new battered bumper off and put my old one on until the work has been completed. Very happy with the wheels tho. :)
  12. Just Got Some 18" Wheels

    Cheers mate, sorry but I'm keeping my 17"s for daily use and my 18"s for meets n shows. Will let you no if I change my mind tho.
  13. What's everyone think?
  14. Just Referbed My Wheels

    Cheers mate, for the calipers I used caliper paint which I got from halfords and the wheels wer done in hard alloy paint. We basically cleaned the wheels then sanded them and used filler for the kerb marks and skuffs then primed the wheels and then painted and glossed. It's all in the prep mate.