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  1. Happy Birthday Ruskie!

  2. Yeah see ya sat mate. Looking forward to seeing your car as it was same colour as mine. Will make me sad cos I sold mine down the river for a cheap thrill
  3. On contary i think you will find that your MPG will go up. This will be counteracted by doing extra miles though. Should get 350-400 miles a tank in mixed driving, so long as your not a 4250 RPM junkie!!! :P
  4. Can you still get the Blitz Nur Spec? I had that on mine and it was nice. Probably not much louder than standard though, but looked relaly good.
  5. Maybe Why? lol, so that would make you the goalie :) Lee your prize is a free standard aerial!! I will even let you come and pick it up! :winky:
  6. Ok you got me thats me! Guess what you have won? Some free springs!!!! Ha ha. Kyle yeah remember him plays for Barnsley now if he is still there. Played against him last season, you know him yeah? Think he was only on trial at city though. He plays for wales as well I think.
  7. Yeah sort of stopped the modding when my milage went through the roof! Ended up selling last week with 105k on the clock. Got sick of paying out £100 for a tyre etc. Had a new battery te week before that cost me £85!!
  8. PM sent. First refusal is yours on those items you mentioned. but whos the football career going ? Hope all is well ! Good luck with the sale BTW Wow very impressed you remembered me!! Been a long time since i have posted on here. I transferred to Bradford City for two years but got released at end of last season. When i got released applied to become a trainee Paramedic with Yorkshire Ambulance service and got the job! I am stopping playing completeley now and concentrating on that. I was getting more bitter and twisted by the season so i am really pleased to be out of it to be h
  9. PM sent. First refusal is yours on those items you mentioned.
  10. Right as i have sold my IS200 I have a few parts that are no longer needed. My Dad has has had enough of storing them and want's rid hence they are free, so long as you can pick up. Full details The pick up is Selby area 12 miles from York, 10 miles from M62. The car these came of was a IS200 Sport on a 1999 'T' plate. These parts are not in mint condition hence them being free. They had approx 50k on them before they were removed. *Standard exhaust backbox (Is boxed to protect any interior) *Standard Sport Springs, think they are a few mm lower than the SE and S. (Boxed also) *Standard
  11. Would be delighted if that was the case but I was thinking alot less Just had a look around and i reckon around £4k private £3250 trade in.
  12. Can some one give me rough idea how much my IS is worth please as i am struggling. IS2000 Sport on 99 T 105k Two Brand new front tyres Brand new clutch 2k ago. FSH MOT has twelve months left Mods listed in my Sig. In generally ok condition. I have no idea what it is worth. Cheers people.
  13. Got protected no claims so will just claim on that. Cheers for the replies.
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