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  1. Yep! I was almost about to remove Headlight. I even used an endoscope to try to see the back of the non - existent bulb. (Which of course I couldn't see) Then I sat back to think. It couldn't be this difficult! What happens if I remove the top one to see what the socket looks like as they seem the same? I switched the lights on. Not only was there no light - there was no bulb! Voila! Alert LEXUS of the practical joke they pulled!
  2. Ok Thanks for reply. Got it sorted! I was chasing a phantom! The bulb at the bottom of the casing doesn't exist. It's a mirror reflection of the one at the top. A clever optical illusion. (But looks very real!) Didn't realise until I took out the top one to check it & the bottom one disappeared! It was the top one that was blown! Easy! I wonder has anyone else got fooled by this? Or am I the stupidest person in the world? Doh!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know how to remove/install a RHS blown sidelight/parking bulb on a 2005 LEXUS RX 400h? This is the smallest & lowest one (standard 501 capless) in the headlight cluster. Its either a running or parking sidelight? I can see all the other bulbs to replace them from behind but can't see where this small one goes into the cluster. Can't get at it thru the wheel arch either. Anyone any idea how to replace it. The bulb seems to be a standard 501 capless 12v one. It's the lowest bulb rightmost on the picture nearest centre of car below main beam in a little bowl of its own.
  4. My 2006 RX400H SE-L with Reversing Camera has just yesterday (8/12/12) started working the rear parking sensors. Nothing I did! Could blame the dog for switching them on with the switch in the boot, but it wouldn't ever work for me. Only explanation I can think of is that the weather has got really cold! I'm afraid to touch the switch now in case they go off again. Very strange? Anyone come across this before? DesG
  5. Hi Also just a newbie. Just bought a 2006 RX400H . Really suprised to find it has no rear working park sensors on the camera model. They seem to be physically OK but don't work. Is this generally the case? Also very suprised to find car doesn't have a "range" indicator. First time ever recently for that. OK would be interested in comments about these?
  6. Hi Newbie with 06 Lexus Rx400h. Just wondering where is the Diagnostics Port (CAN) on the Lexus RX 450h located? Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums GI4KIX :)