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  1. West Midlands Meet

    I'd be up for that, depending on the date.
  2. Alarm Issues

    hi Dave,yes iv tried new batterys, that dosent work
  3. Alarm Issues

    hello Dave, my LS is 1998 the fob has black buttons, and one white button for boot lid.
  4. Alarm Issues

    last year my alarm on LS400 went all wrong. I come to get in no response from key fob so I had to get in manually, this set the alarm off put key in ignition, tuned engine on alarm stopped got home, tried key fob again car locked tried to unlock didn't work. had to open car with key manually alarm went nuts again. has anybody had this problem on a LS400, or can anyone help me on this subject.would be greatfull for any info regards ted55
  5. hello Ian and Heather. sorry to hear about your dad ian, and sorry I have been so long in sending this message. I do hope you are both well,Bronagh and myself will miss the meets. we will pop in for a nice cuppa and a catch up.only known you both a couple of years friends like you both are hard to come by. you did a brilliant job as a moderator and will be missed on the forum. all the very best to you both hope to see you soon kindest regards Ted & Bronagh xx.
  6. hi all. im told from the lady at rother valley, unless there is at least 12 people camping,the venue will not go ahead.thats where we are at the moment.they need names and reg numbers. asap. kind regards.
  7. I do hope so Stuart, I think it will be a great meet. but we need at least 12 cars going through.and as you said its only a month away.
  8. myself and Bronagh please add us thank you Ian.
  9. hi Chris sorry to hear your bad news, I hope you find work very soon, all the best Chris good look.kind regards. Ted.
  10. lexus ls 400

  11. :) :)hi to everyone and a very merry Christmas to you all, health and happiness for the coming year enjoy your time off don't get to drunk kind regards ted and bronagh :) :)
  12. hi chris sorry to hear about your lexus being hit. hope you manage to find the xxxxxxx person who did it, hope you get a result from the cctv.good look Ted.
  13. hi sorry to hear about your bump.what size are your wheels.
  14. Plank And Leggit Meet Nov 17Th

    me and bronagh,are in. cheers Ian
  15. thankyou, Ian & Heather,be in touch soon ted&bronagh.