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  1. I will be there :D in the V8 you do know this starts at 11am and goes on all day
  2. Don't think they'll be selling many. It was pretty difficult selling the 150 that came in initially. Hardly an exciting car compared to what else you can get for the money, it'll be spanked by an M3 or RS4 and a BMW 330D M Sport is only a second or so slower to 62 mph and that returns 44 mpg. How is it not exciting car, i for one love the lexus as there is not that many on the road, unlike the BMW where every one seems to have one , but the 330 is -still a BMW, i would still have the IS-F over then BMW,s, and there would be 1 car i would have over all 3 and thats the C class AMG 6.3 now that is a beast lets face it if you have the cash to buy one of them cars, the last thing on your mind is what would be the mpg are ;)
  3. Hi mate, yea thats the best place to get it from for us in the UK, but if you know how you could make one, i did have one made but it was out of SS and it was not good as it came in about 30kg so i did not use it, Im useing the auto box for now! and it works well, only good for about 350hp What are you puting the v8 into ?
  4. matt you know what they say, about a "fresh start" you should all ways start at the TOP :winky: i think if the club makes there members feel welcomed then they would turn out for that club, but how can they when you have LOC mods talking to its members the way they have been in the past months, and what are members to think when they see (you the owner of the club turning round and saying if you dont like it then F**** off) im sorry but you should never talk like that to your members as with out the members you dont have a club!! i went to JAE this year with OJC as i was made to feel welcomed, my understanding LOC mods did not turn out for the club, !!! why was that?
  5. Hi mate, yea its been hard at times, roll on the weekend and will enjoy it very much :) Thanks
  6. maybe mr V8 can take it to a normal lexus dealer for a service and see what they say lol that would be funny,
  7. here you go some new pic,s of the car 99% done :winky:
  8. You getting one or doing a transplant? The rarity factor is one of the reasons i wanted one. The only other one iv seen is one in a showroom, but iv still to see one on the road. Hi mate, i have just come to the end of my engine swap! V8 out of the LS400 into my IS :winky: take alook on youtube, under IS200 V8, and you will see, my one is the one with the Turbo :winky: Nice car you have there, :)
  9. Very nice car mate, i will know soon just how you feel, with my IS V8 :winky: I have only seen 1 or 2 round where i am, :) hhmmm nice
  10. well im about to pay £1300 with swinton thats with the engine swap, 39 0,NC as i was on the wifes ins when i took the car of the road to do the engine swap,
  11. That not nice at all mate, im sorry but i have to say it looks like you was going more than 30mph, you can tell just by how much damage there is to the car, takes alot to bend a car that bad at the front ;)
  12. Some great advice there, mate!- Rez89 guide on how to commit insurance fraud. If I'm ever driving in Wirral I hope I don't run into you. More than 50% insured drivers are commiting insurance fraud without knowing about it i.e. Not telling the actual milage they do..*ny optional extras,mods, And the main one is people using their parents name as the poplicy holder....and the parents never drive the car! If I was going to do insurance fraud I'd drive a car under my parents polciy but insurance companies start to charge more now! My insurance is going to cost me £1800 on my own..which I am ready to pay! Im sorry mate, but you are not right when you say more than 50% , i for one, tell the ins about everything on the car and what extras it has, and i think i can say the same for 99% of the guys on here, as you would have to be a fool not to tell the ins! whats on your car, "and as for the main one is people useing there parents name as poplicy holder" where dos it say that they have to drive the car to take out ins!! as long as you are on it as a named driver, how is that "fraud"
  13. Hi mate, i was going to do it matt black but when i went to get the paint they had run out of matt black, so i got satin/black its hard to paint in satin as it comes out patchy if you dont cover it well, like i did lol.....its not to bad and it will do for now.....and yea i have something for the bottom of the bumper, you will see in time :winky:
  14. Hi guys, well i started painting the car at the weekend, i have done it satin black for now, as i dont have the time or cash to take it somewhere to get done befor JAE, and it will have to do for now :) any way here are some pic,s of it,
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