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  1. That discount is for Gold members only. You are meant to show your Gold Card when asking for discount.
  2. Is the metal part of the key broken, or just the plastic cover that hols the key ? If it’s the cover you can pick up and empty shell for a couple of quid on Ebay and swap the blade and internals over and you have a new key !
  3. That link is actually a Lexus dealership. There are a few different dealers like that that have shops on EBay and will sell left over stock for a good price. You should keep an eye out on those guys, as I remember seeing a new TTE bumper going cheap not that long ago !
  4. Need Cheap Insurance

    Ah fair enough. I assumed you guys were older than that. Plus I never liked Direct Line, after I had problems with them several years ago, and I still hear from posts like these one where others say the same thing.
  5. Lexus No More...

    What year was your IS ? I would be interested in the rear lights if they are not damaged or in chrome.
  6. Need Cheap Insurance

    I had the same problem recently. I’m 26 with 5 NCB, and I went from £450 FC last year and a renewal of £750 this year. First I shopped around and the best I found was £430 FC, but I was still unimpressed with this as it was only £20 cheaper, but that was the best price I could find with the extra covers that I wanted. When I called my insurance company to see if they could match that price they couldn’t so I had to leave. I even spoke to the guys at Sky ( the LOC’s sponsors), who have always been really good at competing with prices said that all insurance premiums have raised, and couldn’t match my quote. Depending on what other things Adrian Flux covers, that quote seems pretty good to me ! Are you 25 ? That doesn’t seem to be a very good price at all. That is almost as expensive as PhillP’s renewal quote, which he didn’t want to pay. Plus Direct Line are a very bad insurance company. If you ever have to use them, they will give you more hassle than what the issue is worth. I’ve heard so many stories of how much problems people have had with them, including myself.
  7. Busy Day! But Worth It

    What did you do with the badge from your grille ? Are you planning on kepping it ?
  8. Watch

    Yeah I was really tempted to put a bid on too, but really I wanted to see real pics of the watch, as those are just the promotional pictures. Might be worth emailing him and see if he can send some real pics.
  9. New Found Lexus Lover!

    Welcome to the site! My monday feeling is getting better as i am now off for a week ! :D
  10. Hi, Im New Here.

    Nice GS ! Good colour choice too !!! Welcome to the site !
  11. (yet) Another Lexus Virgin

    Hi welcome to the site !! You are right about how quiet the RXs are. I was almost run over by one at Royal Ascot this year because i didn't hear it coming I can’t give you much advise on the DVD player, but I’m sure someone on the RX section will be able to help you out. Best of luck !!
  12. First Lexus

    I haven’t sprayed my facia. This is a bad camera phone pic, but this gives you an idea of what the Facia looks like when you are lazy.
  13. Watch

    Wow ! That is extremely rare to see one of those ! I’m pretty sure the last watch like that went for a hell of a lot more than what it is currently sitting on.
  14. Alright there mate. I think you might be getting a little confused to what Sparkystav is saying. Depending on what year your IS is, your heated wing mirrors will either be on all the time, or switched on with your rear heated window. Have a look at you’re A/C controls. Which control unit does yours look like ? If you have the top one, then you heated mirrors are on all the time, and can’t be turned off. If you have the second one, then your heated mirrors will only work when you press the demister/heated mirror button. The little orange light will always be on. Don’t worry about this, as it only comes on when you have the fans or A/c running, and can’t be turned off either (unless the unit is faulty). Your heated seats have nothing to do with the heated mirrors or windows. They are on separate switches. Also, when you say you have a missing “Jet Nozzel Cover”, are you talking about the head lamp washer, or the windshield washer? If you are talking about the headlamp washer, I might have a cover in colour for you, but I will need to double check.
  15. That is brilliant !! I really like that !!! :zee: