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  1. Hi John Thanks for that as I remember doing that a few years back and the response from the car was great. Just to make sure, I'm doing it right. 1. Disconnect Battery 2. Take out MAF and clean using electrical clearner 3. Fix MAF and reconnect battery - Reset all windows.
  2. Hi All - Happy New Year! So i have a slight problem and maybe someone knows why my IS is doing this. When I start my car, put in drive gear the car takes a second break before it wakes up to go (as if it thinks "oh I need to move"). As I have a hump just before I leave my park park, when I slow down the car sometimes stalls as if there is no fuel or the rev falls well below the normal 1 rev counter and cuts the engine out. Once the car has warmed up the problem is gone! - It only happens for the first minute or two. Any ideas? Thinking to buy a BG44K.
  3. Some have a really good experience or maybe they just lucky. My younger brother drives a clapped out 2 door 2006 Ford Focus, and two weeks ago whilst parked outside the hospital visiting my dad. He came back to his car to find it half-way up the footpath. Not only his car but there was three cars all damaged by someone in a lorry who failed to stop (luckily someone took details). He phoned his insurance company Quote Me Happy (Aviva) and told them what happened. They called him back within 30 minutes and made him ONE offer of £1700 and wrote off the car, the next day they rolled up in a new Vauxhall something until he gets his payment. Result in my opinion, but I wouldn't know as I never phoned my insurance company for anything.
  4. LOL, I haven't slept for about 9 months!!!! - My insurance was £340 last year for the IS250 2006 parked in a locked compound, this year they say its £1200! WTF! I have 13 years clean DL, 12 years no claims bonus and have never ever claimed insurance and thank god not been involved in any accidents. So why has my insurance been bumped up - Well they say its the crime rate locally (London E1W) that has had an influence! What a load of crap. I shopped around but came back to these guys COOP as they were the cheapest £1200. What happened and any advice? I don't even mind leaving them to find something better.
  5. Hi All This may be handy if you need to top us on engine oil - ECP have 50% off using code FLASH50 - This will only work for engine oil so don't add anything else in the basket. For anything else use END35 for 35% off. I have however found something strange and you guys may have noticed the same with ECP - Every time they have 50% off code the price of the item seems to be up by £2 or £3 pounds, sometimes more. For example 2 weeks ago the Castrol A5 (5W30) (Product Code: 521773421) was £20 after 50% off now the price is £46.99 so will be £23.50 for the 4ltr. Good luck!
  6. Thanks, I think I will take it to a good reputable place to have it repaired again using the correct British standard method. Hate to think that my new tyres with 8mm of thread has a hole with a string plug in it. Gutted 😞
  7. Wow, that's exactly what I had about two years ago from a mobile tyre guy - Sadly hes not around anymore. All puncture repair should be done like this and a fixed price should also apply in my opinion.
  8. Thanks Guys. I thought the same as I was expecting the tyre off and repair, but they did not do that. Makes me nervous knowing the way it was repaired was like 5 minutes quick string in and ready to drive. Will take the car to ATS, Kwik-Fit or similar.
  9. Hi all so I bought a pair of rear tyres for my IS250, Goodyear. all was good and happy after leaving the garage, however the next morning one wheel was completely flat. luckily there was a tyre shop on on Sunday not far from me. So drove the car with one tyre flat to a petrol station say 300 yards. Filled up with air and went to the tyre shop. there was a massive screw in the centre of the wheel but only penetrated a little as the rubber was fresh. the guy took the screw out and made a hole. Then put a rubber string and put the tyre back on again...all for £10. he said that’s perfect now..but I must admit I am gutted. Feel crap knowing my new tyres have a repair. Now can anyone tell me if the repair done is okay for me or should I go somewhere else to have it done again. I remember many years ago I had a repair by a mobile tyre guy and he put a patch on inside and had a string rubber too. thanks
  10. Actually its the Brands Performance Range hence why £60-70 but for some reason we class them as mid range in comparison with the more we’ll known brand. I am really happy with Avon’s and will never go back to the expensive tyres with the branded logos. You say £72 for a branded may be that’s for just the front tyre as the rear is over £100 each side. I saw a Mercedes E63 AMG the other day with SAVA tyres. These are so cheap but made by Dunlop.
  11. @JamesIS220 Yeah they great and I would recommend the Avon ZV7. Thanks to the UK weather I have had the chance to experience them in heavy rain and sun, and they handle very well. the ride is much better and softer also at full lock I don’t get the hopping anymore so bonus.
  12. @normski2 funny you did this write up as I just logged in to ask if anyone else is noticing the sluggish close on the passenger side folding mirrors and saw your post. I noticed my passenger side mirror making a struggling noise when folding up and thought maybe some one has pushed or played with my mirrors. I have the P40 auto fold up on locking so thought maybe that was on its way out and was not looking forward to redoing the job again. Your post will come handy so will attempt to WD40 the motors this weekend if the weather is good. Thank you.
  13. You said Debica was made in Poland, they are from the Dunlop group. I went for Avon’s in the end. Hiqonline sell Sava tyres for cheap, also made by Dunlop and excellent ratings. I am well happy with my Avon’s!
  14. UPDATE: So I must say the Avon Tyres are the best I have tried compared to Dunlop Sport Maxx RT and my previous Bridgestone Potenza. The grip is excellent in the dry and recently tried in the rain and was excellent too. the ride is much softer which I like and noise levels are hugely reduced. My car feels like it’s gliding over the road, living it! AThe luxury feel is back - Highly recommended! I am getting the rears next weekend can’t wait. Was going to put the Azon ZV7’s in the parts section as recommended but it’s already there. Seriously give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. Most importantly there is no more hopping on full lick for me, tried everything and still not hopping 😁
  15. Right..just saw an Aston Martin with Avon tyres I’m all booked in for fronts this weekend at ATS for £134 fitted for the pair. Then will do rears next month! Thank you for all the advise guys, will let you know how I get on.