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  1. I have been using SAVA all round which is owned by Goodyear. Cost me £53 per tyre from HiQ including fitting Ratings are C (fuel), A (wet) and noise is 66dB - These tyres are excellent in my opinon and has same thread pattern as the Goodyear but without the price tag, On wet the handling is mind blowing, grips very well.
  2. Hi Newbie, is there a particular engine flush you would recommend? I am due for my 6 month oil change now, so picked up some 50% offer at ECP. Would like to try an engine flush as I never done so before.
  3. Thanks guys, all good with the Bosch S4 and for £75 at ECP (price matched) I’m really happy. also fit was straight forward and easy. Thanks John.
  4. Thought the same, found the paperwork and it was February 2014 so five years ago (how time flys). I thought battery’s should last 8-10 years as the scheduled time on my car maintenance is showing 2021 after I resent it when I put the old battery in.
  5. Thanks John. Do I still use the old housing (black plastic top) as the Bosch battery is slightly out of dimensions as you say tight fit. There was one at Halfords that matched the same sort of dimensions: Yuasa HSB075 Silver 12V Car Battery 5 Year Guarantee
  6. Just reserved the Bosch 068 battery at ECP, but notice the terminals are at the front and + on right side with - on left side. Do I turn the battery around so terminals go at the back with + on left side and - on right closest to wing. This is how the current (Toyota) battery is? also will the battery clap and whatever holding it fit as normal. thanks
  7. Hi guys, gonna bump this thread again as I think I need a new battery. I think three years ago or may be four, I got the original from Lexus for £95 and fitted myself. Today when starting my car I noticed my folding mirrors did not open, then car did not start, only dials come on. Got jump start, drove home and car did not start. Is the Bosch straight fit as I remember when ECP and some 030 031 did not fit and then went Lexus. Please need to get one ASAP as I am career for my 89 year old father and need the car 😞 Thanks guys.
  8. Hi John Thanks for that as I remember doing that a few years back and the response from the car was great. Just to make sure, I'm doing it right. 1. Disconnect Battery 2. Take out MAF and clean using electrical clearner 3. Fix MAF and reconnect battery - Reset all windows.
  9. Hi All - Happy New Year! So i have a slight problem and maybe someone knows why my IS is doing this. When I start my car, put in drive gear the car takes a second break before it wakes up to go (as if it thinks "oh I need to move"). As I have a hump just before I leave my park park, when I slow down the car sometimes stalls as if there is no fuel or the rev falls well below the normal 1 rev counter and cuts the engine out. Once the car has warmed up the problem is gone! - It only happens for the first minute or two. Any ideas? Thinking to buy a BG44K.
  10. Some have a really good experience or maybe they just lucky. My younger brother drives a clapped out 2 door 2006 Ford Focus, and two weeks ago whilst parked outside the hospital visiting my dad. He came back to his car to find it half-way up the footpath. Not only his car but there was three cars all damaged by someone in a lorry who failed to stop (luckily someone took details). He phoned his insurance company Quote Me Happy (Aviva) and told them what happened. They called him back within 30 minutes and made him ONE offer of £1700 and wrote off the car, the next day they rolled up in a new Vauxhall something until he gets his payment. Result in my opinion, but I wouldn't know as I never phoned my insurance company for anything.
  11. LOL, I haven't slept for about 9 months!!!! - My insurance was £340 last year for the IS250 2006 parked in a locked compound, this year they say its £1200! WTF! I have 13 years clean DL, 12 years no claims bonus and have never ever claimed insurance and thank god not been involved in any accidents. So why has my insurance been bumped up - Well they say its the crime rate locally (London E1W) that has had an influence! What a load of crap. I shopped around but came back to these guys COOP as they were the cheapest £1200. What happened and any advice? I don't even mind leaving them to find something better.
  12. Hi All This may be handy if you need to top us on engine oil - ECP have 50% off using code FLASH50 - This will only work for engine oil so don't add anything else in the basket. For anything else use END35 for 35% off. I have however found something strange and you guys may have noticed the same with ECP - Every time they have 50% off code the price of the item seems to be up by £2 or £3 pounds, sometimes more. For example 2 weeks ago the Castrol A5 (5W30) (Product Code: 521773421) was £20 after 50% off now the price is £46.99 so will be £23.50 for the 4ltr. Good luck!
  13. Thanks, I think I will take it to a good reputable place to have it repaired again using the correct British standard method. Hate to think that my new tyres with 8mm of thread has a hole with a string plug in it. Gutted 😞
  14. Wow, that's exactly what I had about two years ago from a mobile tyre guy - Sadly hes not around anymore. All puncture repair should be done like this and a fixed price should also apply in my opinion.