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  1. Hi All Can anyone please give me the part number or where I can buy the front brake shim as I have a rattle coming from the front end and wanted to start with this purchase before I move to other areas of concern. I have the rattle at slow speed and when going over humps etc (clonking) however when I press the brakes its seems to reduce or even silent. Thank you
  2. If you have missed the offer you can use FLASH50 for brake pads only 50% off. Just tired and it worked for me 😜. Dont know how long it will last.
  3. UPDATE: had my airbag recall done today at Lexus Woodford and it was a full days job. Looks like they have taken the whole dash and replaced the clips as I have NO more cracking noise. I had foam pads stuffed between the windscreen and dash and they were not there. I am over the moon as the car is super silent and dash is very tight with no movement. Driven over rough roads and smooth roads and no cracking noise. Yey!!
  4. Mines booked in for tomorrow Lexus Woodford. Fuel Sensor and Air Bag
  5. My uncle works for Sainsbury's home delivery and I have asked him what happens when he crashes their vans. He said it has nothing to do with him as it goes through Sainsbury's insurance and he is just a driver. It has nothing to do with his policy and nor does he need to inform his insurance company anything on his private policy. I guess courtesy car have the same thing where they just add your to their policy. I know if I was told all was okay by Lexus dealer on returning the car then there is no need for me to inform my insurance on my private policy.
  6. Yey! I am all booked in to have my air bag and fuel sensor @Lexus Woodford next Wednesday 6th. is there anything I need to know? Also do I still get the free fuel for the sensor job?
  7. I had to mention this for the next 5 years... thank god it's over and my insurance is well reduced.
  8. I also appreciate all the comments about insaurance but at the same time have been waiting for over 1 year for this air bag recall and have been following this thread since. I once informed my insurance company that someone has clipped my bumper with a shopping trolley. They responded but saying do you know who it was or the registration. I said no. Then that said okay and do you want to claim, I said no as it may rub out but only telling you as it's says in my terms to inform you of everything. Thanks she says! At renewal my insurance was refused with a new provider as I did not mention that I had a claim. I called my old insurance company and they said it's recorded as a claim with 0 payout! Thanks to that my insurance jumped +£300 :( So should we inform our insurance company if your not going to claim.
  9. Thanks Linas, will call them. And guys just reading through the comments about insurance and laughing to myself about how much time people have on the their hands to be messaging about this and not the actual thread topic. If Linas is saying it is sorted with Lexus then who cares. Also I know this for a fact that your own insurance does not cover a car that is loaned or hired to you. It will only cover a privately own insured car that is given to you with the owners consent. loaned cars have their own insurance and if they are happy with it upon return then end of story. Linas does not need to inform anyone.
  10. Ah so Lexus Woodford have the parts? Shame they didn't call me as I left my details with them and been waiting since July 2016. will give them a call first thing tomorrow!
  11. Lexus Sidcup and Woodford both said parts are not here and there is no ETA when they will come :(
  12. It's going to be a busy afternoon for Lexus on the
  13. Car Polishers

    Just finished polishing and waxing...what a result. Really happy with Gtechniq P1 and then finishing off with Collinate 476 although that was really hard to take off of left to long to dry. Did everything by hand using German Pads but think I will be able to get better results using a machine so time to invest in one ever the weather in London was amazing and no sun at all but perfect dry weather for this job. Really pleased with the result Before and after photos attached. Swirls marks are well reduced.
  14. Car Polishers

    Funny how this thread came alive as I have just received my order for P1, German pads, clay etc. I plan to detail the car tomorrow. Will take some before and after photos. purchased the Collinate 476s wax to finish off.
  15. Have you tried double locking your car to see if the mirrors fold? When I installed mine same thing happens and I have to double lock the car for the mirrors to fold. there was an update to the instructions after this which folds mirrors with one click lock.