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  1. Right..just saw an Aston Martin with Avon tyres I’m all booked in for fronts this weekend at ATS for £134 fitted for the pair. Then will do rears next month! Thank you for all the advise guys, will let you know how I get on.
  2. @Linas.P that’s why I asked for advise as Debica seem to be very good in ratings and made by popular brand. The fronts can be bought for £53 each and rear £65 from TyreLeader and then fitting will be on top. I myself might just go with Avon’s and front and tears come at a reasonable price for all comers fitted at ATS they price match as well. Sometimes black circles have offer though like this week Kumho are on offer.
  3. Actually in total it’s not a saving of £40 it so by going for Dunlop compared to Avon’s as the rear 245 is much. Ore expensive. Avon’s have some really good reviews. There is slight competition for me when choosing Dunlop Sport Maxx RT over Goodyear F1 or Efficientgrip
  4. Thanks for the reply’s guys. Will it be worth giving Lexus a call for tyres? £65 for Kumho’s fitted is very good price @is200 Newbie where is that from?
  5. Oh I thought Dunlop is soft rubber. ATS guy told me Bridgestone were hard rubber. Glad your enjoying your Dunlop’s
  6. @Linas.P With your Dunlop’s Sport Max do you notice slip when on full lock? I noticed this and hence went for Bridgestone after the guy in ATS said the Dunlop use soft rubber.
  7. I know I sound like a right tramp trying to save £20-30 but when you add all four tyres it’s a difference of saving over £100 going for budget tyres. The high end cars I am talking about with **** tyres are fresh chauffeur 67 plates for large corporate companies CEO’s. I think I will go for Avon Z7 next week for the front and next month I will do the rears. Thanks for your help.
  8. Yeah fitting and balancing is £10 per tyre. I work in Liverpool Street in the City and for past week have been noticing the Mercs and 7series BMWs using brand of tyres I never heard of such as Sava, Rotalla and another I thing Farod or something. Maybe they come from factory like this.
  9. Dunlop is £89 each (£178 pair) for front but Rotalla is £80 for the pair for the front, and £90 was the price I got for the pair rear. I would normally not thick twice and just go for my brands like I always do..
  10. Thanks @Linas.P Debica is part of Goodyear as mentioned on their global website: Rotalla is sold everywhere and not just a BlackCirle own brand...there are some feed back on TyreGuru
  11. Thanks @Tyre Tread I very much like Dunlop and has the sportmaxx RT preciously and found them great. But 225 @ £89 is slightly out of my budget this time round unfortunately. Buying a house in 2 months so everything is very tight but tyres change just been identified. I will definitely not go down the part worn route. May just get the Rotalla S Pace RU01 - £80 for front and £90 for the rears plus £40 for fitting at local garage...£210 total for all corners. B for Wet and C for and 69 for noise. Seen these on a S Class Merc the other day.
  12. Thanks @madasahatter Falken were my first choice about a month ago, good tyres with good ratings. I was looking for about £250-300 for all four. Theres another brand Rotalla with very good reviews, good ratings and low price.
  13. Hi All, I need 4 tyres and have been doing a lot of research but need some advise as I am on a budget. currently I have Bridgestone Potanza all round. Now I have seen Avon Z7 - front 65 (225-45-17) each and rear £95 (245-45-17) however I have also seen Debica tyres which are made by Dunlop and very affordable so can make a saving. Anyone have any advise if Debica is good? My preference is A for Wet and at least C for fuel in terms of ratings. Also another option is going part worn with good thread at about £45 per tyre for a premium brand. Any advise please and any good sites as I have seen BlackCircles, ATS, TyreGuru and TyreLeader. I have about 4mm still left on my set. Thank you 😊
  14. Hi All Can anyone please give me the part number or where I can buy the front brake shim as I have a rattle coming from the front end and wanted to start with this purchase before I move to other areas of concern. I have the rattle at slow speed and when going over humps etc (clonking) however when I press the brakes its seems to reduce or even silent. Thank you
  15. If you have missed the offer you can use FLASH50 for brake pads only 50% off. Just tired and it worked for me 😜. Dont know how long it will last.