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  1. That’s great chaps, really helpful!
  2. My beloved LS430 is in with my trusted Indy and needs an offside rear upper control arm. I knew they were £££ but apparently are now no longer available from lexus. Does any one have any recommended supplier? I’d prefer OEM if possible. Thanks
  3. Deposit down! Very excited, will put up a proper introduction in the new members section when the car is collected. Thanks to Mr doofa and The acre for advice given via PM
  4. Three viewings tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will be driving home in a LS430
  5. I may have to compromise on interior colour to buy the best condition car I can find. Has anyone bought from South West Lexus (Indy) near Bristol? Or Moses gate near Bolton?
  6. Thanks again, I test drove one this morning and everyone was correct: lots of space. The hunt for a good condition (ideally facelift) car with black leather continues.
  7. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. The market for good LS430s seems to be strong at the minute. That’s a couple of good cars I’ve been interested in go very quickly !
  8. Afternoon all, I am in the market for a LS430 but am struggling to find any locally to view. A bit of an odd request but I’d be very grateful if anyone could measure the space between the back of the drivers seat and the front of the rear seat cushion. I’m 6ft so Ideally someone close to my height would be great! My current car has 20cm and I need quite a bit more. May end up in a LWB S class at this rate! many thanks
  9. I’m interested in this one. However there are no pics of the damage available and it’s due a cam belt etc. Finding it tricky to value.
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