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  1. RX400h Battery

    thanks for the advice all, ill see if Toyota can fit me in the next few days before im back at work. they should have them in stock just about getting it done, its more peace of mind for the wife to be honest dont really want her having to jump start it for sake of a hundred quid. saves me the time sourcing and fitting myself. ill see what they say when i call them in the morning
  2. RX400h Battery

    Hi All, merry christmas Have just experienced the flat battery on my 57 Rx400h yesterday morning for the third time. luckily after the first time last year i purchased the car jump starter from europarts which got me up and running again. I am trying to show the wife how to do this as she takes the car to work. To be honest if she rushes doing this and forgets to replace the cover or something got me thinking is it just best to replace the battery? going to call Toyota/lexus in the morning. I always use to fit bosch batteries in my old cars. will i get a choice at the dealers or if anyone can recommend the best battery on the market? only looking at doing at dealers as i have extended warranty so stick with them for everything and they can do any of the reprogramming that may be required. just dont need the wife to get stuck in the cold weeks of the new year. any thoughts welcome.
  3. hi all, just had the car dropped back and all looks mint. yes i did have a bit of concern as rainbows dont have the greatest reputation. i honestly thought it was going to be just a new number plate but they have changed the driver side headlight, bumper has been all done up and re sprayed. paint job is bang on from what i can see. just hope they put all the bits back that they undid. last thing i need is 6 months down the line a water leak. its taken a week as it was only very minor but you can see that the garages milk the work from the insurance companies.
  4. hi all my wife just shunted a car this morning, very minor incident. we accepted the fault was her hers. anyway Elephant insurance has said to use approved repair shop (Rainbow in Farnborough) to check if any damage and if there is they will repair. i have the extended warranty, would this cause any issues in the future? or invalidate my warranty? i want to get this right, my wife and kids safety and getting a job done right is my concern. ive jumped the gun a bit as not had the car checked but need to have this info on which route to take. should i always use a main dealer over an approved (rainbow) any advice would be good. i read on an old post its hit and miss on both but i just don't want to invalidate my extended 2 year warranty a year down the line when lexus blame the repair job etc.. thanks
  5. Hi All, apologies for using the old thread but couldn't find a newer. my front driver side headlight is experiencing heavy condensation. call from lexus as car is in MOT and service right now saying that the cost will be £1000..something like that. ive asked did it fail the MOT or not. waiting for call back. anyone recently experienced this? and what action they took. i will start to look on ebay and local breakers yards but time is very tight. anyone know how much one should pay for a new part. this is such a disappointment to know that there is an ongoing issue for many lexus owners. over a grand for a light assembly.. what a joke thanks if anyone can advise
  6. was able to pop in to local tyre centre (national tyres) to get them to check and tyres are fine and should pass MOT. as both have 3/4 of good tread even though the outside has worn. been quoted £135 each for HP tours fitted. called a few places to get a general feel and they all said the Michelin were the best as a brand and none of them tried to sell me anything. just need to get some more info on 99v or 100v as they are roughly the same price
  7. Hi All, not posted much as many questions have been answered over the two years i have had my car. im just stuck on what to do and how best to move forward, opinions and advice needed my RX400h 57plate came with the dunlops SP 270 tyres. I had a puncture in one tyre last year and was then sealed up at a local tyre place (now used as the spare) they also did my realignment and now it seems the tyres as more evenly wearing however the fronts prior to the realignment did have more wear on the outer side. first question: As the fronts have bad outer wear will this fail MOT? (scheduled on Thursday 9th with full service) please see pics seems as outside is near bald and inner is some wear but middle all looks fine for both. sorry pics got jumbled up when attached but hope you all can get the idea. if yes it will fail MOT then i need to get the new tyres sorted, second part of my question. If No it wont fail MOT, i can then shop around over the next week second question: having two tyes with outside wear and a patched up tyre as spare which has good tread as it was a rear tyre, its working out how best and cost effective way to change. the rear tyres are in great condition. also over the year since buying the car, ive played around with the pressure on the tyres but they are little noisy and ride isnt the best when when pumped to 34/5. currently psi 32front/34/back is the best i think for the feel. looking at alternative tyres: the Michelins hp have had great reviews so was wondering should I stick to the dunlops or change fronts to the Michelin's and then when the rears wear get them changed to Michelins etc.. can you mix tyres? sorry many questions but have had so little time as member of family has just been diagnosed with cancer my time has been so limited and don't want to make a silly mistake. what would you guys think? i'm looking online at fully fitted and having tyres delivered then arrange fitting but really do need you help as I just cant think straight at the moment. i just want to get great tyres which give a great ride, good wear, good grip etc as we dont do more that 6k year. again thanks all. i know this is all subjective on tyre brands but any help would be great so i have weekend and few working days to get sorted before MOT/service.
  8. Wing Mirror Issue

    sorry rush job on posting and pic is sideways. also looks like more liquid in the middle that wasnt before. but anyway issue resolved.
  9. Wing Mirror Issue

    I had the call that the car was ready and so rushed to pick it up. they gave me the old mirror. from the pic you can see the marks on it. originally it was the just the line across the top but now there is like some leakage on the left. hard to show but the mirror is worse than when i handed it over. so looks like its had further damage. wont go into anymore best to move forward. anyway Lexus has come through, they sorted it which many other dealerships wouldn't. again have to say many thanks to Andy and David for sorting it. anyone know if you are supposed to get paperwork for recall job?
  10. Wing Mirror Issue

    I'm totally confused on it. Will give update once all sorted, if they tell me
  11. Wing Mirror Issue

    Sales guy raised to principle and they are replacing for free. It's not about the money for me it's about knowing the facts of how internal can break without exterior force and damage. Once I pick up and get face to face will be good to know what could have been cause. Anyway dealership was brilliant. Sales guy usual amazing standard. They just new to communicate findings and respond to questions. I did ask for the old part back so I could have investigated, which may have swing something. Maybe
  12. Wing Mirror Issue

    Ill question it all with the sales guy as he has really been helpful so at least he will give me clear details.
  13. Wing Mirror Issue

    It's internal bit not whole mirror. So glass and maybe something behind. Service are not explaining properly and sales guy is stuck in middle. I'm being bent over is the way I feel.
  14. Wing Mirror Issue

    Do you think it was not fitted correctly that the cold temps would have made it crack and so the leak? That's how it was sold so until october/ November when temps dropes we wouldn't have noticed. Or they broke it Anyway they wanted £330 and so we doing 50/50 each but I'm not happy hence the more info I get tonight I can raise tomorrow first thing.
  15. Wing Mirror Issue

    It's only passenger side that's at fault. Driver side crystal clear. The faulty one is like first thing on a winter morning. Have to keep pressing the heated switch annoying as he'll. dimming wise it's been fine when it's de-misted. If anything were to drip there was no sign of it on the bodywork underneath so I'm very confused as to how that's only come up. Even the sales guy is a bit miffed at all this. I honestly think service have messed up here or on attempting to fault find have damaged my car. As wife an I work there is now way we can get away to inspect what's going on and so have to get the mirror fixed. The sales guy has been a gem trying to help out. Service on the hand have been complete nightmare. All I think is that they messed up or it was faulty when they sold it and so they trying to pas on to me. The part is not available till tomorrow so I will touch base with them in the morning about it. But appreciate everyone's opinions and assistance here. I think they trying on to be honest. Not a single crack on the housing so how the hell can it have been hit. Mirror folds, tilts on reverse and seat change.