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  1. Hi All, had the bumper heated and popped out on friday and the light is fixed so i suppose its a quick win ahead of MOT. Just had the quote back from Lexus parts direct regards a new bumper. Im a little shocked at the delivery cost Bumper: £257.87, dedicated courier service to your address would be £114
  2. thank you for your input. all these small details really do help so i dont get shafted by the garages. still waiting to hear from LPD regards bumper. hopefuly i can order and have delivered in October sometime
  3. thanks Robert, i came accross Lexus Parts Direct last night. so have pinged them regards the mk3 bumper. ive had quotes around the grand mark for supplied, painted fitted etc.. but sure it can be done cheaper. just will have to find the garage that can paint and fit as i know they are making money on parts. would i need anything else? anything in terms of fittings etc apart from the bumper itself?
  4. just popped over to a local garage, he had a look, said they will heat it push the bumper out and secure the fog lamp even if it requires a few ties to hold it in place. £90 cash. he did say the bumper will need replacing at some point so maybe look into getting second hand etc. can t do insurance as will loose all my no claims. previous had two claims in the last two years. were small issues but messes this situation up.
  5. Unfortunatly no. every morning my road gets busy due to so many doing school drop offs. i always see people u-turning rather than just go round. its a donut road leading on to a main road. same time it takes to go round as a uturn. i knew this would happen one day. i just hope Lexus dont fail MOT but as others have said hopefully it will be an advisory.
  6. just attempted to push it back, cant do it. even got underneath but just difficult. main concearn is MOT failure as i need car on weekends so only have can drop and pick up when i can arrange to work from home which also has to be confirm a week in advance. so dropping back to the designated garage via insurance is a week or so and then even MOT drop morning and hope to pick up same day fingers crossed.
  7. just added a better photo if that helps. the light has been knocked in. im not able to push it back in place, will try again a little later. i know it has to be done sooner or later via the insurance but until mid november Im just under it.
  8. thanks, just going through a nightmare personal situation and then this. its just so i can get MOT done and then plane the insurance work.
  9. Hi All, This morning someone has hit my car from the rear, this is someone that has used my drive to uturn thier car but has knocked mine and dissapeared. Anyway i have my MOT booked with Lexus on the 25th Oct and wanted any advice if this would cause me to fail on the MOT. As i would need to call the insurer and sort prior to MOT. Bit of a nightmare as im now back in the office rather than working from home so time is limited and just wanted any advice and crack on with it. thanks everyone.
  10. thanks for the advice all, ill see if Toyota can fit me in the next few days before im back at work. they should have them in stock just about getting it done, its more peace of mind for the wife to be honest dont really want her having to jump start it for sake of a hundred quid. saves me the time sourcing and fitting myself. ill see what they say when i call them in the morning
  11. Hi All, merry christmas Have just experienced the flat battery on my 57 Rx400h yesterday morning for the third time. luckily after the first time last year i purchased the car jump starter from europarts which got me up and running again. I am trying to show the wife how to do this as she takes the car to work. To be honest if she rushes doing this and forgets to replace the cover or something got me thinking is it just best to replace the battery? going to call Toyota/lexus in the morning. I always use to fit bosch batteries in my old cars. will i get a choice at the dealers or if anyone can recommend the best battery on the market? only looking at doing at dealers as i have extended warranty so stick with them for everything and they can do any of the reprogramming that may be required. just dont need the wife to get stuck in the cold weeks of the new year. any thoughts welcome.
  12. hi all, just had the car dropped back and all looks mint. yes i did have a bit of concern as rainbows dont have the greatest reputation. i honestly thought it was going to be just a new number plate but they have changed the driver side headlight, bumper has been all done up and re sprayed. paint job is bang on from what i can see. just hope they put all the bits back that they undid. last thing i need is 6 months down the line a water leak. its taken a week as it was only very minor but you can see that the garages milk the work from the insurance companies.
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