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  1. Very true, just needed somewhere to express my disappointment where folks will sympathise. Later registration will sadly cost another £400(ish) due to VED changes. Still at least I know that putting more diesel into the X3 is a good idea.
  2. I know this is very much a first world problem but after a moment of excitement hearing on Saturday my new RX should be available for pickup on the 31st March, today I got the dreaded phone call that the dealership is shutting down (I'm unclear if this is just sales) due to Covid-19 and no new toy for me. My inner child is so disappointed. Anyway keep safe out there folks. I'll be along soon to rejoin the Lexus owning family.
  3. I noticed that the Toyota Supra has passed the Thatcham relay attack tests for keyless entry. Does anyone know how this was achieved? (motion sensor in the keyfob?) I can't seem to find any details. Does anyone know if this fix will be arriving for Lexus vehicles? I know the refreshed RX has the option to turn off keyless entry which I'm tempted to do as I'm not sure I'd be disciplined enough to always engage battery saver mode / use a faraday pouch when mine arrives (dealer currently is saying pickup 31st March).
  4. Not so sure it was a simpler time, your comment reminded me of the Jaguar XJ12 Haynes Manual which said something along the lines of "The V12 is a challenge for the home mechanic". Even in the 70s there were cars that were tricky to work. There are some nice shots of the XJ12 engine bay here, I'm glad I don't have the space for multiple cars otherwise my wallet would be in trouble, I'd forgotten how good the citreon CX looks and I want my old XJ6 back for the interior (although not the bills). I seem to remember that getting the brake drums changed on the XJ6/12 required taking the whole of the rear axle down to get access as they were inboard (I may have misremembered this)
  5. Glad to hear you're enjoying the car, I'm currently like a kid waiting for christmas. Probably going to go for it on the service plan then.
  6. Busted. At least the manuals are online and it's probably the only time I'll read them, although I'm wondering about a chopped pdf with just the features fitted to the car. I got a useful 10% discount on purchase for bothering to use carwow. Quotes were between 11-13% off RRP but by the time you've added toys that you weren't sure about (HUD via Safety pack) the quotes aren't for the same spec and I'm not going to fight for the last percent or two.
  7. In a moment of late mid life crisis I've just placed an order for a new RX450h with Lexus Woodford (arriving mid march). Is the dealer service plan worth it? Apart from the dealership being a bit of pain to get to from home (but better from work) and being tied to servicing with them I can't think of a reason not to. Previously I've had LS400s (first and second gen) running the second gen until last year when it finally snapped the front suspension spring (replaced with a BMW X3 inherited from my dad), so it's been a while since I've used a main dealer.
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!