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  1. I checked this when I got my 2020 RX (I thought it was YUGE too), so for the three cars I've driven into my driveway the sizes are: 4996 x 1829 - LS400 4652 x 1884 - BMW X3 - 2096 inc mirrors 4890 x 1895 - RX450h - 2180 inc mirrors In terms of getting in between the gate posts the LS400 was the easiest and the X3 didn't feel too bad but the RX which is only 11mm wider feels a lot tighter. I suspect it's the mirrors the extra 84mm feels like a lot and it's very obvious to the eye as you drive past the post. Also I think the RX turning circle is bit bigger but I haven't pulled the numbers.
  2. My 2020 RX Premium model has it, and I think it was fitted on the pre-facelift models. The brochure has it as being an optional extra as part of the "Tech and Safety pack"
  3. On my LS400 (back when I had it) failures were: Power assisted steering cooler pipe in front of the radiator leaking. Rain leaks into the boot area. Front suspension strut coil snapped. Sticky needle on the speedo. Engine and transmission seemed bulletproof and I'm sure could have done many more miles (given a cam belt change) when I scrapped it.
  4. McMaster do a M4.5 bolt so they do exist only question is if it's the right one and who sells them in the UK.
  5. Is it time to update the specification sticky at the top of the forum to add the Series 4 specifications and the model renames with the last facelift? I don't mind doing it.
  6. I've not found it to be an issue but I've not been doing a lot of driving during sunset / sunrise. Personally I love it as a feature.However unless I missed something I didn't seem to get the HUD to work with google maps so I'm using the onboard sat nav for now. I am going to a trial of stopping using Android integration (which takes over the in car voice stuff and some of the mapping) and trying the Alexa LexusLink integration with my phone out of the center console so I can get Amazon music working correctly. For some reason the Google voice assistant and Amazon don't play together nicely search seems very hit and miss (it seems to depend on the software versions)
  7. Interestingly after chasing through the dealer last month and sending a message to Lexus via the website I was wondering if this would ever be fixed. Like you it activated on Friday although I had connected the RX to the internet via my phone as I was about to make a long journey and the email timing matches when I turned on the phone wifi sharing. On the SIM side I guess in theory yes, but I've no idea if the box in the boot is locked to Orange or even contains a SIM card.
  8. As Richard says the installation manuals are on in the free owners accessory installation section (although there are two part numbers for the manuals) so you could check what the official docs say, my quick glance suggests there is a decent amount of surgery done.
  9. Ah in many ways that's a shame as it would have been a really useful option all things considered. Thank you for checking again. it's still an interesting question given that a third party is collecting the fees, not normally a question I'd care very much about but risks of financial troubles have gone up for nearly all of us.
  10. This seems a little unclear to me my quotation says "Payments will be collected by Planmyservice LLP as an agent for XXX Group." with no actual mention of being able to use a different dealership, but the full paper work might be enlightening or at least asking the question of the dealer. There may of course be an official Lexus product that does offer a service plan but all I can see on the website is that a slightly vague talk to your dealer.
  11. I've been surprised to see just how small the profit margins are for a car dealership (1-2%) so it's possible some won't survive post Covid-19, but you can say the same thing about lots of companies right now. This leaves me slightly uneasy with service plans, on the other hand given the worst case loss is £300-350 i.e. if the dealer goes bust just before your annual service I would imagine a lot of RX owners would be upset but wouldn't exactly break the bank Finally Marc1 pictures please.
  12. Thanks both, I'm hoping I can retrain my muscle memory to get around the annoyance. I was hoping that there would be a techstream option to set small step in DRCC mode.
  13. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the fine speed adjust on the cruise control via Techstream? It's set to either 5 Kmh or 5 mph depending on the the display, non-EU cruise controls seem to have the ability to do 1 instead for the fine option. The manual suggests you get 1mph when in constant speed mode but I've not had a chance to test this yet. This is really annoying me, particularly as the set / resume behaviour is different to my old LS400 which if you'd accelerated above the old set speed would set your current speed as the new one if you pushed the lever down to "set" I keep slowing the set speed down by 5 or 10 mph in the RX instead of setting the speed to current traffic flow.
  14. Yeah the red does look nice. The cream interior looks fairly scuff free, but I'm not sure how long it would be before I marked it. Still can't decide if I should have waited for a custom order with the Mesa Red when I was buying. This one looks a bit lighter than the ES I saw in the red at the showroom but that was back in Feb.
  15. Okay as suspected the wi-fi password is on the side of the glove box, the installation manual for the wi-fi box is "AIM 004 691 - 2" which I found on the Lexus tech website. The wifi box lives in the boot on the drivers side: Once I'd logged into the wi-fi hotspot I got a welcome page which says Lexus Link needs to be setup before the wi-fi is enabled, Lexus seemed to be having a bit of an issue with Lexus Link (dealer thinks this is now sorted) at the moment, so I may need to chase with the dealer if it doesn't sort itself out over the next few days. What's confusing is the US enform system is totally different so most of the Youtube how to get started videos don't match up at all.