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  1. @Arth_Vader no problem, let us know if it makes any difference.
  2. Hi @Arth_Vader, I've found that with my ISF, in Sport and manual mode, it has to be above 2k rpm to rev match (blip) on downshifts. And between 2-3k rpm if you want to go from 2nd to 1st. It could be dependent on temperature of the trans fluid, engine oil and coolant etc. As sport mode is only used lightly on 2 bars indicated oil temp, then properly on 3 bars indicated. Pulling 2 fuses to reset the ECU and TCU did mine some good. Seemed to shift smoother, responds a bit better and slightly more mpg. Might be worth a shot ?
  3. I've owned my ISF for a 1.5 years. I still have my first car as the daily driver. I haven't a clue what would replace my ISF. I would really like to do a kit car, that would be the main reason for me to part with it. Money no object, it would be nice to keep the ISF and swap some things in from the Lexus parts bin. Keeping with the Japanese philosophy of continual improvement.
  4. Hi guys, Along the same lines as you guys, i think it's moisture somehow getting into the screen. I haven't had an issue since and it hasn't come back. Kind regards
  5. Hi @Fatts, I tried to adjust the brightness, contrast and changing day and night mode. It made no difference last night. However this morning it's back to normal. I'll monitor it over the next few days
  6. Hi everyone, I couldn't see a thread about the issue that's just developed on my car. The SatNav display has gone cloudy/fuzzy in the middle, the edges are fine and the touch screen works all across the whole display. It looks like when you go to take a photo but it's out of focus. Has anyone experienced the same or any ideas on a cause and fix ? Kind regards Nath
  7. Hi @Arth_Vader, I haven't got a system on my ISF yet. X pipe or not to me, depends how you want your car to sound. From pictures I've seen, the H&S non X-pipe version keeps the exhausts of each bank of cylinders separate. Giving a Cobra/AMG type sound. The X-pipe converges the flow of both cylinder banks resulting in a more exotic style sound. There are a few clips on YouTube, some are from members on here, I'd have a gander at those and see what you think. 👍
  8. Hi @scott-o yeah It's not bad when you consider people pay more than that a month for a phone. Only thing I'm considering, when some V8 cars registered on the new tax rules (2017 onwards) turn 5-6years old (e.g Mustang, some GSF's and the usual German stuff). The road tax drops to only £140ish. If a Saving of £430 can be taken for a car with the same merits and character, it's worth it IMO, other costs depending. Also It's more money for me, and not the tax man's pocket.
  9. @Flytvr They do sound great, it's a unique 8 cylinder sound too. From what I've seen on the web they do like a drink. Also only 275hp from 4 litres, comes across as a rather inefficient lump turning fuel into work. At roughly 68-69hp per litre 🤔 On a VW note, I do quite like my friends Golf Edition 30, I've still got my 1.4 Polo as the daily. As it was my first car, I can't bring myself to part with it. Carrying on with the thread, I've been searching around since the thread began and I find it very difficult to place a car that could replace my ISF, other than the Stinger or a
  10. @Flytvr great shout on the W8, I've only ever seen 1 in the flesh, parked up at Wolverhampton train station a couple years back. Cool left field choice IMO.
  11. I think they're brilliant, haven't had the chance to drive one though but have sat in one. Yeah it's a shame. If we get a trade deal with the US, I think the new mid engine Corvette could tempt a few, price dependant. Another option I've thought of for me is a 500 quid daily, and slowly build a kit car. Little digression, on a note of someone working at a car company, Dario Franchitti recently did a video on the Gordon Murray T.50 mule at what I think is it's main HQ/factory. At The start he shows Gordon Murray's custom escort on the carpark. Behind that is a silver IS-F, jumpin
  12. For me, I'd love a GSF or a depreciated LC500 later in life. The only car that could potentially replace my ISF at present for me right now is the Kia Stinger. Same limited top speed, 0-60 is pretty close, it comes with lots of comfort gadgets, a hatchback boot opening and folding seats, 7 year warranty. A tuning company called Lap3 located in I believe South Korea, has managed to get 700hp out of the 3.3litre unit on stock internals and it's gearbox safe, plenty of potential. I tend to look at engineering points rather than badges for my car choices and it's nice to go with left field ch
  13. Hi guys, I got my radiator and other parts from Lexus parts direct. They were on back order when I ordered them in August, it arrived in September but things may have changed since then.
  14. Hi all, I replaced my radiator and water pump with a friend over the weekend at home on axle stands. Wasn't too bad, there is plenty of knowledge and diagrams across this forum, YouTube and the American forum. My radiator looked worse for wear, I think the transmission fluid lines were not far off from snapping off the radiator. That's on a 2008 with 66k miles for reference.
  15. @scott-o thanks for putting this on here. I'll be doing mine at home when the parts arrive, this will help a lot. Couple of questions from me. Other than the radiator fan rivnuts, is there anything else you found that might be a pain? Did you plug the transmission lines with anything to stop them leaking once removed from the old radiator, if so how big of an item did you put in? Or did you use clamps on the hoses to close them off?
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