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  1. @Twellsie I haven't seen anywhere that says our clutch packs are of a dry design, if they were the gears wouldn't last long being unlubricated. The packs are on the outside of the gearsets which will be coated in ATF for lubrication along with the gears and shafts, the ATF will flow and fling around. Say worse case I wouldn't want to spend £3700 on a fix that might not work that's all. That's got to be around the same price as a new box. Just trying to help is all.
  2. @Toothy is right. There is an ATF heat exchanger built into the radiator. It helps get the transmission fluid upto temperature faster and once everything is at its operating temperature it acts as a cooler. They appear to be failing for some reason on our cars and the fluids can mix.
  3. A chap in France had this happen to his ISF and the coolant attacked the clutch packs in the transmission and rendered it useless. Hopefully you've managed to get away with it @Twellsie. Not a nice bill to have, also it seems quite an expensive bill for a radiator swap and flush through.
  4. Hi all, Reviving an old thread, I've recently had all my leather treated and smartened up. I thought whilst it was being done, I'd get the rear bench centre plastic section covered in a single piece of leather trim whilst managing to retain the F logo. It looks a million times better than the factory plastic. Having it carbon wrapped didn't appeal to me, never felt it looked right but each to their own. The work was undertaken by a local craftsman who's business is called LN Trim. His work ranges from treating and cleaning to bespoke interiors from scratch. I've included his business card in the pictures if anyone is interested. If anyone wants the same, I paid £700 for all the work, with the centre section costing £240 if you just wanted that doing. I recommend him, he was very professional and always discussed the next steps and process to make sure it was right. I had some padding placed underneath the leather piece so it was comfortable to rest elbows on. The F logo is on a plastic clip, so it had to be screwed and glued in place. In my car's previous life the centre plastic had been scratched so this wasn't an issue and IMO it'll never be taken off as it's loads better in leather.
  5. @Northern isf definitely. The radiator and water pump is next on my list. I'm currently in process of removing, polishing and refitting the rear exhaust diffusers/tips. Screws have gone rotten so just waiting on those. To quote Johnny cash "one piece at a time" my radiator doesn't seem to have much corrosion on the outside. With it having a full Lexus service history in theory it should of always had the Toyota long life coolant in the system, so it shouldn't be too bad on the inside, should hold out for its major service in December. I'll be looking to have them done then, along with a new auxiliary belt and tensioner. Although they are fine, I'd may aswell whilst the front is all off. If the labour is mental I'll DIY. A YouTuber called Lam Le has done a radiator and pump change on YouTube. Could be done from home. Location, ramp, tools and expertise dependant. Hopefully we have some car meets soon, was looking forward to attending some and meeting you guys in person. Sorry to digress on this thread.
  6. Hi @gb1600e, with my car being under warranty at the time, I was just charged for the oil which came out to £50.48. They used 4 litres of WS (world standard) transmission fluid. The exact process of how they do it I'm unsure of. There's a couple of methods from looking on the US forums and on YouTube. 1st is a simple transmission sump drain, refill and re-level, changes about 2-3 quarts of old fluid with fresh fluid, and can be repeated numerous times to dilute the old fluid with new. Probably the method they used 2nd is a transmission sump off and filter change which will change roughly 5-6 quarts of fluid with fresh, as we can't change the fluid that's sitting in the torque converter and various other places. You can buy a filter and gasket set on the Web, from memory it comes from Germany. It's not OEM but quality looks relatively on par. See video below, it's an hour long but you can skip some bits, worth watching through though as it goes into good depth. If you have ramps and some technical ability it doesn't seem that bad to do at home or at a mates garage etc. Best bet is to repeat the sump drain multiple times. Less risk involved and should be cheaper. I agree with you guys @gb1600e @Northern isf it's a proactive step and in my opinion is good practice and care. I'm a little surprised it isn't noted in a major service. I have read somewhere that it is either checked, replaced or maintained at some form at 120k miles.
  7. No problem, I agree, it's worth doing as preventive maintenance, even if Lexus haven't got it down to be done. The transmission has all the components and features included in its design to be serviced, the oil itself could be in good condition but it still ends up with metal and clutch material floating in it from normal use. Another thing that may be of interest from my experience. When it gets done, get them to have a good nosey around the gearbox. When the dealership initially checked my gearbox prior to changing the oil. They found an oily substance by a connector on the transmission, they've had another ISF in before with a similar substance in the same place that corroded the connector, I managed to catch mine early by the looks. They didn't divulge into specific locations of the connector, I can't help on that front I'm afraid.
  8. Hi gb1600e and Northern ISF, I recently had my transmission flushed along with a TCU and ECU reset as a last resort by Lexus Wolverhampton. My transmission starting shifting harshly and was doing the odd rev flare between 4th and 5th. Highly recommend giving Wolverhampton a ring as they have experience with mine and were fantastic through the whole process. The difference is night and day, it now uses less revs on the torque converter when unlocked and now locks the converter from 30mph instead of 55mph. It pulls harder using less throttle and MPG has increased from 21 to 27 on my 6 Mile commute to work. From the American forums it does not take much of a drop in fluid level for it to start misbehaving. With transmission fluid living a harsh life it's worth changing, after 12 years and 60k miles being worked, it will had degraded. My car is a 2008 with 60k miles. For comparison a friend of mine has a M140i. Although a different gearbox brand, ZF recommend changing their 8 speed transmissions' oil every 60k. Yet BMW along with every other manufacturer say it's sealed for life. There's a chap on YouTube who has an hour long video on how to remove our gearbox's sump, filter and replace, along with the oil and oil level setting procedure. Hope this helps
  9. Hi Mantas, I've spoken to my local Lexus dealership in the past about OEM replacements due to carbon being coked on mine (luckily polished it off) as I couldn't find any being sold anywhere else. They are around £600-£800 as they only come with a new rear back box assembly. This must be the reason most people go with a new exhaust system as it's not much more and you get more noise. Other members on here may know more than me or have a spare set. But I'd either try and DIY fix it using tools and patience or get an aftermarket exhaust.
  10. Hi everyone, hope everything is alright your end during lockdown etc. I'm looking into the history of my ISF. Have any of you heard of or know anything about a white ISF that had the reg plates S9 GDJ, V9 RCH and S111 EYK? S111 EYK is currently on a GS F, that anyone on here ?
  11. Admiral @ just over 1k, protected no claims included and legal cover. Can't remember the excess but it wasn't bad. I don't drink or smoke, the car's my guilty pleasure. 😈
  12. I was 23 when I purchased mine last year. It ticked all the right boxes 👍
  13. Hi everyone, New to the forum after becoming a proud owner of an ISF back in July 😈. This is the first time I've been on a forum, if I'm doing anything wrong don't hesitate to correct me 👍. I had a good search and I couldn't see anything about Japfest 2020 on here yet. Are any other members organising a pitch/stand or convoy to go down? I'll be heading from the Staffordshire area. 🙂
  14. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!