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  1. I couldn't find paint codes anywhere when I looked. Tried to contact BBS but never got a reply back. I found this table scouring the internet. They're not paint codes, but they gave the painters where I had my alloys done a good start and they matched the colour on the later wheels for my Samurai style rims.
  2. Hi guys, for MY 2011 cars, I thought they got the LED lights and the updated dash? I've seen 2010's with LED facelift headlights. The 61 plate in question has the 08-09 headlights fitted in the pictures ?
  3. Didn't the MY 2011 ISF's get the LED headlights and the different dash cluster ? Looking at the photos it has the 08-09 headlights and dash cluster ? Wrong thread, sorry.
  4. @Matthew1995 for the windows, have you disconnected the battery recently ? If so, go to each window/door individually and do this process. Press the switch to lower the window, once it's lowered right down, hold for 3 seconds. Then press the switch to raise the window, once raised, hold for 3 seconds. This sets the limits for each window. Once done you can use your driver's doorcard controls for each window. I've had to do it a couple of times when disconnecting the battery. It might sound trivial, Double check you haven't got the child lock on.
  5. I didn't have to redrill anything when I replaced the radiator on mine. I just unscrewed the fans from the old radiator and put them onto the new one. Looking at the service history of mine, it underwent the radiator fan recall off the top of my head in 2015. So that may of played a part in them being easy to unscrew
  6. 9k markup / 50%, that's horrific!! The price for the ISF they have is high when you compare it to that 2013 plate.
  7. @Initial J, looks like another Blue ISF has appeared on Autotrader. 2010 plate 50k miles. No photos yet but apparently it's at Sytner BMW Nottingham
  8. The facelift headlights with the LED strips are hens teeth to find second hand. In terms of installation, reading the American forums a couple of the headlight pins need to be moved around and potentially a relay needs swapping. I'm looking and hoping to go whole hog and keep the AFS functionality.
  9. @Rob RCF I've seen a couple, hydrogen gas is more energy dense than petroleum, about 1kg of hydrogen gas, has the same energy density as 2.2kg of Petroleum. If you cool hydrogen to a liquid and store it in that state, it's even more energy dense due to it being a liquid rather than a gas. Like you've mentioned it's more the safe containment of the fuel that's the main engineering challenge, the first gen Mirai stores it's hydrogen in tanks at 70MPa or 10000PSI There's no getting around it, an electric drivetrain is more efficient. But IMO they're boring and for consumers who want a vehicle to get from A to B. The buzz you get from the fast acceleration soon wears off. But for the sake of an engaging F car. I'd still use a combustion engine, everyone seems to be in the power and number race/competition. When in reality, the cars that are most enjoyable to drive have a character and create theatre, they require work to go fast, they make the occasion. Like blasting through a tunnel and amazing sounding downshifts like our current F cars do. I agree with what Chris Harris said. If the majority of people who genuinely aren't interested/passionate in cars go electric, we can keep our ICE's and enjoy them, even if it's just for that little bit longer. In terms of exciting electric car, I really enjoy the electric go karts at tight and twisty indoor tracks. So using that principal, a lightweight car that can charge really quickly, circa 100 mile range max, little to no power steering. Electric drivetrain is all about acceleration not top speed. Think this will shine through when the rallycross cars go electric. Agreed with yourself and @B1RMA, nothing will replace our N/A V8's. Although maybe the LFA V10. Or the V12's In the Valkyrie and GMA T.50. Nothing with 8 or less cylinders anyway 🤣
  10. @RustyB awesome, does that make it 3?
  11. For me. Any on this list IS-F Estate (theoretical) LC-F LS-F GS-F (If GS is revived) But rather than using a hydrogen fuel cell. Run the ICE (internal combustion engine) on hydrogen. Toyota tested this recently at an endurance race using a corolla with a modified GR Yaris lump. More recently, Lord Bamford envisions this as the way forward for heavy equipment. Least this way we can keep the noise alive rather than cars sounding like the Jetson's and save emissions at the same time. But I'm biased towards cars that make a decent noise.
  12. Hi @Arqum, I've just finalised booking my NC500 trip in September. Done it over the past few weeks 🤣. Looks like there will be 2 F's in the area 👍
  13. Hi all, AutoTopNL has re-reviewed the ISF he first reviewed back in 2010. In my opinion, he has done the car more justice this time around. If anyone is interested, the link is below. I'd like to max mine on the Autobahn at some point 😈
  14. Hi Nick, I guess it comes down to how much you want to spend. You could replace both rear shocks with 2011 spec shocks. (Like for like) I've researched suspension for my 08 ISF if it ever needs doing. The general consensus is the best OEM suspension is on the 2013/2014 MY ISF'S. They do bolt in without major modifications, just a change of the rear bump stops to 2013/2014 bump stops from what I've read, however you might not need it on a 2011, have to double check. But for this you'd have to change all springs and shocks (potentially expensive) Or you could go aftermarket, there are a few options. some owners state side have decided on the RR-Racing coilover setup. Others have gone swift springs with a damper but can't remember which damper they used. Popular Spring rates are 16k front, 12k rear if my memory serves me right. Tein is mentioned and I think maybe BC. But same again you'd have to change all 4 corners (Prices vary)
  15. Hi guys, Reviving an old thread. The headlights on my 2008 ISF are going past there best, they've slightly yellowed and have a tiny bit of moisture in them. I can restore the yellow to some degree with a 3M restoration kit and drill a tiny hole to solve the slight moisture issue, but to me they are temporary fixes to prolong there life until they're eventually changed. I've been looking at doing the swap to the facelift headlights with the DRL's, and I as wondering if anyone has had a good look at the 2008 and facelift headlights. Someone on the Club Lexus forum mentioned it would be possible with relative ease, to swap over the AFS mechanism into the facelift headlights, in order to retain AFS functionality and have the LED DRL's. Does anyone think this is doable easily ? I haven't seen a facelift headlight in person to compare to mine and rear images of the lights are hens teeth to find.
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