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  1. Badger1966

    P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Wow that's grim. At least you now know the problem!
  2. Badger1966

    P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Nice one, although shame about the blocked injector. Good luck!
  3. Ah, oh well. May be worth trying the cleaning option first. Or just sell it and buy the IS250 lol
  4. Grim, well it may be worth while trying to get it cleaned, although I have read it has varying success. Maybe worth having a word with these guys I have read on various forums good things about them.
  5. My smoking was put down to the air fuel ratio sensor intermittently faulty. It cut power to the MAF sensor and so the ecu injected more fuel, hence the smoke. They only found the problem after an hour and a half live test. Good luck
  6. Please tell me your not going to spend £3500. You may as well sell it for what you can and buy an IS250. Or try the suggested wiring fix
  7. Lexus know all about it, but as the cars are now out of warranty they wont do anything. This engine is a known problem, I guess thats why we don't see it in any other Lexus. And has anyone actually got Lexus to do a live test? Thats the only thing that found my air fuel ratio sensor to be faulty. And also, have you coded the replacement injectors to the ECU?
  8. Hi, I guess it's the lambda sensor, Lexus call it the air fuel ratio sensor. Quite expensive though compared to other lambda sensors! And it wont do any harm to change the MAF. Good luck.
  9. Try getting Lexus to put it on a live test and see if the air fuel ratio sensor is faulty, or intermittently faulty. It was causing problems on mine and was cutting power to the MAF sensor. This was causing it to overfuel and smoke.
  10. Hi hush33 My white smoke problem was put down to the "air fuel ratio sensor" in the exhaust. It intermittently cut power to the MAF and so it injected more fuel. Mine only did the smole thing in winter, or should I say below approx 8 degrees. I no longer have the car so I can't say for sure it fixed it. But it did fix it while on a live test at Lexus. Originally the cars engine tone changed and it also put out a puff of smoke, after the new sensor was fitted it no longer had the symptoms, do I assume a fix. It's not a cheap part, over £300 from memory fitted at Lexus, and of course the hour and a half live test to diagnose the problem. But I have to say, Lexus Bristol were awesome despite not being able to diagnose why my car had a P0093 fault. Although I fixed that myself, lol
  11. Badger1966

    P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Lol, I actually just sold it, guy was so happy with the car he just drove it away, didn't even test drive it! Call me stupid, but I just went back to diesel, needed something with a big boot so I brought an audi allroad 2.5. and loving it :-) Well, until it goes wrong! LOL
  12. Badger1966

    P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Awesome! It passed the MOT And I must say its going very well indeed! Engine feels better than I can ever remember Any one wanna buy an IS220 ? Lol
  13. Badger1966

    P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Well I have done it at last! Have had to much else going on. But all done now. Took me a while to figure out the number sequence, but all good. MOT this afternoon, wish me luck.
  14. Badger1966

    P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Awesome, any chance you could let me know how you did the programming? I have the TIS thing
  15. Hi, interesting theory. I have read somewhere else the same thing and it was a wiring fault from memory. I also posted pics from my techstream, they are on the first page of my post. See what you think. Although all readings were when the car was stationary but I guess it's also showing stored data from when I was driving. Would be interested to get your feedback.