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  1. Farqui

    Future ES with BMW engine?

    I believe the Toyota version has various revisions over the BMW version, which should benefit their models in the long term.
  2. Bob, I would have been as shocked as you if I got that reaction and can understand why you feel stunned. My family reacted quite differently when I got my Lexus, they were pleased. I think the replies have covered all the angles and that you should be proud in your purchase. It's not your fault if they perceive you as the black sheep, instead perhaps they should review how odd they are reacting. While they sort themselves out, enjoy your Lexus.
  3. Welcome to the forum and I'm glad that your RX is performing well in your part of the world. Thanks for the pics, it looks like you've found yourself a nice family wagon. Enjoy.
  4. I can understand why you like your Lexus, I owned a Honda before and haven't looked back. Thanks for the pics, you've a fine looking car there [emoji106] Enjoy.
  5. On the whole hybrids can be serviced without specialist knowledge. If you have any concerns then theres a very knowledgeable indi just up the road from you http://www.lex-tekautos.com
  6. Sorry to hear that Richard, did mrsR enjoy the RX?
  7. Farqui

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    The short term trims appear to working as expected, which suggests that the o2 sensors are good. I can't see any exhaust leaks but it's really tight up at the manifold and the top o2/afr sensor. I disconnected the battery for a few minutes which reset the long term fuel trims and then logged a test drive (logging more sensors). After a few minutes to settle it confirmed that bank 2 is still adding a bit more fuel but less so now, dropped 3% on average. I was also able to see the LTFT bank 2 dropped significantly on WOT, which wasn't as obvious before. This type of drop in over fuelling suggests a vacuum leak, so I've ordered a new inlet/surge gasket. Reading up online at Toyota v6 issues, a vac issue maybe caused by a duff PCV - which was recently replaced. I have a decent trip at the weekend, so will see how the long term trims settle down after a few miles/hours.
  8. Farqui

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    Crumbs, you don't hang about!
  9. Farqui

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    I had a brief drive at lunchtime and logged fuel trims via Torque, not something I've tried before. I see bank 2 long term fuel trim is on average 7.4% higher than bank 1. LTFT bank 2 max'd at 16.4% vs 9.4% for bank 1. 20% seems to be the limit where a CEL will be thrown. LTFT bank 2 averaged 9.1% vs 1.7% for bank 1. LTFT bank 2 min'd at 9.1% vs -.8 for bank 1. So bank 2 is adding more fuel, to account for a lean condition, which suggests an issue on just bank 2 right? More fuel is being added so maybe a vacuum leak, an exhaust leak, bad o2 sensor? Curiously the short term fuel trims were very similar on both banks. I need to do a few more tests and add more sensors as I didn't get any o2 voltage readings with this set...so I can't see if a sensor is misbehaving. I didn't track both upper and lower exhaust sensors either. Would appreciate some input from someone more familiar with fuel trim readings and sensor testing.
  10. Farqui

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    I've cleaned the ambient air temp sensor above very gently with a cotton bud and the actual airflow sensors tucked up inside look pretty clean.
  11. Thanks for the guidance, I haven't tracked fuel trims before but have set-up torque to log these and temps/loads so will be interested to see the results.
  12. Thanks! Refreshing the PCV valve was a simple maintenance task and led to me fitting an air/oil separator so I can get some insight into the condition of the engine. Oh yes I do enjoy a good DI flush of the valves The can I have is available a little cheaper now; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Car-Racing-Baffled-3-Port-Oil-Catch-Can-Tank-Air-Oil-Separator-Black/382718012049?hash=item591bc56a91 I blanked one of the ports and used heavy duty hoses than do not collapse under a vacuum (beware of some of the softer silicone hoses as they can collapse). The can isn't very big and over 2-3k miles has only filled up with 20mm of oil/condensate over the colder months. For comparison, in the summer over 5k miles I only accumulated 8mm of mostly oil. I don't use my car daily tho so if used regularly then you may need to empty the can more frequently or acquire a bigger unit.
  13. Farqui


    I do stop them, rarely do they pull out a torque wrench to nip up the wheels without first being prompted. I've found a few that do torque properly tho, so they aren't all bad.
  14. Farqui

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    Hurrah, I managed to replace the NS bank of plugs today. The beefy wiring harness running down that side makes that bank much more difficult than the OS. The leading edge of my MAF is very dirty tho, it doesn't clean up either so I may get a replacement ordered.