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  1. It's true that the HHC has been extended to 15 years and is completely independent of Lexus servicing. Mine is 11 years old and I just had mine checked. However I suspect that if your traction battery is busted when you have the check done, that Lexus will not then cover the cost of any repairs. But they would if the traction battery failure was within 1 year of the HHC being passed. Good luck getting your issue resolved Malcolm, I hope it's as simple/cheap as a new 12v battery.
  2. Very cool, well found Richard. I'd love an engine table but mrsF ain't as keen [emoji3525]
  3. Hi Pat, also check here; https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/handles-10791/lexus/is Sourcing from a dealer will be expensive, that's a given. The older IS handle looks to be an easy job to replace (linked below) and if you're lucky then maybe there is some cross over here to your version? I haven't done an extensive web search for your particular model so grab a coffee and see what you can find. Good luck.
  4. Is the larger figure the load space with the seats down? I've found that some sites list both seat up and down figures whereas some reviews only one set of figures, which then makes direct comparisons tricky.
  5. Images 5, 6 and 7 are the pcv valve, follow that hose to the back of the air box. I also have a blanked plug like yours and a pcv feed to the air box.
  6. Can we see pic's of your car in the area highlighted. Just under the highlighted area, on the back of the cam cover should be a valve with a hose that should snake off around/into the back of the inlet collector doohickey. Here's a good thread with plenty of pic's for the info requested https://www.my.is/forums/f139/is250-carbon-build-up-fix-451746/#post6777450
  7. Well found, that's new to me too. The ad says it has even more extras than the LS, really?
  8. These freebies should keep me going [emoji39]
  9. Thanks Andrew, so do I. Yesterday I flushed again and left the solution (Holts this time) soaking while working the fence. Flushing before and after pulled bits out of the matrix [emoji1] but there was no change to the passenger heat [emoji3525] As gunk is still coming out during the initial flushes then it may just need several attempts. Maybe there are better cleaning solutions than Winns, Holts - has anyone tried vinegar/other? I don't want to eat thru the matrix tho!!! I've had the car 2 years and passenger heat has been low and I have no idea how long it's been compromised. So the matrix may have been clogged for years. I just hope I can shift it...
  10. No problem @Vlady, Lexus Lincoln didn't accept to the LOC discount card either and gave me a similar story.
  11. The power steering is electric and after alignment or battery disconnect you should get the sensors reset. I've had the 12v battery disconnected several times without adversely affecting steering but since 4 wheel alignment the steering wheel had tugged a little on turns, across camber. All sorted now tho. While over in Sheffield I dropped into Lexus for a hybrid health check, at 115k miles and 11 years old. She passed and the traction battery now has another years warranty [emoji41]
  12. Just had the steering reset at Lex-Tek (Sheffield). Since having 4 alignment done last year the steering has wriggled a bit but now it's much better/neutral. He also checked over the poor passenger heat and all the servos seem okay. He thought it might be due to low AC but that's good and cold. So he's suggested a few more matrix flushes to shift any blockages. But if they don't work then it'll be a 2 day dash out job [emoji3525]
  13. Hi Alex, those threads look like they've had an aftermarket gear knob installed with grub screws chewing up the thread 😞 Is your tap the correct pitch? To be honest for £25 (eBay) I would just replace the gear stick, which should be an easy job with just a few securing bolts under the gaitor. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  14. Welcome to the forum, your GS looks great. How are you getting along with it?