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  1. Hi Chris, what's your budget? As you've an RX, does it need to be high lift? A few years back I had several smaller/high street jacks fail after a few uses when just out of warranty. So I bit the bullet and bought a big, heavy, stable, 3 tonne, low profile, quick lift jack from SGS that's been great and gets plenty of regular use, reference https://www.sgs-engineering.com/garage-equipment/trolley-jacks/capacity/3-ton
  2. Hi Malcolm, Welcome to the forum. The GS300 has rear brake hold adjustment inside the rear disk bell/drum, so should be an easy fix. Guide here; I would think that tyre shops should be able to sort out your TPMS woes. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  3. Farqui

    Odd Rev Issue High Rev when low speed

    Well spotted John @Britprius
  4. Farqui

    Odd Rev Issue High Rev when low speed

    The CT does have an EGR valve, ref; http://australiancar.reviews/2ZR-FXE-engine.php
  5. Farqui

    My IS300h thread

    Nice upgrade and write up there Jason. How does the 300h compare to the Prius?
  6. It's odd that you'd compare on vehicle to another in such a way, especially when the recommended figures are right there. There are lots of differences between vehicles e.g. consider the different wheels and tyre sizes, etc. I see you are comparing to a BMW, does your Lexus have indicators?!
  7. Farqui

    New GS430 owner - help sourcing parts

    Hi Krish, welcome to the forum. We'd love to see some pic's of your new ride, so any chance you could get some online for us? Sourcing Lexus parts is more troublesome that other makes/models but try looking up the part number first and take your searches from there. 7zap.com is a good resource, or Rock Auto often list alternate part's, etc. Will you fit the parts yourself? If not, then try looking up some local independent garages as they should be able to source parts. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  8. A good result, at least for the time being. Or do residents now have the charge waivered beyond the next few years?
  9. Farqui

    IS got side swiped!

    Oh no, from the pic's it looks like you're caught the offender tho right? I hope the damage to your car is sorted with minimal fuss.
  10. Farqui

    Just saying Hi

    Well done. Enjoy your new ride
  11. The Crown strut spacers fit [emoji4] ...the bolt pattern is the same [emoji6]
  12. Farqui


    Good point, when did dash mounted low pad warning lights become standard?