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  1. Hey Neil, RockAuto have just 1 rear damper option and only 1 is available which isn't great as you'll ideally be replacing both/in pairs 😞 Good luck shopping around. Cheers, Lee
  2. Thanks, I've never heard of Start Rescue so this thread could potentially be an eye opener to a few folks. We used to use one of the big 2 recovery companies for years but their prices gradually increased year on year, despite no calls. Come renewal time, I would call and enquire why the price increase was so high? and they would instantly discount it until a few years ago, so we moved on. We've since been with Flux Rescue who also offer EU recovery without a significant price increase. I've used them once (in the UK) and have no issues with their service and enjoy the significant annual saving.
  3. Is it just me, or you also find MOT history's a great read ? Your leggy Swede seem to like tyres and ball joints/bushes - not surprising given she's a big gal 🤪
  4. Well done Richard, that's a smart looking motor 👍 and VERY practical. I've been tempted by a long legged Swede a few times before (ahem) and it looks like you've grabbed yourself yet another bargain
  5. Farqui


    Hi Neville, the detachable RX tow balls seem to pop on eBay fairly regularly. Is this any good ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-Rx450h-detachable-Towbar-Genuine/114286567115 Welcome to Lexus ownership, how are you finding the RX ?
  6. @Vlady sure it's a tricky plug to change but it's not impossible and £90+ is just silly to change one plug. If you've done the other 5 then get back on to #6 and sort it. I can't recall needing any special tools to get it out #correction: you will need a long allen key to get one of the manifold bolts out (or an extension). The coil pack was tight against wiring, which needed easing loose to get just enough clearance.
  7. Good eh Brian, I've found the same with RockAuto/Fedex vs our local dealer.
  8. An indi list is being compiled by John, see here and you may find one local to you
  9. https://lexus.7zap.com/en/jp/lexus+gs/334110/gws191-bexqh/1/1104/114128g/#15678E
  10. Joe, they are both at the front of the engine on the outside of each cylinder head. Locate the vvt solenoids and work out/down to the hard oil feed pipe with a large center bolt. This bolt is hollow and houses a filter. More info here (for an RX but gives you an idea) https://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-1st-gen-1999-2003/662865-vvt-solenoid-ocv-replacement-diy.html#post7575578