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  1. Putting the US slant aside the car is quite a surprise. Well done flagging it here [emoji106] I see he's just done a follow up vid on the old Lexus too.
  2. So the bigger IS350 calipers also clear the OEM IS300 alloys?
  3. LS430 Tyres

    Wow they were cheap, well found. I've never heard of the make, are they a budget product from one of the big players? I see they are rated B for both fuel and wet weather categories, 72dB is a bit high tho. Do you know what noise rating were your old tyres were?
  4. I've used the Will They Fit online facility before and while it checked overall wheel diameter/speedo and wheel/tyre placement from the center line of the vehicle/strut clearance I don't recall it covering caliper clearance. Do any of the other online 'checkers' cover this?
  5. If you're worried about the water pump before buying a car, then maybe you should shake in your boots...as it has 2 pumps! (being a hybrid). [emoji23]
  6. Dang, so it's in the fine print. Well spotted. I have seen it if it were shown in pictures! Hehe Should be easier to see on my PC, later #specsavers
  7. No mention of engine removal here http://workshop-manuals.com/lexus/rx_450h_fwd/v6-3.5l_(2gr-fxe)_hybrid/engine_cooling_and_exhaust/cooling_system/auxiliary_water_pump/component_information/locations/ *link updated* Kinda struggling to find info from my phone tho.
  8. £1,200 to £1,800 is surely dealer pricing and much higher than an indi would charge. Or DIY as the parts are cheap, see the Rock Auto site, etc
  9. Auto wipers and snow

    Be very careful leaving auto wipers ON in winter as some vehicles are known blow ECU's not just fuses. Which is bonkers as the fuses should protect the electronics.
  10. What a good colour combo and it looks to be in great condition too. Well done and enjoy.
  11. Good reactions!
  12. Servicing plans; https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/support/maintenance-plans