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  1. The more expensive the vehicle then the higher the value of the % depreciation you loose just by driving it off the forecourt. Generally speaking vehicles can loose up to 40% of the value in the first 12 months, it varies across different makes/models. Personally that's too big a chunk of change that I couldn't justify 'loosing' these days.
  2. Check the dimensions, these are waaay bigger than a Halfrauds 2 tonne jack.
  3. Check SGS, I have one of their 3 tonne jacks and it's by far the most stable jack I've ever used - it's a beast. I really like the quick lift and dual piston set-up. I've used mine quite a bit over a few years now and it's still going strong. Something along these lines should sort you out; https://www.sgs-engineering.com/tj3lp-low-profile-garage-trolley-jack?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9JzoBRDjARIsAGcdIDXILHHlZR9EXeqyO0DlD5PzCxg0-W2cFJ3UH5Qnxl9nqS4qgrYLgn8aAlgvEALw_wcB
  4. Maybe give these chaps a call? - they aren't too far from you. https://www.watling-towbars.co.uk/unusual_requests.html I almost used them but eventually bought an OEM bar and fitted it myself.
  5. Wow that's low and look at the size of the wheels! Are there any tyres on there at all?!
  6. Crumbs, all those rivets/screws must have taken sometime That's a given, as it's not a Saab Richard 😉
  7. Take a look here for location and pic and here
  8. Hi James, the GS450h has been good to me over the past couple of years and returns 35mpg on average (tank-tank calc's). Best tank I've seen was just over 40mpg average and worse ever was 30.5mpg. I only drove an IS diesel briefly and the GS rides very nicely and goes like stink in comparison. The hybrid function works really well and can get the average mpg up if the conditions are suitable. Road tax is £240pa.
  9. Here's another RC-F rebuild video series that just starting. Once again with front end damage, becoming a common theme...
  10. @GolfMk1Vr6, yes the Hybrid Healthcheck has recently been extended to 15 years and does cover the mk3 GS. My vehicle missed a years check when it popped over the then 10 year limit but the local dealer confirmed it was still valid to continue. The traction battery can also be repaired by independent specialist s much cheaper than dealer prices. I've had my GS450h for just over 2 years and it's been a great car, comfy, reliable, powerful and is a real sleeper. The dampers are known to be weak but I've found that my local dealer blatantly lied about leaking shocks which I knew were bone dry. They were also inspected by a local engineer, have since passed 2 MOT's without issue and drive just fine. So take dealer reports with a pinch of salt. For the record my car has had some shocks replaced under previous owners (were they needed?) and the vehicle is now approaching 120k miles. As the mk3's are getting on a bit now, the exhausts often blow but the car still runs quiet. I had the rear and middle section replaced with a stainless custom set-up for a fraction of the OEM cost (which isn't stainless). I thought APSSS was a rare option and is a pricey to repair, my local indi recounted a few costly stories to me over a brew. The mk3 GS boot is small but works well for the two of us. When we trip to the continent we pop on a back box which then easily accommodates 4 folks with their luggage. I find that the hybrid set-up and CVT work well together and means that neither the engine nor motors are particularly stressed, which I hope bodes well in the long run. If you have any other questions then fire away.
  11. Yikes...sorry to read this 'news' Vlad, not good. I hope that you get it sorted quickly and with minimum fuss.