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  1. Farqui

    Lexus Lincoln

    I should add that all my dampers were fine and still are over a year later. Their numerous excuses were laughable.
  2. Farqui

    Lexus Lincoln

    Good luck. See if they hit you with a quote to replace all your dampers.
  3. Farqui

    Hello from Finland!

    They're great, thank you.
  4. Farqui

    Hello from Finland!

    I've been browsing eBay and your alloys look like GS300's. Could you take/upload a pic of the front caliper clearance?
  5. Crumbs what a run around you've been through, all because folks are fearful of Hybrid's. Although better to safe than sorry I suppose. At this point I wouldn't worry about the odd electronics, the cars are reliant on a solid power source and yours is appears to be far from that at the moment. Get a replacement battery ordered and fitted ASAP.
  6. Farqui

    Hello from Finland!

    According to the brochure the tri-spoke 18"s are the standard alloys for the GS450H, these; I'd like a spare set of alloys as mine could do with some TLC.
  7. Farqui

    Hello from Finland!

    Welcome to the forum Sami, that's a fine looking GS. Have the alloys been changed?
  8. I'm glad to hear that Lex-Tec are keeping busy and 'did you proud' :) Dave offers a great service and has years of dealer experience.
  9. Ah, I didn't realise it had blinds...another 'toy' to add to the list Congrats on the wedding and house move, they're both mighty time consuming! The only way to top that is a 'Grand Designs' build and to get prega's
  10. Well done Shahpor, it looks like you've snagged yourself a very clean GS - it looks great and seems to have plenty of toys Has it got tinted rear windows? Do try and go steady until you get used to the quiet speed, when I first got mine it wasn't long before I got a ticket. I wasn't racing the disconnect from gears, engine noise and EV soon had me over a town limit without realising it - which really annoyed me as I make a point of sticking within the limits especially within urban areas. I found the gearbox operation odd at first too, it's not like anything I'd experienced before. But after a while I soon adapted and now I find that 90% of the time it's great. With so much power on tap full chat blasts are short lived (for me) so the high engine rpm doesn't become intrusive for me anymore. I do like the instant kick though, it's a real sleeper and often surprises folk when you decide to stab the gas. What's the boot like in yours? - any chance of a pic? How are the brakes? Mine were pretty tired but since refreshing them the anchors are quite impressive for a big motor, a car of your should be to top-notch. Do you have any trips planned? Meanwhile enjoy your new-to-you sleeper
  11. Farqui

    IS250 SE - Help with Exhaust upgrade.

    Hi Dan, that's a good looking car and I'm glad you are enjoying it. I know exactly what you mean about the stock exhaust. Mine was rotten so Tony Banks in Leeds made up a replacement that works well, is well made, has just enough of a note not to drone and didn't cost the earth. You tell him what you want and leave him to it for the afternoon/day. I've some pics in my build thread ;)
  12. The sealant looks professional and like others i've seen, so i'd say its OEM. It came with a black plastic cover right?
  13. What interior temps were set? Were you running dual cabin temps? My passenger vents tend to blow colder than the drivers at the same temps up to about 23c. Beyond that the passenger then gets warm/hot, which os higher than the drivers side. I have checked all the heater servos and heater box controls all work as expected. My indi did suggest that mismatched heater outputs could indicate that the AC may need a recharge. I haven't followed up on this as the AC works really well.
  14. Hi Martin, my GS had the same judder when I picked it up and I also initially presumed it was warped disks. However after an MOT the judder was gone and I can only presume that the brake test cleaned up the rotors and removed any deposits that build up through low use and the hybrid brakes doing most of the work. As the car is automatic it also sits stationary on the brakes for a while which I think contributes to the build up on pad material on the disk. Periodic spirited use of the brakes resolves the juddering for me, as suggested by others - so is definitely worth a try. I've since changed the disks/pads all round (my rears where in a shocking state) and the judder still returns from time to time. So you shouldn't get yourself new disk/pads without first trying some 'Italian tune up' tactics. I want to test how the various modes affect the hydraulic brakes as I'm sure Sport uses the electric motors more vigorously, which means the disks get less of a work out. What tyres and tyre pressures are you running? In the firm Sport setting I've found that a few psi lower results in a better/less crashy ride, i think i may be at 28psi now but I need to double check this. Loosing tyre pressure could be an issue with the bead seating against the rim or be a leaky valve, the TPMS valves aren't nipped up very much. Throw on some soapy water and take a close look at the valve/rim for any leaks. Although if it's a really slow leak, then you may not see any bubbles for a while...
  15. Farqui

    Rear end lower on one side

    I had a similar issue on my GS although both my rears were lower, just one slightly more than the other. Both my rear springs were intact and neither I nor my indi could find anything obviously worn. So I suspect my springs are just tired and could do with replacing at some point. I wasn't keen on replacing the springs to find no change so I added spacers to the springs which worked out cheaper too