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  1. Have you tried RockAuto in the states? I've ordered many parts from them and they deliver quickly with reasonable parts prices.
  2. Checkout those toys! Very nice. Hehe, it almost looks like your radiator took a liking to bubble gum! Will be interested to hear what you think of Toyotek as they're not far from me.
  3. Hi Sam, that's a great story and I hope that the LS turns out to be everything you hoped it would be. Well done taking the plunge, with these larger vehicles they seem to be very well built so I'd like to think that you haven't taken on a big risk. I do like your model, it looks very clean. Do you have any pic's of the interior? From your profile I see that you are based in Warwickshire and I'm keen to know why you chose Toyotek over her in Lincoln? Let us know how the garage work pans out. Good luck, Lee
  4. Farqui

    Toyota crown

    John, why'd you wish that you'd gone for a saloon? - ah, i now see your later reply (pref boxy shape). Sorry to hear that the mrs isn't keen on it, might she come round?
  5. I echo the above comments and have no issues with my hardwiring or working on our vehicles. Beware using dashcams on the continent and do not presume they are legal everywhere. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1059383/Dash-cam-fine-abroad-Europe-fine-jail-prison
  6. Shop around, there are plenty of good dashcam's around as I suspect the Lexus offering isn't cheap.
  7. Hi Terry, my dashcam (Thinkware F770) records the entire journey in segments like yours. The length of the recording/journey is determined by the size of the dashcam storage card, so I suspect you just need a bigger card. My camera will record accidents in a separate area, along with any manual records I choose to save.
  8. Wow, what a great job [emoji106]
  9. Hey Mark, well done with the front bumper swap - a subtle change but quite a number of parts were involved. Looks smart Cheers, Lee
  10. What is the coolant level on the hybrid cooling reservoir ? Has the hybrid coolant been changed recently ? Any coolant leaks ?
  11. After a few miles my ears have now stopped hearing the tyre drone and I'm firmly enjoying the silent waft again Isn't it weird how you gradually get familiar with something and then when it suddenly stops, it sounds/feels so odd. Smooth, round tyres for the win!
  12. For reference Rockauto, Autodoc, etc have the GS hub assemblies listed cheaper than OEM.
  13. Yes, vehicles in that price range are getting older now so will more than likely have a few faults. The trick is finding one that's right for you and your wallet. Good luck.
  14. John, fair point for a sold hub where the bearing is pressed out/in but the GS comes as a sub assembly with ABS sensor/etc that's then mounted to the upright. Although these sub assemblies are meant to be replaced as a whole, I can image that it could well be dissembled and just the bearing replaced.