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  1. Daily Drive

    @Wellsey Thanks for sharing your experience. I am keep searching for an ISF within my budget everyday on autotrader and ebay and pistonheads. As heard from you, the F is a bit thirsty on fuel, I have expected that too haha as when I was driving my IS250 it gave me like one week plus few days more from a full tank, so I expect the ISF will be as thirsty as the IS250 V6 or even more thirsty... Apart from the fuel, everything is fun ??? haha How much you bought yours and whats the mileage around ? I saw one in silver on autotrader which is a good price
  2. Daily Drive

    @Wellsey It's good to hear that you are doing daily drive to your F. How you think when daily driving on an ISF ? Is she easy to manage on everything, such as fuel, maintenance and the ride so far ??? Thanks for your advice.
  3. Daily Drive

    @Big Rat Thanks mate :) I will update to my search and purchase here soon !! All the best with your ride ;)
  4. Daily Drive

    Thank you to all of you helping me with useful advice for me to consider on getting a car with unforgettable experiences once on hand. I will keep looking at autotrader and see any good example with all stock parts and in good condition. Probably I will get one by September. One more thing is that what insurance company you guys are using ? As I am just 23 and I have quoted with £3k to £4k on confused, any other companies you guys recommend with cheap and good and reliable ? Thanks :)
  5. Daily Drive

    Just another question coming up in my mind, will it be difficult to drive an ISF due to its powerful engine changing from hybrid engine or a V6 ? I saw a video on YouTube mentioned that it skids sometime when put too much on gas pedal 😅
  6. Daily Drive

    @Big Rat I think I gonna take one in Black or silver, as other colours seem to be expensive and out of my budget. Searching for one with full of Lexus service history and with good condition that will be aim in these few weeks on search. After all your advice, its mileage is not a main concern on purchasing the ISF. :) Would it be better for getting full stock one for better performance and economical haha :D some on autotrader from the lexus dealers I have been looking on it, anyone knows if they are nice and in good condition and stock ??? Those in black I am mentioning... Thanks everyone ;)
  7. Daily Drive

    @Big Rat I saw two black ISFs from Lexus Bristol and Lexus Birmingham on autotrader and also a silver one, do they look nice quality and fair price with its mileage and condition? I keep thinking in my mind considering on its mileage, is it I don't have to care about the mileage as it is not an issue to ISF? Also, still struggling on between a silver or a black to be considered. What pros and cons for the ISF ? Anything I need to consider before getting one of it ? Thanks for helping me ;)
  8. Daily Drive

    Thanks @Big Rat :) My budget getting an ISF will be within £20,000, probably around £18k. Would it be fair getting one with around 80k-90k miles 2008 ISF in this price range ? Also, I want to know more about how thirsty to this beast if I do it in daily drive. Would it be similar to an IS250 with its V6 ? Thanks for helping me to answer my questions in my mind.
  9. Daily Drive

    If the F could be up to daily driving, how many days around it will go off from full ? Actually, how's the pros and cons owning an ISF ? If I gonna get one, what I have to be careful on when checking the car in a test drive ? I looked up and some people said the waterpump was an issue to 2008 model, how I can know if the car has the waterpump issue ? Sorry to bother you all, and thanks for all your help :)
  10. Daily Drive

    Thanks for all your advice. I drove an IS250 2005 before with its V6 power, been enjoying it, having fun until a drunk driver crashed on mine and being written off two years ago, that'w why I now got an IS300h fsport after the crash. It was a big change from a manual to a auto CVT, felt bored but bargain to its fuel efficiency and silence. Once in sport mode, it could give a feeling of sporty and aggressive, plus the active sound system brings you the engine sound but just for fun as no one can hear that. After 2 years of peaceful driving, I want to get back to some beast feels. The IS300h fsport exterior can catch eyes from people around but it's a hybrid and it can't do anything. These few weeks, I have been searching online and thinking of between a Honda civic fk2 type-r or a Lexus ISF. Turns out getting an ISF will be a better option with its price tag on autotrader and its big engine to be. Daily driving in my previous IS250, I used to spend a full tank for a week or few more days extra. How about the F ? Will it be similar to the IS250 that could use a full tank for a week or some extra days ? Or it could just spend the whole tank in few days like an Audi TT ? Will it be an issue getting an ISF with more than 80k mileage ?
  11. I am currently driving a IS300h FSport white for 2 years, thinking of moving to a true F badge life with the ISF. One thing getting my mind behind is that as I am a daily driver, will it be not worth to get a ISF due to its maintenance cost and fuel ? Any idea to it? Please give me some advice. Thanks :)
  12. Here you are with the teasers for the facelift IS ~~~
  13. Installing door speaker

    Yea I agree what you said :) what I experience now is that there are sound at the rear cabin but most from the foot speaker, and once passengers sitting behind, all they hear mostly from the front and a bit of under, no sound coming out from the door handle and no sound coming out at the middle range of rear cabin. That's why I want to fit a pair in and have better sound performance to rear cabin
  14. Installing door speaker

    What I mean is that the standard speaker doesn't have the speaker near the door handle leading to less sound hear from rear cabin.
  15. I am just wondering if you guys have thought that the standard gracenote speaker has one bad experience to rear passenger, there are no door speakers..... I have tuned the position to be a bit rear but still there are lack of sound for rear cabin, anyone has installed the door speaker and any advices ??? Thanks :)