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  1. If you have no speedbumps / minimal potholes then 18" would give excellent handling, I find 17" nice handling with a bit of give for speedbumps etc.
  2. Yep, I paid £9.46, £10.21 A week earlier they were on offer and only about £7 tho... :(
  3. I ordered: 485778226 485778206 And they were the right ones - I measured with a measuring tape first :)
  4. Captain Fizz

    Is250 Seat

    Hello folks, Looking for a new PC chair as mine is about 14 years old and quite tatty. (Comfy tho!) After having the cooled seats on the Lexus, I think I may have found my new PC chair. Ofc I would prefer to be able to have passengers in the car which has led me to try to find a 2nd hand leather seat for a Lexus. Not that common. Anyone know where I could find one? May ask the local scrappy although not common cars up here. Or other cars that have cooled seats / a fan. Thanks, Ian
  5. Yep - Whatever I last had it at, comes on even as engine starts. AC setting the same, temp the same... Sounds as if yours is losing all power / resetting each off.
  6. Mine turns on instantly. I think there must be a fault? Sounds like it is going completely off every time the ignition goes off - An electrical fault?
  7. With a car there are so many surfaces for reflections + road noise... On cheaper cars yep, maybe speakers + head unit but on the Lexus, standard is fine for me. Sofa for when at home :D May look at a DAC but for now, Soundcard that can do high definition (and diff soundcard for headphones) does me well.
  8. Er, I don't have the nav unit - And use CDBurnerXP for all burning needs. So no idea about the DVD's One thing, Car CD players are not as good as PC ones, I always burn CD's for the car (MP3 or audio) at a much lower speed than full. On the Ford Focus it needed to be burned at 4x or it would skip... This one seems to be better and can burn at 16x or over (not tried faster). Basically the slower you burn the CD the more accurate it is. (Actually 1~2x speed is actually more inaccurate but for simplicity's sake, not at max) It only takes a few mins per CD anyway :)
  9. One thing to note. Had an odd issue with the car - Lots of electronics not working from time to time. Happened about 3 times. Unplugged the Bluetooth ODB reader - Never happened again! So IMHO, don't leave them in all the time :)
  10. Note, ODB will only get half the info as Toyota use their own CAMBUS. Same with a few car makes. I use a el-cheapo one from fleabay which tells me nothing is wrong apart from a sensor. Really should note down which one it is >.>
  11. To expand on that (if I may)... Summer tyres have a rubber compound that gets significantly harder once the temperature is below 7°C. (Significantly in the scientific sense, not observable other than via braking distances) Most grip is due to the tyre moulding itself around the roughness/imperfections of the road surface, if the tyre hardens, less grip is a result. An extreme example - Black Ice is an almost perfectly smooth surface, which tends to have next to no grip. (near 0 friction coefficient). There are no imperfections / roughness for the tyre to catch on / deform round. Winter (or all-season) tyres remain soft down to... Um... Much less than 7°C. (No idea :D) So if the temps are below 7°C during your commute / main driving times, that is when a winter/all season tyre would provide higher grip / safety irrespective of snow. Thanks for the explanation Jamie, I just thought cross-ply / radial etc also affected tram lining to a lesser extent.
  12. Welcome. :) Agree with the comfortable as a partner for the fast car. Bit more relaxed ^.^
  13. Welcome :) That's low mileage! No idea on boot space comparison but agree with the no rattles, first car that has had none.