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  1. It was about cars then, used to really enjoy it. Vividly remember the glass of water on the engine ! It's become an entertainment programme for Sun readers with a central theme based around cars. Nothing to do with cars any more.
  2. I started at the dashcam and worked downwards. Your way might leave insufficient cable when you reach the dashcam. That would be a right bummer !
  3. Do a full tank to full tank manual calculation. It may be the electronics playing up.
  4. That's when they roll up into a prickly ball.
  5. As I said, I'm no expert. May be an opportunity for someone here. Didn't want Lexus guys to miss at least taking a look.
  6. This is nothing to do with me, but felt it was worthy of linking. I haven't a clue whether the price is good, but the car looks mint.
  7. IIRC there is a button below the steering wheel to the right where you can select Trip A/Trip B/Odo. May be incorrect, long time since I've used it.
  8. It's probably to do with the cooler temperatures. My RX drops from 35mpg in the summer to 30mpg ish in the winter.
  9. Google "Cross Tyres & Auto". They're in Crosshands about 60 miles from Cardiff. I've known Stuart a long time, don't expect a price like mine, but he'll slaughter the Lexus price I'm certain. Let us know how you get on.
  10. Haven't a clue of the make and model, not on the paperwork either. I just dropped it off in the morning and Stuart called me to collect later in the day. Didn't have to re-set anything, as Herbs said they must have connected another 12v while they switched the batteries.
  11. I had my original battery replaced just a few months ago. My local independent did it for me £75 all inclusive with a 3 year guarantee. The new battery has a larger capacity than the one he removed. I've had a rapport with this guy for fifteen years and he looks after me.
  12. Great idea. I remember my Dad's cars having this control on the floor. I always have my left foot on the rest pedal, would be easy to incorporate a dip-switch on this.
  13. Many others will not have seen the previous post too, myself included. That's very interesting Stan, thanks for posting.
  14. Welcome John. Excellent choice of motor ! I don't envisage you having any problems. Had mine nearly two years now and its use has been 5 miles to and from work for 5 days with a fortnightly 40 miles round trip for a supermarket shop. Other than that, 3 or 4 longer trips each year visiting relatives. It hasn't missed a beat ! I too have a poorly back and I wouldn't drive anything else now. Enjoy your RX.