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  1. steveledzep

    Pay as you drive Insurance

    Many others will not have seen the previous post too, myself included. That's very interesting Stan, thanks for posting.
  2. Welcome John. Excellent choice of motor ! I don't envisage you having any problems. Had mine nearly two years now and its use has been 5 miles to and from work for 5 days with a fortnightly 40 miles round trip for a supermarket shop. Other than that, 3 or 4 longer trips each year visiting relatives. It hasn't missed a beat ! I too have a poorly back and I wouldn't drive anything else now. Enjoy your RX.
  3. And the registration plate adds 23 years
  4. That's why they're less expensive than the Pirellis.
  5. I put four Pirelli Scorpion Verde on mine last February. No complaints, although to be honest they've not really been tested yet ! Very quiet though.
  6. I'm pretty sure they don't. I bought an import Mitsubishi Pajero (Shogun) about 10 years ago, it was 12 years old then ! The underside was painted blue just as it had left the factory. Think that's why some of the Jap imports are popular.
  7. steveledzep

    RX 450h prices?

    Yes, I love mine too. Not sure what Paul means by "CVT howl" ? Could be a typo, as my CVT is noiseless. The characteristics of the transmission does mean that the engine revs hard when a brisk response is requested, also applies to steep uphill travel too. In particular the uphill revs, I don't feel that I'd have to rev so hard if I was in control with a manual gearbox. Had my RX nearly 2 years and I don't really notice these things much now. Just got used to it I suppose. There's no quieter motor when just wafting. How often do you boot it or climb a steep hill ?
  8. steveledzep


    In the majority of cars these days it's called "a slightly open window"
  9. I've seen it on eBay many times. Same seller too.
  10. I've had both in 2 ISs. They are both sufficiently good for listening to music in an environment of noise and poor acoustics. I'm very discerning about my HiFi at home, but in a car it just has to be good enough. You should be concentrating on driving anyway
  11. Mrs Ledzep is my parking assistant, but she's not available on video 😁.
  12. Tried that on my dashcam. Frustration rather than excitement. Went back to basics.....RTFM.....again !!
  13. No obvious red flags. If all is well, I'd be asking the seller to put a new mot on it.