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  1. Top Gear used to be about cars. I haven't watched it since then.
  2. I agree, 4 or 5 years for a battery. You don't need to take a hybrid for a drive to charge the battery. Just put it in "Ready" mode and leave it parked. It charges from the traction battery and the ICE kicks in when necessary to maintain the charge. Just watch it doesn't get nicked.
  3. I bought this over two years ago. It works a treat. I did the lamps again earlier this year, just to freshen them up really. I've still got over half of the tube left.
  4. I had a similar rattle from the boot area too Mike. When the roof is up, there's quite a lot of plastic within the boot area. I bought a pack of rubber door wedges from B&Q (other hardware stores are available) and I wedged them in between adjacent plastic mouldings to "firm up" the bits rattling. Worked for me and it will only cost you a couple of quid to try.
  5. Yes, I tighten my wheel nuts to 76lb/ft as per handbook. The locking ones I just do tight and firm as I'm not sure the key would cope with 76lb/ft. The difference in weight of the wheel nuts will be of negligible consequence as they are very close to the centre of the wheel. If they were located at the perimeter of the wheel the imbalance would be more noticable.
  6. I have a 2013 RX. It doesn't have a sunroof but does have roof rails.
  7. I'm not aware of battery savers, so I'd have used the same solution that Alan suggests. I can understand the concern about the crocodile clips shorting, so make sure the crocs are always on the battery terminals when connecting/disconnecting the OBD plug.
  8. No re-routing necessary, just attached the -ve to the post.
  9. No, I didn't maintain connection, just swapped them over. The failed battery had lost its charge on a few occasions. I bought a smart charger for future use and got one with flying leads that are permanently attached to the battery with a connection socket magically protruding from the boot floor. Saves dismantling everything when maintaining the battery.
  10. Wow, that looks really complicated. My PBD failed last December and I replaced the aux battery in January. Like you Vadim, my PBD didn't start working again until 3 months later in April. This resurrection of the PBD occurred after a lengthy dry spell of weather. This got me thinking and I noticed the roof rail mounting is immediately above the ecu and motor assembly. I can't say if it was damp affecting the ecu, but I removed the rail mounting bolts and used copious amounts of Plumbers Mate when refitting. It certainly won't do any harm and may just avoid failure from water ingress in the future.
  11. This is the one I bought Paul. It's slightly shorter than the undertray but the width is just fine. I had to pack the bracing bar by about 10mm because this battery is not quite as high as the original. It has worked faultlessly since fitting in January and my power tailgate has started working again.
  12. My attempt at a joke Barry. When I started driving with a MkI Escort, I could clean and reset the plugs and attend to the points with some wet&dry all inside quarter of an hour. It takes longer than that to work out where the plugs are these days. Poor starting was usually electrical, or with a manual choke it was easy to "flood the carburettor."
  13. Great entertainment. I'd worry about flooding the carburettor. 😉
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