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  1. steveledzep

    Picked this up today

    My first car was an Escort MkI 1100cc. Drove it home from work 25 miles one evening with no clutch, dead easy, super slick gearbox. Fond memories ! Over 40 years ago now 😱
  2. steveledzep

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    Good point. Linas is still with his 12 years old IS250.
  3. eBay. Plenty on there, do a search.
  4. steveledzep

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    I'll take Verbout's advice on this one and leave it to you and Linas to argue between yourselves. I clearly don't have enough experience.
  5. steveledzep

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    Of course reliability is a factor ! There are many factors contributing to a car's premium status. I agree with a lot of people here, the badge is the main factor in most people's perception of a premium vehicle. However, there are many premium badged models with unreliability built in. As George Orwell would say, " some are more premium than others ". The badge is not the be all and end all in my opinion, "premiumness" is model dependent too. Reliability is of paramount importance too. My RX will do for me 😊.
  6. Thank you for that. Think I'll go for something more vehicle specific if I can find it. Just trying to avoid the astronomic price asked by Lexus. Thanks again.
  7. Yes.....cavernous !! Got this in mine just a few weeks ago:
  8. Look good ! Do you have a link to the seller please, I'll see if they do them for the RX.
  9. I agree. You can't "partially" go through insurance.....not sure what you mean ? Let your insurance deal with it Linas, that's why you pay the premium.
  10. steveledzep

    Help Required (IS300H)

    Had illuminated sills on both my ISs, very nice, don't have them on my RX ☹️
  11. steveledzep

    Help Required (IS300H)

    The link itself is enough to put me off. Invites me to sign up via various google, facebook etc. before it'll let me view the product. Not for me on that basis alone.
  12. steveledzep

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    I'd phone the dealer Wayne.
  13. Well done on your purchase Jonathan. Personally, I wouldn't go for any of the three, just them trying to squeeze the last dollar I suspect. Most important thing is the 3 year warranty. GAP cover is more important on a newer car where initial depreciation is steep. Lexus Protect.....I'm sure you're a dab hand with cleaning and polishing materials. Dints, scrapes and scratches are just every day hazards of owning a motor car, just park away from the masses when you go to the supermarket or retail park. You've put a lot of deliberation into this purchase, I'm sure you'll enjoy it fully. Pictures are always welcome on this site. Good luck !
  14. Yes, I spotted those too.....all from the same source 😮