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  1. Haven't a clue, I suspect an ugly scar will remain if removed.
  2. They're a standard fitment on my 2013 RX Luxury. Purely aesthetic, just made of plastic, they'd disintegrate if they met a rock. They go a long way underneath, so they are difficult to clean.
  3. Thought of a goat ? Doesn't need recharging and lasts for years !
  4. Last year our LG 50" TV failed just before the expiry of the 5 year guarantee from John Lewis. They sent someone out to inspect it and it was deemed an uneconomical repair. JL offered me the LG 50" equivalent as a straight replacement on the original guarantee terms, but if I wished to upgrade and pay some money, the new TV would get the 5 year guarantee. I upgraded to a Samsung 55" and paid £50. Worth trying for an upgrade to see if the same applies with other products/companies.
  6. Yes, I too think you'd do well to get a 4RX for £20k. When I bought my 3RX (nearly 4 years ago now) I was very taken by the burgundy colour. I'd have preferred a cream interior instead of the black I have, but the car ticked all of the other purchasing criteria boxes for me. Can't have everything I guess. Good luck with your search.
  7. Put an enquiry on I've successfully used them in the past when I ran Saabs.
  8. Yes Barry, I've experienced milk leakage after a supermarket trip too. Fortunately, my RX had a Lexus boot liner already fitted when I bought it. That one you link to on eBay looks great long as it fits properly.
  9. That's the way I did mine. I found a replacement blade on eBay which just clipped to the arm.
  10. Hailstorms have activated my alarm in the past. We had a storm yesterday and my car remained silent, but the Discovery across the road was activated.
  11. They are for the fitting of a wind deflector IIRC.
  12. Welcome David. I could be a close neighbour, I'll look out for your car, not many Lexus in this neck of the woods.
  13. I wouldn't bother. Get Sygic on your phone (other satnav packages are available).
  14. Not sure what the seller has done to the price on that one. Less than a fiver is typical. It works very well too.
  15. This worked for me. Dead easy and effective.