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  1. I'm a bit of a HiFi nut myself too. The music industry should be ashamed of themselves. The fidelity and dynamic range of the cd format was totally abused with excessive compression. Google "loudness wars" for an insight. I mostly play vinyl records now (originals from the 70s mostly) and despite the record medium being far from distortion free, I don't think you can beat the sound of a well recorded LP through a tidy system. Think it's an analogue vs digital thing. Digital should trounce an LP record but it often doesn't. To finish, I don't think a vehicle cabin is an ideal place to listen critically to should be concentrating on driving dammit !!!
  2. steveledzep

    NX wanted

    Congratulations on your new motor, the colour combination sounds great. Pics when you get it please. I wouldn't be too hasty with the Nexens. I had them fitted to a Saab Aero and they performed well. Try them before you change them.
  3. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the spark plug change in the US is at 100,000 miles. On that basis, I wouldn't worry about going over 60k with spark plugs. I don't think the cost of the plugs should be an issue, it's the cost of dismantling everything around them. I could change the plugs in my first car (MkI Escort) in just a few minutes.
  4. Congratulations Luigi, I'm certain you'll enjoy your RX. I went from two IS250s to mine and I find it like driving a comfortable armchair in comparison. My sore back prompted my move to a taller vehicle. Maybe I'll progress to a 4th Gen RX in the future. Keep us informed of your progress with your new set of wheels please.
  5. Sorry Shahpor, I had a chuckle at this. You've now progressed from an IS220D where the engine drowned any possibility of hearing road noise. Now you have close to silent progress, you're having a moan about road noise. 😉
  6. steveledzep

    Seeing double.

    I do that too.
  7. All my three Lexus' have been bought from independent dealers. It's all about the cost of the new one and the p/x price combined.....i.e. cost to change !
  8. Lovely car Shahpor. When I upgraded from my IS250 I considered both the GS and RX, The RX won because of my sore back. I'm sure I could have struggled with the GS for a couple of years before retiring gracefully into an RX, hindsight is something I have A levels in. Enjoy your new motor
  9. Clean them in situ with Solvol Autosol on fine wire wool. Easy peasey, they'll come up a treat.
  10. Yes, they look great ! Just got to polish the tailpipes now to complete the look 😉
  11. steveledzep

    Projector door lights

    Just search "Lexus door lights" on's not difficult ! That's where I got mine from.
  12. steveledzep

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    Had four Saabs prior to my three Lexus. Two 9-5s followed by two 9-3s. The 9-3s were a 56 plate Aero Sportwagen (estate) and a 57 plate Aero Convertible. Great cars, both comfortable and quick. It was only the demise of Saab that made me look elsewhere and I ended up at Lexus. I'd probably still be driving a Saab if they were still around. Hope yours is as good as the four I had Richard.
  13. Try these people. They're near Chester.
  14. Wrong badge on the RCF for those showrooms. Another offputting factor to the punters is that the indicators work faultlessly, they're used to intermittent at best ☺️.