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  1. Yes, the secret is in the little finger smearing the lubrication. Another secret is not to overtighten, they're only keeping dust out. I've used metal dustcaps on my three Lexus' and my four Saabs before that....never a problem.
  2. I have similar caps on my RX. You're correct, it is possible for them to seize. I always use my little finger to smear some oil on the thread and only do them up finger tight. Remember that they are not holding air in, just keeping dust out.
  3. Enjoy your new motor Les. I remember when I picked mine up from Wolverhampton 15 months ago, I still have a smile on my face when I climb aboard. Pics would be great.
  4. steveledzep

    Refurb wheels

    I used these guys in Swansea for my wife's car. Cannot fault what they did, wheels stripped, repaired and fully painted with tyres refitted. They really did paint the whole wheel and lacquer it. Not cheap, £330 for 4 x 16" wheels. They are now immaculate and they were a mess before. They have branches around the country.
  5. Loads of listings like this on eBay.....take your pick.
  6. steveledzep

    Dash Cam

    Me too. It's this one : Works very well.
  7. Two options for you if you are interested in the end price of an item : 1. Add it to your Watch List and after the auction has ended it is still there with the final bid price. 2. Use the Advance Search facility searching Completed Listings.
  8. Yes, mine will hold EV mode at 40mph too......only witnessed the motors helping the ICE above that speed.
  9. Had my RX fifteen months now and I've kept a brim to brim spreadsheet of fuel consumption. I do a lot of 5 mile trips to work and back, a 20 mile trip to the supermarket fortnightly and occasional trips to Leamington Spa with a major Scotland trip last summer. Winter mpg is around 28 to 30 and summer mpg is 33ish with the longer trips returning 36mpg or thereabouts. I'm a steady driver so if you drive yours as if you've stolen it, expect less. My dashboard mpg is just slightly optimistic to my actual, yours sounds pessimistic to say the least.
  10. Yes, mine allows full postcode entry too (page 2 of opening screen). However previous ISs (2008 & 2009) only allowed first half of postcode. I guess the satnav system has been updated to full postcode at some stage.
  11. Great price. Most people have a Halfords nearby and you don't have to wait for delivery. Good post.
  12. I love mine too, but you need to edit the title !😉
  13. Great for 10 litres to get you home and fill your boots with rolls and ice cream while your there ! Swings and roundabouts I spose.
  14. More chance of winning the lottery I'd say ! Filled rolls and ice cream very reasonable.......but fuel
  15. steveledzep


    I think it's inevitable that EVs will become more prevalent as time goes on and I'm interested, but not now, too much in its infancy imo. I also don't think the negativity in this thread is solely aimed at the Tesla, it's a remarkable piece of kit on paper (no actual experience for me). I think a lot of the negativity is in response to one guy banging on about Tesla constantly to the point of tedium. This is a Lexus forum.