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  1. The door post states 33psi for normal running and it also states 36 as an eco setting (presumably for more mpg). I run my Pirelli Scorpion Verdes at 35psi all round.
  2. Far too cheap. Should be closer to £20k I'd have thought. Wonder why ?
  3. Renewed mine with Admiral on 1st April (this is not a joke btw). It was £305 for the year. Fully comp, me and Mrs LedZep, 9 years ncd, courtesy car etc. etc...... We're in rural west Wales, I'm sure it makes a difference.
  4. Looks fantastic, particularly with the cream leather. Your RX is same colour as mine, not very common and beautful. Looks like a Falken and Pirelli purchase and ditch the Dunlops.
  5. Hope you're using axle stands too. If the jack fails, it'll take more than a couple of paracetamol to cure the headache.
  6. I've had 3 Lexus during the last 6 years. The two for one offer has always been on for that time. In March I renewed the warranty on my RX for a further 2 years. I think the only way you can get 3 years is if you get a 12 month warranty from the dealer and I believe you can opt to purchase the 2 year addition at that time too.
  7. This isn't a solution, but may raise a smile 😉
  8. This did the trick for me. Effortless to use and very effective.
  9. Lexus with a prostate issue.....whatever next ?
  10. I live in south Wales near Carmarthen and my 3 Lexus to date have been bought from Mansfield, Southport and Wolverhampton. Every one of them a one-way train ticket. Good luck with your search.
  11. I'm very happy with my Pirelli Scorpion Verde all season tyres.....not sure if they do 20" though....mine are 19". They're very quiet and grip well in the wet, no experience of ice and snow.
  12. It's had an underrun front and rear from new. I think it was called the "lifestyle" pack or similar. I'll look out for Tuf Shine and give it a go. Something that lasts from wash to wash appeals, thanks for that.
  13. Do you know Rayaan, I was convinced that I had changed my profile pic. I remember uploading it, must have omitted to save. Well spotted anyway, the earlier one didn't have roof rails, did you spot that ? Yes, good point about the tyre dressing, something I've never used, probably would if I was selling it. Cars don't stay looking like that for long around here, too much tractor tyre debris on the roads 🚜
  14. For all the wrong reasons.