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  1. Bit of an interior change

    That's a very neat job you've done Lee. Personally I prefer the wood look, but each to his own eh!
  2. After production it remained unregistered for eight months or so.
  3. 06 plate begins 1st March 2016. 65 plate ends 29th February 2016.
  4. IIRC the code is on the plate on the passenger door jamb.
  5. I had two IS250s before my RX. My commute to work is 5 miles and they were only just up to full temperature as I arrived. My RX however, is fully up to temperature after just a couple of miles.
  6. I saw this on eBay and thought someone may like to "flip" it and extract the number plate along the way.
  7. Auto wipers and snow

    Trouble with that is you have to remember to switch auto wipers back on......every day of the year ! I'd rather remember to deactivate just on the occasions that frost or snow is expected. If there's frost or snow, I deactivate auto wipers in the morning, before I switch on. Far better than having to remember to reactivate every day of the year !!
  8. I agree with Jay. I live in Carmarthenshire, similarly rural to Norfolk. I have travelled for all of my previous cars, Milton Keynes, Wrexham, Mansfield, Southport and my RX was relatively local in Wolverhampton. If you want the right car, you have to put the effort in.
  9. So Whats Your Profession?

    I design and sell bathrooms.
  10. Looking to get a RX 450H

    In 7 days time I'll have had my RX for a year. I got it from an independent trader in Wolverhampton over 100 miles away from me. I traded in my IS250C and it was a hassle free experience. It is very important that the dealer describes his car very accurately to you, but it is even more important for you to describe your car accurately to him (warts and all). That way there are no surprises to either party and as long as you are taken by his car you can do the deal instantly. My RX was 4 years old with 55k miles and a full Lexus service history. I have no experience of the higher mileage you describe, but I would be extremely wary of the lack of history. I think what I'm saying is, the car you describe wouldn't be for me, but don't let distance put you off doing a deal in principle subject to view and test drive. As John says, budget is all important here. Good luck and let us know what you find.
  11. Extended warranty

    I had the Lexus warranty on my two ISs which preceded my RX ownership. In both cases my claims exceeded the premium, not by a lot, but it made the warranty good value. I sold both vehicles with about 6 months warranty remaining and it's only £25 to transfer ownership. Don't know if I got any more money as a result of the warranty, but it made for an easy sale. Had my RX just about a year now and not had to make a claim. I do gain a great deal of peace of mind from having the warranty in place......£1,000 doesn't buy much at a Lexus dealership !!
  12. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    How are you doing Dylan ? Just put Pirelli Scorpion Verde 235/55 R19 on mine at £132 each. Different tyre altogether, but just to show what value is around. Good luck.
  13. Tyres and MOT today.

    Did about 50 miles today. Immediately noticed the car more smooth and quieter. Very pleased. My tyre shop don't employ monkeys, so I don't have to worry .
  14. Yes, well explained about the different radii John. I had new tyres fitted yesterday as the old ones were at about 2mm. This morning driving full lock from my driveway on to the lane I had no juddering. I put it down to the full tread being sufficiently pliant to absorb the differential in speed. It will be interesting to see at which point it returns as the tyres wear down. Previous front tyres were Dunlops, got Pirellis now, wonder if this makes a difference too ?
  15. Been using my local tyre shop for the past twelve years. Has done all my tyre and MOT requirements during that time and used to service my Saabs prior to my Lexus ownership. Had four Pirelli Scorpion Verde 235/55 R19 fitted at £132 each and a no advisory MOT at £40. Very good prices showing the benefit of loyalty and trust I believe.