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  1. I don't think it's a gas strut problem here Andy. Everything is dead, no lock activation, no beeps, no cargo lights etc.
  2. I can't disagree with what you say Tom. My problem started off intermittent, but PBD hasn't worked for weeks now. Just wish a simple fix can be found.
  3. Maybe I didn't word it correctly Kate. What I mean is that the battery going flat in the first place is the trigger for the problem. I charged mine and eventually replaced my auxiliary battery. I still have the problem. I think the common denominator between all here with the problem is that it started with a flat battery first of all.
  4. I'm with you on this Herbs, I don't accept the failure of multiple motors simultaneously. Similarly, I don't see failure of all the switch mechanisms on the vehicle simultaneously. In my intermittent thread, I report that I prised the lowering switch from the underside of the tailgate. There are only two wires going to this switch and the circuit should always be was dead ! The common factor that I see is a flat auxiliary battery to trigger the tailgate failures. I guess that the LOC has a small percentage of all RX owners, I wonder how many there are UK wide ? Is this a "not f
  5. No, not fixed it Tom. It wasn't intermittent for long, it hasn't worked for many weeks now. It does seem like a plague and I read the posts on the other threads. I prised out the switch on the underside for closing the tailgate. Like the dashboard switch, this should always work irrespective of the engine being powered or not. This switch just has two wires (flimsy, not cables) going to it. My multimeter showed it to be dead. The handbook shows a 30amp fuse for the PBD, but there's just a long, green block there instead of the individual fuses depicted. I'll continue watching h
  6. About 15 years ago I had a Mitsubishi Pajero imported from Japan. It had all the tv bits and bobs with it. Trouble is that the TV signals in Japan are broadcast in a different frequency band than in the UK so the tuner wasn't equipped to tune UK channels. I'm going from memory, but I think that's correct.
  7. Now you've described it Barry, I'd never have recognised it.
  8. The shape says Allegro too. For my sins I used to sell them. Interestingly, the yellow badge on the grill is nothing to do with roadside rescue, it stands for AllAggro.
  9. Where is the Cazoo door that you'll need to knock on should you have a problem ? That's all I have to say. Good luck.
  10. I fitted a larger than standard rear plate on my RX. Why not just measure the usable space you've got on the IS and order a set of plates off eBay to the size you want, that's what I did and got a burgundy frame to it to match the car.
  11. You may well be right Herbs. It'll just take me a few minutes to try it tomorrow morning. Failing that, I'll need to check the connections and operation of the unlocking mechanism.
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