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  1. You need to put a picture up of each wheel and show condition of Tyre as well.

  2. Hi guys, I have a is300h which was fitted with the lovely shinny Nisshokiu wheels. All is well until I kerbed then and tried getting them repaired. May local guy I have used for normal Alloy wheels tried but no joy. Lexus sentvtjecdherl of md to their repairer and when he saw them said they cannot repair theM, i tried South West Repairs in Exeter they tried but the finish is nothing like the original. Does anyone out there know of any repairers who are capable of making them like the originals? Please see photo of one of my damaged wheels.
  3. Hi there everyone Does anyone have info on where I can get a wiring diagram for my IS200?
  4. Does anyone have a decent set of IS200 beige car mats, only really require the drivers side but will buy the set if some are available. Been trying to look on the internet but no genuine ones coming up. Might have to buy from Lexus but thought I would try you guys before doing this. Sometime you get can lucky.
  5. Intermittently getting the engine management light on along with the Traction Control light flashing on and off. There does not seems to be any pattern as to when they both come on, can be many weeks in between occurring. I suspect it is one of my wheels tracking control sensors?