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  1. Sorry I thought i'd replied to this but the message mustn't have been sent, doh! I don't think it's bulb holders as they are fine, no corrosion plus they are making perfect contact with the bulbs.It's both sides too which have gone at the same time, so must be a fault elsewhere...Will dig out multimeter as you suggest, cheers
  2. Hi everyone A friend of mine has an 2001 RX300 and it has developed an odd fault with the rear indicators. Neither operate via the stalk. The fronts/sides rapidly blink when operating the stalk indicating one is out, but the bulbs are fine (tried new ones to be sure) and the relay is fine too (swapped with a known good one). Again on the hazards the fronts/sides are fine, just the rears don't illuminate 😞 Just a bit odd that it's both rears, and it's not the bulbs or relay. A dodgy joint earth somewhere perhaps? Anyone else had the issue? Any suggestions would be very gratefully received (including where to look) - we are going to have a poke about on Sunday morning, so any knowledge would be great! Thanks in advance Yoda400
  3. No idea about year of softer valves? 220k+ it's the LPG that's worn the seats, no lube kit fitted!
  4. Yes having read a bit more about it I think you are probably right, easier and cheaper to chuck another lump in. Really frustrating this car, right when finances are stuffed too 😣
  5. Hi Chaps Unfortunately i've been had when buying an LS430, it's got suspect valve seat recession. I think the best way forward would be to buy some heads from a non-gassed scrapper then get them swapped over. I'd like someone to do the job that is comfortable with pulling 3uzs apart (and putting back together!). Anyone have any recommendations for specialists?
  6. Interesting, thanks for the info. No my key is different. Did you take it somewhere to have it erased? Yes i've heard Techstream can be used to re-programme a key, without all the ignition on/off/open door press brake pedal nonsense! I'll have to try and get a secondhand key from somewhere then!
  7. Hi chaps, thanks for all the comments. The key I am using is a master key going by what you have said jonthetourist. It's got three buttons with clear front bits over the buttons, I have actually found a second key too but it has black bits over the buttons and there are only two buttons on it. Jon, did you successfully get your master key cloned then? Was it pricey? Thanks for the info!
  8. Hi Chaps Just bought a 2003/2004 facelift LS430, it only came with one key (one of those keyless entry/start ones). What would be the cheapest way to get a spare? Can I get one from a scrapper and reprogram the fob part? Thanks in advance
  9. Just read about your adventure, I guess you are on it right now! The best of luck, sounds incredible, would love to do something like that, maybe when i'm retired and funds allow! Let us know how you get on! 🙂
  10. I'm sure later models are superb, but no denying the cost cutting. Take a look at the seats for example. The leather usually stays in very good condition on the 400s, but in the 430s you often see ratty seats!
  11. Hi Ben, thanks a lot for the comprehensive reply, really appreciate it! It's not what I wanted to hear but it's what I suspected, I *think* I read something similar a while back, but i'm also sure I read that some people had success connecting (think that might have been US market LS400s though!). Bleedin' cars eh! Now...Anyone happen to have a genuine Toyota/Lexus code reader stashed away that will read UK LS400 codes? 🙂
  12. Isn't it only stainless on the LS400? I thought they started cutting costs with later models... Will still be a decent exhaust, but not stainless
  13. You aren't a million miles away from Tony Banks exhausts in Leeds, i'd go there and ask them, they will sort you out i'm sure. Took my LS400 there to fix the usual rusted Y pipe to the Cats, sorted it no problem!
  14. Hi Chaps I've been trying to diagnose a misfire on my 1999 LS400 and i'm getting nowhere. I really need to connect a code reader to the car, but it's just not communicating. I thought that the caps in the ECU were knackered and that's why the reader wouldn't connect. Just had the caps changed and it's sorted out a lack of power (which I thought was related to the misfire), but the reader still won't connect. I've tried the reader on my Mum's Yaris and it connects perfectly. Using the cable test, it shows errors on: CAN-H, CAN-L, L I have looked at the physical OBDII connector on the car and it looks fine, no damaged pins that I can see, but there are only 5 wires going to it. Should there be 7 going to it (going by the cable test)? I'm just stumped by this and i'm wondering whether the car doesn't actually support OBDII because it's before the standard came in? Thoughts anyone? Any input gratefully received, getting really frustrated by this now...
  15. Right, had my caps replaced on my Mk4 and it's restored a heap of power! The chap who swapped the caps for me said that there were no leaking caps/visible damage, but that wasn't to say that some hadn't gone open circuit. The whole purpose of this exercise was so I could connect a code reader to the car to diagnose a missfire, however it still won't bloody connect. Tried it on my mum's Yaris and it connects perfectly so I figured it must be a dodgy OBD connector. I looked at it and it looks fine though?! Seriously getting peeved with the car now!
  16. Hey Rob, was it definitely these guys? I contacted them, but they quoted me between £85 and £125. I mentioned you had yours done for around £30 and the chap told me he wasn't sure about that because their min charge is £35, and the caps can be quite difficult to remove... I said i'd supply the caps needed on mine, and mine will need 11 of them replacing. Think your's will have been 6 caps, so a bit more work, but seems to be triple/quadruple the price so I thought there must be a misunderstanding here!
  17. Right, I've ordered the proper caps from the US for my mk4! I've ordered a few repeats and some caps for earlier models too, so if anyone needs a Kit for theirs just give me a nudge, hopefully that can help someone out. No one here I asked had a spare kit 😞 I ordered them just so I have peace of mind the right caps have been used on my ECU, i'd be paranoid that whoever repairs it might use something different otherwise!
  18. So you had no symptoms, more of a preventative measure? Haha yes you do notice small things in such a refined car, they are wonderful machines 🙂 Thanks for the advice, i'll get in touch with them
  19. Fab great info - thank you. So did you provide all the new caps? What were your symptoms, and did they all disappear? Cheers Yoda
  20. Sounds sensible. My ECU isn't communicating with any readers so looks like the caps in the ECU are shot, so i'm trying to get those sorted then I can read my codes. My symptoms are the VSC light flashing when setting off every now and again (and slow too), when it happens it's only for a second or two...
  21. I bet the state of our ECUs are very similar! Along with the no communication, the VSC light flashes sometimes when setting off, performance is a bit down too. Maybe that's an ABS sensor/ring, but i'd like to get the caps sorted first so I can get some proper codes from the car. Mine also has a missfire which has stumped me, nothing has solved it and it's really spoiling the car now. If you could ask, i'd appreciate it! Would be happy to pay a decent price to make it worth his while, plus it's doing two exactly the same - so hopefully not too much of a ballache :)
  22. Thanks for the info Matt! May I ask why you are getting yours done? What symptoms do you have? Would you be so kind as to ask if your friend would be interested in a few quid to do mine also? He could do both at the same time? The ECU will be the same as yours (mk4)... I'm not in a huge rush for it, happy for him to have the ECU for a couple of weeks...
  23. Yeah that one is black, the one in the original post is beige heaven! :D
  24. Hi Chaps Anyone replaced the caps in their ECU? I'm wanting to have some work done on my car by a Lexus specialist/breaker/garage, but code readers won't connect to it, so it looks like the caps are playing silly beggars. I want to get the ECU sorted out so we can diagnose the work needed on it (a missfire that has been problematic solving!) I know there was a chap on here selling a kit for earlier models a few years back, anyone made up a kit for the mk4? Also - is the ECU easy to remove? Where is it located? Thanks in advance chaps!