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  1. My 600h screen seems to have a small hair line crack on it and half the functions on it do not work because the screen is not accepting the touch. has anyone else had this issue? If so does anyone know where I can get a new LCD for it?
  2. then by all means dont go and buy a car that the dealer is saying is sold as seen. Pay market price and go and buy on a retail invoice. I have sold over 1500 cars and my system is fully complies with the consumer rights act 2015. touch wood never had an issue with a customer but the under £500 part exchanges we get in are all sold as spares/repair job.
  3. if the dealer has sold it as a trade sale or spares/repair you do not have consumer rights on that sale. yes sold as seen is not legal but spares or repair or a trade sale is perfectly fine. the customer will have no legal protection.
  4. they can get away fro consumer rights but issuing a trade sale invoice and getting the customer to agree to it or by writing spares/repair on the bill.
  5. ill second that, being in the trade i go through a lot of parts and my mechanic rates blueprint to be as good as OE Just ordered 8x denso iridium spark plugs for £50 + vat from toyota yesterday. they were done in jan but I will be getting them changed again when i get my fuel injectors cleaned out.
  6. yes water pump too and yes the whole job was done in front of me, he has done about 25 cambelts for me in the past 12 months, i have a car sales business and i stock approx 140 cars at any time so he gets £700 a week from me minimum for mots and other bits and bobs. sounds too good to be true but yes thats what he charged me, knowing its my car and that its being prepped for the grand road trip. i have a flat rate for any car cambelt kit and pump at £90 he didnt do the water pump gasket but that really is a big job on these, I think ill get it done when the car gets to its next belt change.
  7. if you are ever up north (stoke on trent) then let me know, I had the following done in Jan 2018 on my LS 430, I spent £311.38 on: INA timing belt kit 8 bosch spark plugs oil filter cabin filter denso wilper blades (OE) Brembo front pads Brembo rear pads air filter 2 x 5lires of shell helix All the above were from euro car parts, in Jan my A/C wasnt working due to a leaking condensor so I sourced a used one for £30 and got my mechanic to do the full service with all the above parts, brake pads front and rear, he replaced the condensor, timing belt kit with all pulleys etc and done an mot on it for.......wait for it £180 labour and this included the MOT. I have since done 4k miles in the car and hasnt missed a beat. So I spent just short of £500 and had a lot more done to the car. Coolant changed to ofcourse as it is with cambelt and waterpump.
  8. they recommend 0w20 for hybrid models. I will use that to service my ls600h should be picking that up from toyota today
  9. hi there, getting noises from the air suspension compressor when i start the car or when the suspension needs adjusting, have ordered the 3 bushes from toyota for £3 plus vat each. I have read on some forums that it isnt always those bushes. can anyone shed some light on this please Thanks
  10. Lexus recommend 5w30 so thats what i have collected. I know that brand isnt crucial. I should have phrased my question correctly. In august I will be driving my car to pakistan and back through the heat of Iran and pakistan. its a total of 12,000 miles and I want to give the best treatment to the car i can so really the choice of oil i was considering was for that journey. locally in the uk i will use shell helix every 3-4k.
  11. the best all rounder :). I have 4 bottles of castrol edge, 3 bottles of mobil 1 and 4 bottles of shell helix. I changed the oil in Jan and it has covered 3k miles since so I am going to do another change but couldnt decide which one to use.
  12. maybe yes but I change the oil myself, oil filter from toyota is 6.50 plus vat and I bought 4x5 litres castrol edge long life from Skoda Plymouth for £100 so an oil change costs me £33 tops using genuine filter and castrol edge. I think i do go over the top when it come to changing fluids.
  13. give this part number to toyota dealer and buy the same thing for half the price. The privilege of buying the part from Lexus adds a premium onto the price for the same parts, do not let toyota know its for a lexus otherwise they will not sell you the part.
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