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    Do These Fit ?

    not the answer i was looking for but thanks anyway guys theres no need for any comments pete
  2. will the following size fit ? 18 x 8 pcd 5 x100 offset et40 car has been lowered 25ml cheers guys
  3. Steve didn't Paul tell ya hes keeping your bottles for Santa Pod on Sunday.
  4. Spray washers.. So yesterday,i've had these when they first came out. :winky:
  5. although it has been prima-erd outside it will be prima-erd one again once in the sprayshop before spraying. its prima-erd now just so we can make sure all it all looks ok before it leaves.
  6. Progress report.... Well as you can see from the pictures we are only a few days off being ready to go off to the paint shop. The side skirts have blended beautifully to the body and so has the spoiler. Springs have arrived too, unfortunately the wheels I was after are no longer available in this country so that causes some more thinking to do. Pete doing some work The dad Doors off Side skirt cut and blended Side skirts all blended in
  7. Anyone got a picture of 19s on 35mm and lowered 30 mm ?? Come on guys I have to make some choices by the end of the week !
  8. Can someone show me a picture of their IS on 18s with 40mm tyres and a 25mm or 30mm drop Many thanks guys
  9. I saw it too and it wasnt scorpion's the wheels unlike petes did not had the centre caps painted so didnt look quite as good. Whilst at croydon I asked is I could have a look at a car with the old cd nav. he was more than happy to show me whilst he thought i was buying it, but as soon as i said i just wanted to have a look at the nav to see if it was the same as mine he said he was a bit busy and I would have to come back at another time I asked if I could just burrow the key to have a look and he said he couldnt give me the key for security reasons even though it was blocked in by two other cars ! I wasnt impressed ! any furhter trips will be to guilford where the manager was more than happy to let me take the car out for a drive to have a look.
  10. Does anyone know what make of wheels these are ?? What wheels ? Cheers Guys
  11. hey its an important decision to make the colour so I will take as long as I need ! Found some beautiful wheels today ! just got to find where i can get them from and how much.
  12. Just the body work is being done on the drive then Im sending it of to the workshop to be sprayed. as for colour Im still not sure what colour it will end up, but I only have a few days to choose. Purchased new springs for it yesterday just wheels left to decide on.
  13. Believe me you could oh mr scorpion you are so funny !!!!
  14. Im not to sure about the pink I dont think I could pull it off. What do you guys think of the new grey volkswagen colour ?
  15. In all honesty i think it will be black, but a metalic black though, but it might stay grey ???? still got the wheels to be choosen yet as well thats going to take some thinking !
  16. that hasnt been decided yet. probably the same colour or black although that orange prima doesnt look bad .....
  17. We've started getting the lex ready for the re-spray here are some pictures Picture one picture two picture three
  18. Do you know how to do it mr lexus expert ???? Or I can just wait till dad gets home tomorrow !!!
  19. when the sunroof is open the wind deflector at the front raises too high and needs to be adjusted down a little, anyone know how you do this ?
  20. Mine did exactly the same thing, got the tracking and alignment done and its been fine on the new tyres.
  21. You can get fined for playing your music to loud already, noise polution act, my dad did about 2 years ago when he argued with a policeman, that his stereo wasnt that loud, so the policeman called out the council to measure it. he got a £30 fine. Anyway dont your reaction times get slower the older you get ? therefore even with my stereo up Im going to react quicker than my 40 year old ? P.S Im not calling you 40 year olds , old , just older than me.
  22. Well the things is Im going upto 18's on 40's and would like to keep some of the ride quality, scorpion has 30mm drop pn his and as soon as you put someone in it it looks like its on the floor. anyone got a picture of theirs on 25mm drop ? Well - I've tried spax, Eibach and now TTE coilovers with 18's.... Spax - 25mm, no noticible difference in ride quality Eibach - 30mm, no noticible difference in ride quality TTE coilovers - about 40/45mm drop, noticible difference in ride quality, though not irritating, but then I do have uprated anti-rolls, under-chasis braces and strut brace. Zee, where can I order them from ? and how much are they ?
  23. Well the things is Im going upto 18's on 40's and would like to keep some of the ride quality, scorpion has 30mm drop pn his and as soon as you put someone in it it looks like its on the floor. anyone got a picture of theirs on 25mm drop ?
  24. Can anyone say what the ride is like on the 25mm drop spax. how much are they ? and where can I order them from ?
  25. Could anyone give me the part number for the rubber behind the door handle as i need to purchase four nice new ones and price ?? cheers Guys
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