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  1. Hi and Welcome to LOC :) Try doing a google search,dont seem to be anyone on here who can help. Chips.
  2. Hi, Sell the car and buy another,maybe newer model LS when you get back.
  3. Hi, Love the NSX B) Just my option but id rather have the NSX over the SC.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the tips,biggest problem i found was the lack of room trying to move the pipe into position without bending the bracket or pipe.
  5. Hi, Sounds like a faulty sensor or poor bad connection,maybe a poor earth. It might be worth checking all the electrical plugs that go to and from the auto gearbox.Unplug them and clean up the connections.
  6. Hi, From memory i think theres some screws under the bottom of the door panel and some more buy the handle,have a good look around the panel. Once all the screws are out you have to lift the panel up because its slotted on the top so it hangs to the metal of the door. Hope thats of some help.
  7. Hi, Sounds like one of the seals have gone,careful well driving the car,the handling could be inconsistent.
  8. Happy Birthday!!! Have a Great Day.
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