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  1. Mines was done yesterday 2009 250 collected and returned to work , valet but no fuel this time advised I need new brake calipers 😩 but this is going through the extended warranty 😁 so that was worth the money 👍👍👍
  2. Not sure if you have seen the next page, how to deactivate it etc but may be useful to you, also it says all locks are ment to be unlocked in a collision.. and it states however the system may not operate 🤔
  3. Hi , mines the same I have to unlock doors so passenger can get out , never really thought about it to be honest. mines a 2009 is250
  4. markrose

    Midlands Meet

    Hi. Will pop along , I'm down in Worcester not too far away 👍
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums markrose :)

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      Many thanks , I look forward to looking around and getting involved :-)