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  1. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    Problem is back, hurray 🙄 I only really feel it at high speeds or under harsher braking. I need to pull the discs off and get the dial gauge back on to see what's going on. Sigh. Just seen an NB MX-5 on Autotrader with 40k on the clock for £2700 🤔
  2. Had replacement upper arms on (from RockAuto in the US) for a while now with no change. The old arms were worn out but the ball joint wasn't loose enough to worry me. Still no clue what's doing it and I don't want to just fire the parts cannon at the thing but I see KYB (OEM) on eBay for £77 each and I wonder if I just throw two of them at the problem... In my mind it's between the shocks (which would support the noise getting worse with more people in the car) or the front lower control arm no. 1 (not the big one with the bendy arm) bush. And I guess it should really have new shocks as it's done over 160k now. I wish someone could wave a magic wand and and say "it's this"!
  3. catnap

    Front pads

    Currently using Pagid from ECP- lower dust than some I've used. I'm pretty gentle on the brakes and these do me just fine.
  4. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    Perhaps, but then you'd notice a difference when braking compared to not braking- and mine's not affected by braking at all.
  5. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    Also, 2500-mile check-in since replacing both spindles and discs- no issues at all. Problem is completely gone. For those of you on the fence and have replaced calipers and slides and it keeps eating discs- go get a spindle assembly.
  6. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    Same. Not affected by braking, happens mostly when going around low speed corners that are uneven. Metal-on-metal clonking noise. Changed calipers, sliders, discs, spindles, upper control arms, drop links, lower ball joints, ARB bushes, lower rear (bendy) control arms, shock assemblies (second-hand from a 60k car). The only thing left is the lower front control arm and the shock- though I'd be surprised that the replacement shocks have the exact same issue. Actually took the old struts apart and found the top mount was fine and the shock absorber was in decent condition too. So if it's not the front lower control arm bushing I'm stumped. WIM said mine was probably the shocks, hence the change- no difference.
  7. Agreed, not sure it's top mount. I've got the shocks that were on the car, in my garage- replaced with 60k mile units from a breaker to try and stop the noise. I've had them to bits and the top mounts look totally fine- rubber's not split, no witness marks, nothing.
  8. The top of the shock absorber pokes through the top mount. If you unscrew it, it's still under compression, but it's now dangerous. If you loosen the absorber it's not going anywhere because the weight of the car is compressing it. There's no way to do what you're talking about.
  9. How do you still have warranty? 😲
  10. I don't think that will work, the weight of the car pushing on the shock will simply push it back up instantly when you lower the car down. There's a tremendous amount of force on these components- anything you do like this would be undone. Though perhaps I'm mis-understanding?
  11. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    New discs and pads fitted, every single brake component checked, cleaned and lubricated. So far everything's top-notch and it feels fantastic- will report back after 1k miles or similar.
  12. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    Yeah this is what I always do and by the end the car will stand on its nose. But I'm thinking I should take it easy for a bit (50-ish miles) this time as I will struggle to warranty another set of discs and pads- it'll be on me this time.
  13. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    Alright, I'll skip my usual procedure and go easy. Cheers
  14. catnap

    Warped Hubs?

    New discs and pads in the boot. They were a bit funny about it, gave me a lecture about rust between the disc and hub but swapped them under their "No Quibble" thing. So, I have to ask. The leaflet for the Pagid discs says that you should go easy for 200-300km, and not try to bed-in the discs & pads. What have you guys been doing? Annoyingly, the Pagid website says this, so I don't know what to believe.
  15. catnap

    coil springs

    Perhaps it's set up with a higher load capacity? I'm reaching a bit here.