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  1. Good stuff 👍 I've got a bloke with a polisher giving mine a once over tomorrow for 60 quid
  2. A very 21st century problem. Virtually silent cars. Since getting my RX 400h I'm averaging 2 or 3 a week. Usually in car parks. Quite often they're distracted but you can tell when it's going to happen as they drift into your path, you wait for the inevitable Oh! and they realise 2+ tons of Japanese prestige is creeping up on them. Just goes to show how reliant we are on our hearing. And ironically this is the sense I'm trying to get my children to make more use of when they're crossing roads. How old fashioned.
  3. These things are usually quite subtle and hard to spot around town etc. Had it on my XC90 and assumed it was a bit of a gimmick until I had to do a late night hospital dash in the Scottish Borders with my eldest. Very noticeable on unlit country roads. And obviously the little dance the lights do when they first come on. On my 400h it's best tested in a dark garage.
  4. For sale: HEKO Wind Deflectors Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £25 donation to St Luke's Hospice, Sheffield Extra Info: Decided they're not for me Pictures: See below Contact Details: PM Location: Sheffield Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection only I've decided these aren't for me. Only had them a few weeks and they're in a very good used condition. Fit the RX 400h perfectly. Donation link is here I took them off at the weekend. I'll try and get a pic of them off the car.
  5. rich1068

    Lexus Lincoln or Lexus Hull?

    Go the extra and use Lexus Sheffield. Quite literally the best dealer experience I've had in 30+ years of driving. And in terms of money spent there I've bought 1 cheap second hand car (my IS 300), some parts and had a couple of service items seen to. You don't need to spend to get 5* service from them.
  6. Here I think Had it saved because mines a bit iffy. Not done anything about it yet though.
  7. rich1068

    Is300 sill corrosion

    The rub strip is replaceable pre-coloured for about £80 from a dealer or I got one of mine painted for £40. Touch up paint just wouldn't take no matter how many times I tried.
  8. Agreed. Follow any US motor enthusiasts site and they constantly moan about two things 1) the lack of a manual (or "stick") option and 2) that they don't get what they refer to as wagons. I think that sometimes people forget the Toyota connection too. Want an estate? Buy a Toyota.
  9. Have a look here
  10. Not sure about the problem or connection with the cat but changing the sensor did the trick for me. If you're having the work done at the dealer that price sounds about right too. IIRC the sensor was north of £150 plus labour plus VAT. It wouldn't be massively cheaper at an independent. Something I have noticed though. Before remembering the warranty (doh!) I approached this in the same way I did with European cars I've owned previously. Engine management light, vague code, feeling of dread that this will involve throwing parts at the car until by chance it's fixed. I've had Volvos of the same age that have cost £££ in "it could be this" parts. However, more or less from the start on here, at Lexus and from other sources the response has been the same. It's this part you need. Very specific and a refreshing change.
  11. I'm not quite as relaxed about a car's condition as you two but not being obsessed with bodywork and cleanliness is quite liberating isn't it? I used to be properly mad about keeping new cars as pristine as possible but after getting quite disillusioned with brand new cars generally I've since had a run of used motors that have quite a few battle scars and it does not bother me one jot. Proper damage I'd probably sort but scuffs, scratches and scrapes I can certainly live with. I'd have liked to have seen that!
  12. rich1068

    Windscreen Information- Myth Busted

    Have to say Les that I don't think I'd put all my faith in Rich from Autovision.
  13. rich1068

    In need of some help

    I suppose at a cheap price point and with unknown history it depends on how handy with the spanners you are. I'm not that good with the oily bits so I wouldn't even be considering it. Decision is yours Dylan but welcome to the LOC anyway Lots of very knowledgeable people on here.
  14. Interesting. So I might not be just imagining it? I've been promising myself for months that I'd do the throttle mod as described here and on the US forums but I really don't think I need too. Could have been this sensor all along. Anyway, I'm driving it again to today. I'll see if it has actually improved things.
  15. Here's a question for the more technically minded. Could these sensors start to fail or do they just fail? Is it possible that there's a slow deterioration in performance due to a failing sensor then one day it goes and bingo, the light comes on? I ask because Lexus Sheffield did the job in a couple of hours this afternoon (1h55min for the engine to cool down, 5min to change the sensor) and the car was noticeably perkier especially from standstill. What I've been putting down to a bit of play in the throttle seems to have disappeared. Anyone?