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  1. Thule kit is well worth the premium imo. And keep an eye on eBay, I picked up some Volvo branded Thule bars and a roof box for a fraction of the cost of new.
  2. Check what happens re: the immobiliser before you do this though. On my GS there's a little dance you have to do to get the car started after a battery disconnect.
  3. I know I'm a bit of a nipper round here...
  4. Following this thread with interest but what is this "retirement" you speak. "Pension" is another word I'm unfamiliar with 52 in October and I'll be working until I cark it...
  5. Always thinking John. Always thinking...
  6. I had a GROM unit on my MK1 IS and now on my MK2 GS. Input your model details and they supply the correct cables with the unit. On my GS you access BT audio with another press of the CD button.
  7. You are now officially my best friend.
  8. You might be over thinking it Neil. What's the history with the car? Has it been stood a while or only pootled about for the last 3 months? You've given it a good run and put fresh fuel in. That could be all it needs. A good Italian tune up is good for them! Alternatively try disconnecting the battery for a little while. That will reset any engine and gearbox adaptations.
  9. I had that one. Did all sorts and finally cured it but was never quite sure which fix or combination of fixes did it!
  10. Ah, so you know their foibles. In my mind they're better than the Saabs (a more civilised drive for one) but are still light years away from the contemporary Lexus/Toyota. Accepted wisdom is that they'll last forever, the engines might but everything else will have broken in the meantime. And everything involves battling with some piece of brittle trim that will snap before letting go!
  11. These V70s are heavy at the front and do like suspension arms. When the bushes start to go it has an effect on tyre wear. This is actually my third V70 but the first one that doesn't have the characteristic knock knock from the front. And the cambelt isn't due either. I should buy a lottery ticket!
  12. Get a second opinion. Surface rust can look horrendous but that might be all it is.
  13. So since picking up last Thursday two new tyres on the front cleaned the thoroughly gross interior new battery oil, oil filter, plugs, air filter, cabin filter (done today, knackered!) sourced luggage cover, fog lights, driver and passenger mirrors Currently about £1500 in, which isn't bad at all. A little bit of bodywork needs doing (£250-£300) and rear sensors then it's handed over to my wife. So a big, comfortable, safe family car for less than £2k. So long as everything goes to plan I don't think that's too bad.