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  1. And in other news, went to the Classic Restoration doo daa at the NEC today in the 9-5. Made it all the way there AND all the way back. That's a result in anyone's book.
  2. Fresh ticket with no advisories on the 9-3 yesterday Looks like I bought a good 'un.
  3. Err... glad you're enjoying it? In other news, saw 2 W201s today! A late 2.0 and an LE. Both driven by old boys with a trilby on the rear shelf
  4. I think it's one of those things that would niggle me if I only did the one. Assuming it's not an eye wateringly expensive job?
  5. Now sold. And I hope Barry enjoys it as much as I have.
  6. Bit of a result I reckon. Gurgling aside, brakes and shocks. Easy. And cheap(ish).
  7. A bit too far south(west) for me unfortunately. In other news, I learnt where Wiltshire is.
  8. The process is powder coating. Have a look here and the link above. That's the firm I use. They can either keep hold of the car or you can just drop the wheels off. The advantage of them having the car is they do all the lifting with the tyres and even rebalance them before putting them back on the vehicle.
  9. Not sure where in Yorkshire you are but I'm in Sheffield and use a firm a few hundred yards away from my office in S3. For a proper job you need the wheels off the car, tyres off the wheels. Have a look here. I dropped the car off Monday and got it back Wednesday. Around £50 per wheel.
  10. Running multiple vehicles for no particular reason other than you can. It's the future
  11. When I saw it come down that morning I was lying there fretting about not sorting the tyres out this winter. As I say, gone by the time I got up.
  12. I once ordered a couple of (I think) Pirellis from Kwik Fit because their price was the best I'd seen. When I went to have them fitted they were an entirely different speed rating and the branch manager didn't seem to think that was important. Walked away.
  13. Have had the wheels refurb'd for the new owner. They look superb.