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  1. Re: the a/c. Just leave it on. Full auto, forget about it. Good to hear you're enjoying the car. Loved mine.
  2. Don't forget to drop the engine and gearbox first. And I strongly recommend a helper to hold the painfully heavy bonnet while you attach the struts.
  3. Straight forward insurance claim through Admiral I'd say. As Steve says, GAP/Asset covers you for something 10x worse (ie a write off) but the others aren't relevant.
  4. Could be wrong but I don't think dealers remove the pins and regrease. If they're seized they replace the whole caliper. Or that's what I recall from a conversation with Lexus Sheffield re: my RX.
  5. Before jumping in I'd advise caution. I'm sure he or she is a lovely person but one post, only joined 6 hours ago and promoting illegal software
  6. Yes. Quite visible. MOT history is sub par too. Sorry Chris
  7. Having used Tony Banks before I asked for a price for the 9-3 and it was very reasonable. I'm only an hour away from him but the logistics make the trip impossible for now. Previously you could just hang around in the McDonald's up the road but you can't even do that now.
  8. Very pricey for what it is imo. And you can see in the first picture the rot has already taken hold.
  9. That looks lovely. You can see the similarities with the period LS.
  10. Another vote for SGS here. Assuming they do them for the 430. Probably the first job I did on my 400. The sawn off broom handle wasn't very "Lexus" imo.
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