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  1. Welcome! And an odd thing. I seem to be seeing more and more of these first generation IS's around at the moment.
  2. I don't think it is inevitable. If yours haven't gone by now they probably won't. I'm a big believer in this being linked to how well a car is looked after and if you regularly clean your car with decent quality shampoos and waxes/sealants and any previous owners did the same then you're good to go. However, if an easy fix for cloudy/yellow lights is required then I can recommend ArmorAll Headlight Restorer kit. It's 3 wipes, two for removing the unpleasantness and one for sealing. It really does work and it's about a tenner from Halfords. Naughty chemicals though so mask your paintwork. Any more severe damage (where the surface of the lens feels rough/damaged rather than just yellow) then you need to wheel out the big guns like the Autoglym kit and your drill. And funnily enough I did my 9-5 today. I'm considering buying the ArmorAll kit again just for the sealant wipe.
  3. So many differing posts on this thread. It really is quite simple. You're buying the right to use that registration. Not the physical plates. Easiest way to do it is... go to Plates For Cars and order your plates. I just get standard GB/Euro plates. No borders, no fonts, no spacing, none of that. Then you're all set When you get your paperwork from DVLA (still by post? really? 2019?) then you can go to the GOV.UK site and do the whole transfer online phone your insurance company and tell them about the swap stick the plates on Job done.
  4. Agreed. A bit of over thinking going on. But I wouldn't buy the title to the plate from anyone other than DVLA direct.
  5. So few good ones about now. That sort of metallic/pearlescent white? Lovely stuff. I assume it's a duff multi-changer? Similar problem that affects the first gen IS?
  6. My current want is this one too
  7. I use it far too often. And if I'm driving I've even asked my eldest to put the details in for me
  8. If you're looking at rims you're on the home straight
  9. Where else am I going to prey on old boys with expensive retirement cars? Aldi?
  10. Told a mate. He said I was some sort of car park Grim Reaper. (Entirely off topic. Anyone else think of Twister immediately after thinking of the Grim Reaper?)
  11. Popped to the local Waitrose for some bits and bobs and noticed a MY2000 GS 300 in one of the disabled spaces with a couple just getting out. Walked inside the supermarket but checked the car on the GOV.UK website (something I often do when I see something interesting). Impeccable MOT history and only 31,000 on the clock! So I approached the old boy, gave him my card and politely asked that if he ever came to sell it to give me a call. You never know