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  1. I ran those year round on my XC90. From Oponeo too. Excellent tyre and didn't find the wear that bad. Though I'm north of the wall I think All Seasons are a great compromise for the UK. I was a little skeptical when I swapped the Nokians for Pirelli Scorpions but I've had absolutely no issues with the last few lots of snow. And I go looking for it. At other times of the year I don't drive like I'm lapping the Nurburgring so grip or stopping is never an issue.
  2. Roof box on an is300h

    Agreed. Thule aren't cheap but a re-badged Thule is even more!
  3. Pretty bad here in Sheffield. I look forward to going out in a bit in the Volvo Last night when it started. You can see my IS just a little out of its comfort zone. It's now about 6-8" on the sideroads and the kids are having fun.
  4. Anyone had a puncture?

    We live in an area where everyone is forever on some sort of home improvement exercise and there are skips outside houses regularly. When the skips are picked up there are always nails and screws left behind by careless builders.
  5. How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    Bloody hell Malcolm. That looks nice
  6. Anyone had a puncture?

    Luck of the draw isn't it? After one or two balancing issues but largely because of the sheer number of nails and screws I seem to pick up I'm on first name terms with my local Protyre staff. I'm always happier with a spare. And in my IS it's full size too so even better. I think it's because after a tyre change I can just carry on with what I was doing or where ever I was going. Limping to a garage with a tyre full of goo or having to wait for recovery seems an enormous inconvenience.
  7. Anyone had a puncture?

    I don't have your model but if a spare is an option then I'd certainly go for that. Apart from the ease of changing quite a few repair places refuse to touch a tyre once you've fill it with goo.
  8. Top gear lc500

    Sounds like he's already there.
  9. How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    Ah! Very good! What a clever forum this is.
  10. How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    Expanding on NemesisUK's point, sign up to somewhere like Imgur. You can upload images from your phone/camera/PC to Imgur and it gives you a link such as [ img][/img ] (I've broken that link to show you what I mean) When you post the link on here it looks like... ...a minidisc player!
  11. Top gear lc500

    Agreed. TG just tries so hard and it shows while Clarkson and the other two muppets are like fingers down a blackboard. I jumped ship to YT years ago. Now when I need a fix I just watch car reviews from the likes of Carwow, CarBuyer, Autogefuhl (all basically the TG format in its William Woollard days) and for entertainment I'll watch far more interesting presenters such as Carpervert, Sniff Petrol or Smith & Sniff. The Sniff Petrol/Smith & Sniff videos I can thoroughly recommend. Just two blokes driving round talking about stuff. Brilliant. I now palm while maneuvering and always put my left arm behind the passenger seat in reverse.
  12. Nothing wrong in feeling smug. You can have a sense of achievement with the simplest things. And if your RX is engineered anything like my IS (I'm guessing it is) then something that adds to the feeling is the realisation that someone at Lexus knew the bulbs would need changing at some point and made them accessible. You haven't known frustration until you've tried to change the tail light bulb on a 2000-2007 Volvo V70.
  13. Good news on the sale. And that it's hopefully going to a new home. Something I didn't say before but there's a guy on our estate at work who I know would have had it like a shot but he drifts his cars at Santa Pod and elsewhere and I'm sure that would brought tears to your eyes. He'd have loved to get his hands on a 2JZ but I just didn't think yours deserved that treatment! Two previous cars he's destroyed. He's using a BMW E46 atm.
  14. BMW M8

    M8? Where? Behind that Lexus?
  15. I could collect from Dumfries. I'm in Sheffield.