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  1. Honest Life and On My Page are both extremely good albums.
  2. I can imagine! And interesting that you bought a Lexus. I was aware of Ralph Nader and the work he did for car safety but I'd never heard of it referred to as a Nader pin. I also ended up reading about the Tort Museum which was interesting and also the real story of that very popular meme, the woman who sued McDonalds after she spilled coffee in her lap.
  3. I've got an 18 year old £500 Lexus that passed its MOT yesterday with no prep. How about that?
  4. Disappeared down a little Wikipedia Ralph Nader rabbit hole then Paul
  5. No video of the album version I'm afraid.
  6. We will come out of this. Unfortunately 2 stone heavier and with pickled livers
  7. They're the ones with the push button centre aren't they? Bought a job lot ages ago when I had the IS and RX. Something like this or this.
  8. Not sure there is a warning on the 400h. Never had a bulb blow when I had mine. But I did put whiter bulbs in and iirc the bulbs are easy enough to get to. Check your handbook. One of the things I find with Lexus generally is that someone has actually thought about maintenance.
  9. Not sure. I think I spotted a stone stuck in the tyre tread on that Beetle.
  10. Might just be the feet need adjusting. Make sure it's properly level and planted.
  11. They also use Sean at Xavier Motors round the corner for all their non insurance/warranty work. Worth keeping in mind if you're local.
  12. Good stuff. I repaired our dishwasher a couple of weeks ago. That was one of the pumps. Local repair place said "12 years old? It's had its life. Get a new one" Not on your nellie. Originally full of mucky water and a couple of false starts that meant I had to get the machine empty using a length of hose and a bucket...
  13. Similar week but I've actually been at work. All the phone calls have been bad news and to keep my mind off the possible collapse of my business I've been cleaning the car. Washed, clayed, polished, the lot. Next week I'm changing the gear box oil even though I said I never would!
  14. Bugger. Seemed such a long way away when I posted this.
  15. You're going to have to work on your conspiracy theories Herbs. That one's rubbish.