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  1. Started a similar discussion here a little while ago. I'm quite convinced that by running older motors I have less of an impact than my neighbours who change their superficially "clean" motor every two or three years. But then I would say that wouldn't I...?
  2. Sounds like you've got a good 'un. The 400h is a lovely motor and I do sometimes wonder why I sold mine.
  3. I didn't immediately see the dog either lol But the pictures did remind me of those before and after weight loss/muscle gain/whatever photos you see on the back of a bus. First photo is always in poor light, bad hair, **** clothes and no make up. Second photo is glammed up to the nines like a Love Island contestant
  4. Assuming the cats are on the way out rather than the exhaust having a hole in it, couldn't this be *ahem* cured using sensor spacers? And if you do need an exhaust the specialist in Leeds you mention early on in this thread is probably Tony Banks and definitely gets a from me and quite a few others on here.
  5. I feel your pain but needs must. I've got the old 16" winters from my first gen IS on my GS. Makes me grind my teeth every time I look at it. (Sorry @gdh300) But like you I thought it would be silly to buy an alternative when they were just sat there. I also know that if I weakened and took them off that would be the cue for some slippy stuff.
  6. Please put up pictures Paul. I'll be honest, I'm in no position to buy it but I'd just love to see it. Black LS with black upholstery? Yes please!
  7. Cars registered before March 2001. They're the future I'll be honest, I was oblivious to all that. That's where years of leasing and then buying bangers gets you.
  8. On FB Colin said he'd bought it unseen hence my leap of faith comment. That said, you know the story of mine and 3.5k miles in it's still going strong. Another thing you should look at straight away Colin is to check for rust under the car. If it's sourced from further south then fair enough but I looked at the underneath of a 400h that had spent its life around Aberdeen and it was very badly corroded.
  9. Ah, so they're first year rates rather than ongoing rates. See? Told you I don't get these newfangled models
  10. A mine of nerdyness here Including this I want a yacht!
  11. That's astonishing. The RX I can sort of understand because it's a big petrol with a hybrid system to take the edge off. But the NX? Not too up on the newfangled models but isn't that just the vanilla 4 cylinder petrol hybrid?
  12. Saw your posts on FB the other day. Quite a leap of faith Colin! I have an earlier GS and have had the sensors on and off mine a dozen times. If your later model is at all similar and the sensor is inoperative you may be able to wiggle it out without taking the bumper off. An old credit card or similar between the bumper and sensor and work your way round. Spares are available on eBay.
  13. Unfortunately not many breakers list the part numbers. My local parts guy suggested something I hadn't thought of which was to look at breakers that were also selling the rear view mirror with the button on. That guarantees photochromic glass if they're selling wing mirrors too. However, I came across this the other day. It's part of a press pack for the facelifted GS and lists all the standard and optional specs. Very handy and shows that all mirrors were auto dimming on the facelifted cars. So now I just need to find one from a post-2000 car of which there are quite a few. 1414686217141010DM1GS430GS300UKlaunchpack2000.doc