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  1. Odd that as far as I know Lexus only took this approach with the GS. By comparison the wiper linkage on my LS looks like some sort of medieval torture device.
  2. Remember wagging school to watch video nasties on Betamax. Brilliant. I'm very much a child of the analogue 80s and still put music on cassette to play in my (analogue) Lexus.
  3. Going on the plate it will have been not long after I bought it. It's now on 68k and still mint. My father runs it now because I couldn't part with it. Here you go Granite Sky if I recall. Yes. Sorry. A friend. Because having five cars would be silly.
  4. IS300 with the auto is lush. Trust me. Even with the auto box I think the IS300 is quite sprightly, quite un-Lexuslike really.
  5. Brave man Mikael! I'll content myself with just the plugs I think. The car is quite low mileage so I'd be surprised if the leads etc need replacing. Took advantage of the hourly two post lift hire place down the road and changed the oil and filter Friday. So much easier than trying to get at everything using ramps or axle stands. Plus he disposes of the oil. Noticed that the genuine Toyota filter was considerably larger than whatever it was that I took off. And after taking some advice I used 10w-40 semi synthetic rather than 5w-30 fully synthetic. And yesterday I added to the Waxoyl on the rear arches and while I was at it I cleaned up the rear hubs because the alloys were well and truly stuck on. Thought I should check the fronts too and found that the NSF wheel nuts were only on hand tight. And I mean I could undo them just with my hand Tyre fitter obviously a little distracted!
  6. Cheers Trevor. At the time I was eyeing an Accord V6 Coupe on Car & Classic (it was me all along, not for a friend!!) but spoke to the current owner and tbh he was a complete arse which was enough to delay the process, have a heart attack and then buy an LS400 instead. Surprise, surprise. The Honda is still for sale on C&C.
  7. Don't know any indys in that area but the dealers do usually offer a discounted price for older Lexus.
  8. Hi Kyle and welcome. I impulse bought one a couple of weeks ago too! Post some pictures up and give us a bit more info when you can.
  9. My first two cars were Beetles. A '73 and a '65. I had the opportunity to drive one again recently. No seatbelts, my nose nearly touching the screen, 40 felt fast, drums all round, the smell from the leaking Solex. I nearly cried. Interestingly I'm now priced out of old Beetles and have to console myself with Lexus. How odd.
  10. Thread from the dead! Would anyone happen to have a couple of the fixings for the under tray spare? Marked here on Steve's pic. I believe the ones I need are bolts like at the back rather than the screws at the front. If not, would anyone have a part number or size? The parts catalogues are a little confusing.
  11. Probably long gone but is the steering wheel available? Can't see it on eBay.
  12. Registration after the end of March 2006 is the cut off for many petrol cars. It's real shame. Plenty of perfectly usable family cars out there that'll be scrapped sooner rather than later in favour of a flimsy Citroen or Renault engined Merc on PCP.