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  1. You may or may not be aware that I've done a deal with a member on here to relieve them of their '02 GS 300. But getting realistic insurance quotes seems to be proving problematic. Funniest one so far being just short of 1200 quid from our friends Adrian Flux. The response I'm getting seems to be it's too new for classic status, isn't considered a "modern classic" whatever that means, it's not worth much and has a reputation for being expensive to fix. Now in my opinion at least two of those excuses are BS so has anyone else had this problem? Who are you insuring yours with? I know this is a little bit how long is a piece of string but the sticking point seems to be the car not the owner. I had originally intended to put it on the Saab 9-3 policy as I did when I briefly owned the 9000 but that's a non-starter. Footman James just won't touch the Lexus. Anyone?
  2. My first thought too. An acorn? Really?
  3. Probably worth admin changing the heading you see before that then
  4. Hi Paul, I think you need the paid membership to use the classifieds. See "Notice to sellers"
  5. You'd need to put a K&N in too for 50.
  6. 10 brake mod if ever I saw one
  7. Good stuff and a thread I'm keeping an eye on. Picking up my own GS 300 in a week or two, I'm sure this will all be useful.
  8. Make the phone forget the car and make the car forget the phone. Turn the phone off and then on again. Try that.
  9. Interesting to people who like to jump to conclusions Fred? I think you're on extremely thin ice there and unless you have something more than two Asian males sharing the same name in the West Midlands then I reckon you should edit your post.
  10. Should be quite the adventure. Flying up to Inverness and driving back over a couple of days.
  11. Oh dear. That doesn't sound very good. You sound like a reasonable man John, I'm sure you haven't jumped in feet first. I'd be expecting a free first service or similar. Some sort of offer rather than making you ask. I'm not one for showing off, my default isn't to look for problems and then kick off but if there's nothing forthcoming I'd probably vote with my feet and leave a review on Google.
  12. Got to be frustrating though. But I'd imagine there will be a freebie or two. All good things etc