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  1. rich1068

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    Ditto. I zone out.
  2. That's a thing of beauty. And I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you realised the Esprit wasn't the best move you ever made. I'm not even going to mention that acronym...
  3. rich1068

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    Why? Lexus have had lukewarm reviews from the motoring press for ever. But we know better don't we? In a nutshell.
  4. There was a Nissan GT-R parked on our road yesterday. It made me think of this thread because I think the new Supra should have that sort of presence. All said, I haven't seen one of these in the flesh. When you see one drive past, that's the test.
  5. Sorry guys but this is the Supra I'd have... Haters gonna hate...
  6. Interesting. Never come across this character before. I'm more Smith & Sniff than exotic supercar bellendery.
  7. Funny this should pop up again. No keyless entry on my '06 RX but I can guarantee that if I park anywhere on Ecclesall Road Sheffield between Summerfield Street and Collegiate Crescent the remote locking will not work at all and I have to use the key to lock and unlock. Love to know what causes the interference.
  8. That's a shame. I know you liked the RX. Anyhoo, you're still allowed to pop in. The Ford forums are awful
  9. I have no idea how cars work so I'm up for that
  10. Further to this, still haven't had chance to watch the video or look into the Techstream requirement but I have looked through the service paperwork and the brake fluid was last changed in February 2016 so probably due assuming it's every two years as most manufacturers recommend.
  11. rich1068


    I'd take this opportunity to go with 18s too. But I'd be looking at eBay for them and then some decent rubber from the tyre fitters. I believe any OEM 18s from an RX 300, 350 and 400h will fit. I also wouldn't sell on damaged/repaired wheels.
  12. rich1068


    Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you Geoffrey? I know a very good ex-Lexus specialist just outside Sheffield if you want another mechanic to look. I'd be interested in a picture of the wheels and tyres if you know how to do that. And don't be disheartened with the hybrid. It's almost certainly nothing to do with that.
  13. rich1068


    I'll look after it for you. You can travel up from Warwickshire to Sheffield any time you want to use it