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  1. Quite. But I still know which I'd prefer to drive.
  2. I've heard one or two say it's easy when you know how (whatever that means) but similar issue with my old 400h. I remember the dealer saying his 10 year old could change the front three, the back three were a different matter. Hence the warning when looking at second hand RXs to check the back three have been changed.
  3. In my opinion yes. But with the exception of the £550+ band I pay no attention to the VED rate. I'll buy a car because I like it rather than what the annual road tax hit is. But if you just fancy a change then that's an entirely different discussion.
  4. Totally agree. And isn't the hybrid system under the Lexus 15 year warranty if it has full main dealer history? Or is that just the battery? And anyway, first thing I thought of was the new Cross Climates and the tracking. Could be a bad tyre or misaligned. Especially showing up at that speed. Bit naughty of the seller to fib about the previous owners though. Something else you might want to do is speak to the last servicing main dealer. If you're polite, tell them you don't want personal details and ask them about the history of the vehicle they'll tell you. I've done it a few times. I also know that the lexus app shows up all work done in the dealer network so if there's anything nasty it'll be there.
  5. Agreed. And I'd also agree with Les and Daniel that an insurer would probably drop you like a stone if you were ever in a bump. If they can cancel your insurance because you don't tell them about a remap I'm pretty sure they would in this case too.
  6. Was it known to be up for sale or is this a fluke?
  7. Wow! Welcome! Any plans for it? Visited any owl sanctuaries? Bit of a Partridge fan myself and I do remember looking up this car on the MOT site when I got my own Japanese Mercedes.
  8. That's very cheap. 200 quid here in Sheffield. The guy I use I've had the IS, RX and two Saabs done there. Top job.
  9. I'm ashamed to say I never keep a car long enough to find out how long the seal lasts
  10. Maybe I should have said not bad for a car not made in Japan!
  11. Maybe it's the updated head unit or an Android thing but I never had much luck with mine. And iirc I had to be stationary before I could make a call!
  12. And couple more pics of some Swedish Metal. A bit of Friday night Espresso Black action. And this rolled round this morning Not bad for a European car
  13. Bluetooth phone connectivity was flaky at best in my 400h. 2006 tech and new handsets do not play nicely.
  14. Interesting. I think if I ever looked at a current generation IS I'd be looking at the 200t or 250. Nothing against hybrids, some of my best friends are hybrids. But I think I'd still be going full fat petrol while I still can.