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  1. Halfords? Really? I wouldn't ask them for advice or let them touch my car if they were the last place on Earth! One of the brilliant things about Lexus generally is that real thought has gone into these cars and changing a bulb is easy. Put your car details into and see what comes back. I assume you mean the full beams and when I had my 400h I had good results with Phillips White Vision and OSRAM Nightbreakers. IIRC you could guide a 747 in to land with the Nightbreakers.
  2. CBF Powder Coating. But whatever price they quote you keep in mind I've never paid more than 200 quid for 4 The first ones I had done are on my IS and still look great 2 years down the line. Agreed.
  3. I know a good place in Sheffield but that's not really local for you. I've had 4 cars done there with very good results. Two Lexus and two Saab, tyres off, shot blasted, powder coated. Re-reading your recent posts if the pressure is genuinely low it seems more likely you have a slow puncture rather than a badly fitting tyre. If you had the work done in August it would have shown up before now I think.
  4. For cars of a certain age it's good practice to get the inside edge of the rim cleaned/roughed up a bit before the tyre is fitted. Probably only have to do it once on each wheel but any fitters worth their salt will do it. Last time I had this issue the fitters just spent 2 minutes on each wheel with an electric grinder and they were fine after that.
  5. Got stopped by the undercover store detective in M&S today He'd been admiring my GS in the car park
  6. Oh dear. But if I'm honest it's not as eye wateringly expensive as I thought it would be. I was expecting replacement exhaust money But you could rethink your position on RockAuto. I've never read anything bad about them. Or try Amayama.
  7. Certainly worth a punt I'd say. He's happy to fit stuff you supply. Go on Ian, give us a clue how much a genuine one is
  8. Had our first proper thick frost last night and I hate scraping the windows and I'm usually not too happy with de-icers either. I quite often just use a bit of cold or lukewarm water to clear the screen but it's messy and then I remember seeing this trick the other day. The video I saw didn't include this particular gentleman but contrary to his comments it really does work. Just flick the wipers rather than allow the screen to freeze again like he did.