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  1. Even my GS 300 can manage a great MPG. Unfortunately I do like the loud pedal and seem to be spending lots of time in stop-start city traffic at the moment :(
  2. For a CAT-back you're looking around the £600 mark...
  3. At least they are willing to sort. I'm actually quite surprised - I thought they would argue this. Bonus that they are looking at the other things FOC too
  4. The wonders of Google:
  5. Have a chat with Tony Banks in Leeds...he did my cat-back system and is always working on Lexus cars...
  6. Looks fab! Always liked silver. Is the lighting also all good??
  7. I didn't even do this - but I did get some scratches on the hands :) Just had to 'feel my way' a little - a good inspection lamp helps. Wouldn't recommend a phone torch like I used as you could end up dropping it in the engine bay area. And that by the way is a REAL PITA to retrieve ;)
  8. That's great news! Might as well stick with them
  9. Convincing advert but doesn't the seller sound a little 'odd'?? Plus, not giving out the reg?? Could all be very innocent but not winning me over. Hmmmm.
  10. Normski

    Cleaning door trim on rear doors

    I use a combination of: and For such tasks. Work a treat :)
  11. The intermittent bulb...common thing. You will likely need new bulbs. See what the garage charge...but you can fairly easily do it yourself for just the cost of the bulbs (which themselves can be bought for a VASTLY reduced amount compared to Lexus folk).
  12. Rather high isn't it. I was thinking the same. Do you think it's the whole 'PCP' thing that they are pushing here so it becomes about the 'monthlies'??
  13. It's a shame you can't persuade your Dad to buy GS300 that has a warranty