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  1. What's going on with the steering wheel cover?! 😆
  2. a BIG NO for all three from me too! GAP wise, try these folk: I went with them and i'm sure you can get a discount code from the PistonHeads website. A good detailer will be able to protect your car with much, much better products. The SMART covers sounds good but I'm sure they will wriggle out of many (if not all) of issues you may raise during the period of cover. Again, your local detailer should be able to help if you do need this sorting.
  3. Hi Paul, Where in Yorkshire are you? Check out Tony Banks in Leeds. Give him a call and get a worst case scenario price. My CAT-back system cost around £5/600 so the IS250 should be around the same. By the way lots of other folk on the Forum here have used him too :) Cheers, Noman
  4. I had some Goodyear Wrangler ones fitted to her RX450:
  5. My first car was a G plate Fiesta automatic() back in 1995. Lovely 'L' model. So this spec meant just a radio and no rear wash wipe (the stunningly bad cvt box came for free). By the time it came into my possession it had clearly seen much better days. The tin worm had taken its toll particularly on the rear hatch. One morning I went to close this when it promptly let the rear window smash into the boot space taking with it large chunks of the tailgate and the filler that unknown to me had been used at some point to hold things together. Big problem especially as I had just joined uni at the time and had already spent the obligatory student loan in true George Best style. A quick trip to the breakers resulted in an almost-matching faded red coloured tailgate from a 'LX' model - with a rear wash wipe... Eventually traded the car in a year or so later. The part-ex trader was particularly keen on the LX spec that was being reported on the tailgate. Shame the rear-wash wipe wasn't actually connected to anything...
  6. Hi Grant, All good so far but I've only done a few hundred miles on them as been away on holiday! Noise wise not noticed any difference and same with the economy. Grip wise I'm sure if I took them to the limit in the current climate they wouldn't be as good but for my driving style this wouldn't be a problem.
  7. Welcome (back) to the club Martin! Get some pics up once you've hopefully collected it
  8. One of the coolest thinsg about the last generation (in the UK) Camry were the twin rear wipers :)
  9. Normski

    New owner...

    Liking the car collection Andrew! Something about the proportions of the Panda - a little stubby which gives it bit of character 😊
  10. Normski

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    Top work Lee
  11. Normski

    So Whats Your Profession?

    IT Test Manager. Contractor. Current client is about to outsource the whole of their IT so have started to look for the next role so if anyone is need of one...
  12. On my previous cars I used to run two sets of wheels too. However, this time due to cost (couldn't find another set of GS wheels cheap enough) I had to do something different. Not expecting them to be the last word on grip in both summer or winter - just need them to get me out of trouble. Last winter I just didn't have much confidence after getting stuck a number of times on very little compacted snow/ice.
  13. So needed new boots on the front. The rears probably had about 1k left on them but decided to get them all changed at the same time. The rears have lasted about 30k miles (Avon ZZ5) and the fronts around 40k (Bridgestone Potenza's). Went for some Vredestein Quatrac 5's. Went with all season tyres this time to hopefully keep me out of trouble this winter (didn't want the hassle of switching to winters, etc. so please lets not start that debate!). Anyway, went with Blackcircles in the end and had them fitted by local ATS folk: Lets see how I get on...