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  1. I bought one very similar to this - link. The 450 one seems to be this one:|Model%3AGS&hash=item46725a4b3e:g:LGoAAOSwPzhaM746:rk:2:pf:0 OK it's essentially the same one as Marks...but I was forever taking the kiddies pram in/out and it never moved. Unfortunately you may well have to do with the one you already have. As a 'mod' you could also use the tethering clips inside the boot to anchor the tray down in some way??
  2. Glad to hear you're OK Someone scraped the same corner on my GS (car was in a car park). Damage was on the bumper, rear panel and rear door. Was told they would replace bumper and rear panel and repair the door - main reasons were they couldn't guarantee the alignment of the rear panels. Your damage seems to be quite a gouge so can't see them even trying to repair that. Total quote from an "approved bodyshop" came to £9k Mainly due to replacement and the many, many hours of labour required just for that panel. Paint wasn't cheap as it needed blending onto the front door and the roof. Presume your car is the pearl white (my Mrs RX Sport I think has the same colour)?? If so, I've been told that's an even more difficult colour to sort 😞 Car was worth around £6k at the time. A chap I massively trust repaired the whole lot for £700. Essentially it came down to how much "value" I had in the car. It wasn't a new car by any means so for me getting a repair was worth it rather than getting it written off. Come trade-in/selling time the mileage, general condition etc. in my experience has played much more of a factor.
  3. Like it. A lot. Lovely car Martin. Always had a soft spot for them since my Mum had the MK1 many moons ago. The V6 in particular is a gem. Not blistering quick but instead a relaxed drive. Seriously tempted with one when I change my car - which I have still YET to sort out 😐
  4. LOVE this colour combo! Congratulations on the car
  5. Love it What are the buttons in the rear armrest for? Rear climate?
  6. Normski

    Can anyone identify this?

    Could be an IR repeater to remotely control tv, dvd, etc. Does it have any tv screens in the back?
  7. Sorry to hear of your troubles Martin. Hope the following helps: Brakes - could be the dreaded sticky calipers. Headlights - Mine started to go intermittent one one side but all was sorted via a new set of bulbs from ebay (I changed both sides). Loads of videos on YouTube - can be a little tricky but take your time and have a little patience and it's a DIY job. These are the ones I got: Alloy/leaking pressure - Could just need the tyre reseated and the alloy itself cleaned up a little. Remember years ago my IS200 did this. I got the local tyre fitters to take the tyre off, clean up all the old gunk, bits of rubber, etc. from the inside of the rim (paying particular attention to the inside edges) and all was OK after that.
  8. Always loved the GS in silver. I was looking for one with the grey leather and dark wood pack (including steering wheel) but to no avail...
  9. Had it not started up for a long time? Perhaps coil packs failing? Could get it plugged into some diagnostics if you can and see if there are any stored codes...
  10. Google Translate may come to your assistance then 🙂
  11. Confused. Why can't the Stuctural Blue ones be repaired? I'm sure there are just as complex paint finishes out there??
  12. Loving the car Phil! Like the touches such as the over-carpet on the rear transmission tunnel (something I had only seen on Honda Legends). Safe travels
  13. Like it! Is the HVAC, etc. in Japanese too?
  14. Such a lovely car! Many congratulations! 😊