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  1. Wow. I've always had FANTASTIC service from Lexus Derby! @Nick W858 Have you tried the OPC at Leicester? I always took my Cayenne there and they were amazing.
  2. disable tmps

    Such a shame can't do something similar on the MK3 GS's...
  3. Wow. Just had a look at the link and the interior info on the Legend. Krell audio in there. Blimey. And I thought Lexus with ML was a premium partnership.
  4. You can indeed use the factory BT for calls. The unit sets up another BT 'channel' for the music. You actually see the 'headset' icon appear the iPhone display. This i've been told is not totally correct for true streaming but it certainly works for me. The music then comes via the 'CD Changer' route in the menu display (double press on the Disc button) so the in-built changer remains unaffected. GROM by the way do a screen mirror type thing too. It's called the V Line and i'm sure another member on here installed it on their IS or RX??
  5. Was getting a little tired of not being able to do stream music over bluetooth. So started to look at options. I used a wired GROM solution many years ago when I had a 2RX so had a look at their offerings. Initially tempted with the USB only option but in the end went with their bluetooth only one: The UK seller isn't a million miles from me so decided to pick it up Friday afternoon and installed it this morning. Just followed the various Youtube vids and all thankfully went smoothly. Pairing was done simply and was up and running in no time. The unit does come with a MIC if you want to use it for calls but I wanted to keep the OE solution for that so didn't bother connecting it. Only bad point for me is that it doesn't show the track info in the car. Apart from that I'm really very happy with it
  6. Good buy or stay away?

    This has been my experience too. You got the feeling that they were trying to hide something about the cars. Seem to have a whiff of them being the retail arm of WBAC.
  7. Deposit

    Ahh true...and unlike Porsche not everything is an extra with 100's of options! Don't even get me started on them charging for auto-dim mirrors ;)
  8. Deposit

    It's essentially an intent to purchase. Had to do this a few times with Porsche. With them you get a build slot and need to lock spec down by a certain date.
  9. Get it repaired and then look to change as an axel-pair towards the end of Summer. I went with Goodyear all-seasons on her RX Sport. Will be doing so again for the rears in the next month or so...
  10. New Lexus UX revealed

    A fair few more pics here:
  11. It was about 80k. So not great. this new one should last a great deal longer than the OE one...
  12. The exhaust issues while not great can be sorted by many aftermarket places. I got a cat-back system from Tony Banks in Leeds (like a few other folk on the forum) for about £600. I see the total owenrship costs. Like all cars Lexus can throw big bills but need to ask how often and when in the life of the car do they occur. I always keep a 'bork' fund. Still find it 'cheaper' to keep cars this way then to spend ££££'s on lease/PCP/etc. deals for new/newish cars. BUT it's each to their own as no one rule fits everyone - e.g. like my Mrs and her RX450! Amazingly one of my cheapest cars to run was a Porsche Cayenne. Something that everyone told me was going to be a mahooooosive money pit. While the most expensive has been a BMW E61.
  13. Yep! Deffo have a look and let me know if you're interested in mine that comes with the Lexus Warranty
  14. Another win for tyres for the occasion!