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  1. Deffo keep an eye on them. Lexus on the 450h don't just replace the rubber...they do the whole part at considerable expense. Check the following out when it happened to me:
  2. Original quote for me was also around the £160 mark. However, see if you can get it done when you're getting the service sorted and/or other work and you're likely to get a further discount like I did
  3. Turns on the heater elements where the wipers come to a rest. Idea is that you turn it on and it defrosts the wipers (a little) to avoid you ripping your wipers when they're frozen solid...
  4. Sounds like they could well be replacing a great many things as that's what the guide book says. As suggested take it to a reputable exhaust fabricator type place. I used Tony Banks in Leeds so likely not practical for you London way but i'm sure there will be plenty around you. Cheers.
  5. Enjoy the nice roads and take the E Coupe. It's a more of GT
  6. Like others the extended warranty gave me peace of mind and kind of fixed-costs for the coming year or so. JUST by chance I had put in for an extension to the warranty on the RX about a month ago - two years to run from this October. So for the time being I'm OK. However, going forward it looks like long term ownership could be affected particularly for folk like me who keep their cars for a good while. It just seems that Lexus are going down the same road as many others and seeing car ownership as more of a lease/rental thing - i.e. "it's a monthly cost' like phones, etc. While I'm sure it works for lots of folk it doesn't for me.
  7. That's easy - the Cayenne by a long way 😉 The general handling, ride, brakes, etc. were so much better than the RX (even when compared to the latest IMO). However, my 2nd gen RX (300, 04 plate, SE-L) was the winner if you just want to waft along (and it still puts many to shame)! One bonus I also found were the residuals with the Porsche. Would recommend driving both air sprung and non-air riding Cayenne's along with cars with/without PASM (their suspension management system). I found, for my driving at least, I preferred cars without air.
  8. I ran the 958 model of Cayenne (diesel) to around 150k miles. It ran a pretty hard life too. Maintenance costs were in line with the Lexus - and that was with a OPC (main dealer). Reliability was top notch and the warranty great and the extended one not too dissimilar in price to the Lexus. Consumables (like tyres) - in line with Lexus. In fact despite it wearing 21" rubber the cost of good tyres (Pirelli PZero's for example) worked out to be a tiny bit cheaper than the 19's on the RX! Would deffo go back to the Cayenne if I could. I was lucky to have a great dealer near me so that does play a big part (irony - the Lexus dealer me I don't really rate).
  9. Always found OE ones to be the best. Get some rubber ones as they would be the easiest to keep clean. Lexus parts link: ...but check your local dealer too as they sometimes run promotions.
  10. My experience has been as long as it's taken out before the cars 10th birthday you can get another 2 years of warranty (i.e. until the car reaches 12 years old). I've done this quite a few times times and the dealership has honoured claims.
  11. ^ LOL! Like many things they don't make them like they used to...
  12. Pretty much any fryer. Cleaning is always such a pain in the backside you end up not bothering. Dualit toasters. Look great but gave up the ghost after 2 years. On the positive vac has been the red Henry and the best washing machine the base model Miele. Both get properlyabused multiple times a day 7 days a week with everything that two kids can somehow manage to produce 😉
  13. I've found the MaxiCosi RodiFix to be superb: ISOFIX is the way to go IMO. There's no guessing/tightining fo belts/etc. involved. Fix and away you go. I think any car seat has the potential of marking the seats. I've always used these to protect the seats and they work really well: ...and while you're at it get something like these to protect the seat backs from the inevitable kicking 🙂
  14. May be worth checking out ATS. They're doing a promo on Michelins:
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